MK 014 – Promotion Exams Day 3


Kunon cannot see his surroundings.

That’s why he became more sensitive to any changes around him.

Today is his third day attending the aristocratic school.

The exams were pretty simple and the new experiences he had for the past three days made his everyday life more meaningful.

He even thought that perhaps spending time in the aristocratic school like normal students do wouldn’t be so bad too.

However, being around a lot of people also means that you will be surrounded by a lot of different ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

‘Looks like my pleasant days are about to end…’

Kunon disappointedly thinks so.

Kunon, Ixio, and Milika were in the cafeteria when six students obstructed their path.

The peaceful atmosphere suddenly vanished and was replaced by increasing tension from the surrounding.

The cafeteria that was filled with vigor and laughter became dead silent.

That’s how things were going when Milika said ‘Onii-sama’.

It seems like fate has something in store for the princess that would require her to meet this prince.

[Is that guy your fiance, Milika?] (??)

He is a child with a large build.

His voice is filled with the intention to bring fear.

His air and aura would not accept any defiance against him.

–But regardless of who he is…

‘If he doesn’t like MIlika, then there’s nothing wrong with me not liking him either.’ (K)

[Is there anything that we could help you with, Prince Lyle?]

That’s when Kunon’s big brother stood in front of him to shield him against that huge person.

Kunon’s actually thinking of resolving this himself though.

But since his brother decided to move forward, he could only leave it to him and observe how the situation would unfold.

[Look who we have here, it’s the heir of the Gurion family. Did I give you permission to speak? You’re being insolent.] (Lyle)

[Everyone is equal as long as they’re inside this academy regardless of their nobilittt—…ah?] (I)

[Eh…?] (M)

‘Iyaaaa~ I can’t just bear to observe any longer~~’

After all, Kunon’s already hungry. Besides, Kunon knows that the time he could spend with Ixio and Milika in school is by no means long so every second is precious.

‘No matter who it is, I’d rather not waste every moment of these days.’

Not to mention, Milika and Ixio are clearly wary of the person that’s standing before them. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with him punishing that guy, no?

–As for what punishment he bestowed upon him, he compressed water balls until they couldn’t be seen with the naked eye and sent a large number of them towards the pants of the large boy before them. 

Slowly, but surely, the center of the large boy’s pants started to get wet, little by little, until it became a noticeable stain.

[ah…? AHHH!!!!] (L)

The first one who noticed what’s happening towards the pants of the big kid was Ixio.

Then followed by Milika.

After seeing the strange reactions of the two standing before him, the large boy finally realized

And that’s when Kunon decided to speak…

Silently, but deadly.

[Hm? This person seems like he’s peeing..?]

Due to the tense and silent atmosphere, everyone in the cafeteria heard it.

They cannot believe just what they went in their ears until they finally see what’s actually happening.

[N-no!! T-that’s not it!!! I didn’t peed my pants or anything!!!]

The large boy trembled shamefully as he tried to hide the center of his pants with his hands and knees.

‘Ah, Kunon must have done something.’

‘It’s Kunon-kun. I’m sure of it.’

Only Ixio and Milika realized that Kunon is the culprit.

[Oi, Kunon…]


‘Getting rid of the hindrance, check!’

It seemed like the six students that blocked their way realized they could no longer keep their tough demeanor and all of them decided to retreat.

As such, Ixio and Milika could now look at the culprit behind it.

[What would you have for lunch, brother? I’d have a hamburger steak!] (K)

[No, no, no, no. Kunon, just no. You did it, no?] (I)

[What would you have, princess Milika? I’d have a hamburger steak!] (K)

[…Yeah, right. As expected of Kunon-kun. You won’t talk about it, right? You, really…] (M)

Ixio was surprised upon seeing that Milika didn’t even ask. He didn’t expect that Milika also noticed what happened and that she knows Kunon’s tendencies more than his own blood.

He thought Kunon is somehow similar to him but it is now starting to doubt that he might have been greatly mistaken.

It’s just that Ixio has underestimated Kunon’s changes.

Kunon, basically, had become more cheerful, bright, and stronger than what Ixio had imagined.

If Ixio asks, ‘did Kunon become more cheerful, bright, and stronger, for the better?’

Ixio, we’ll never know.

[So — who was that person from before?] (K)

The three of them found an empty table and seated themselves enjoying the peace and tranquility that they regained.

Kunon changed his mind though and ordered a sandwich instead.

Except that what’s between the bread is still a hamburger steak.

When Kunon learned how to identify colors, he eventually mastered proper table manners. As such, he’s pretty capable of eating even soup or salad without any trouble.

Nevertheless, just like when he’s still little, a sandwich is still the easiest to eat amongst everything else.

Because of what happened earlier, Kunon doesn’t want to worry even about the food he has to eat and chose the one that he’s most familiar with.

[That was my older brother. He’s older than me by one year and is the sixth prince of the country. He’s Lyle Yuguria.]

They are half siblings and do not recognize each other as brother and sister. However, it is true that they share the same blood from the same father.

–Yuguria’s royal family continues to bear a lot of children for generations.

There’s no definite reason as to why they do so, but it is rumored that there is a high probability that the blood of the royal family could give birth to mages which are very valuable for the country.

Perhaps it is indeed the case because Kunon, albeit thin, has the blood of the royal family in his veins.

Also, since the royal family has a lot of direct descendants, they do not put any emphasis to those who are of low hierarchy.

Children who are at least in the third line of inheritance are well taken care of. Below that, unless they have the ability to use magic, they are treated as good as any other noble of the country.

As such, Milika and Lyle do not have any servants with them in school and their lives are pretty standard even in the royal castle.

[Hm? Is he really your brother? Like how brother Ixio is to me?] (K)

[Yes. We may have different mothers but we’re still brother and sister.] (M)

[You must be joking.] (K)

[I’m telling the truth, you know. What’s making it so hard for you to believe it?] (M)

[I mean, is there any brother who won’t cherish and take care of their sister? No.] (K)

[…That would have been nice…] (M)

[…Eh?? Are you for real? Is what the princess actually true, brother?] (K)

[It’s the truth.] (I)

Ixio actually lost a little bit of his appetite due to Kunon’s prank. So he only ordered a light serving of beef stew, salad, and bread.

The only thing that’s in his mind right now as he slowly savors his meal is for the gods to hide the fact that it was his brother who made that mess out of the prince until they graduate. 

[So it’s real… I see… I’ve done  a really bad thing. If he’s princess Milika’s older brother, then he’s as good as a brother to me too.] (K)

And that, indeed, is logically correct.

After Ixio heard what Kunon said, he felt like something got off of his chest. He felt like it’s a blessing that his brother still knows how to give enough decency and respect.

[Okay, I understand now… then, why would brother-in-law menacingly stand in our way? It feels like he’s glaring at us and all raring to go.] (K)

[Hey, you’re talking like he’s some kind of a rabid dog or something…] (I)

Or so Ixio tried to correct Kunon but got eventually ignored.

[It’s probably because I’ve raised my standing. He’s probably trying to keep me in check.] (M)

[Your standing? In check from what?] (K)

[Of course. After all, you, my fiancé has the Hero’s Scar. What’s more, you’re a magician. Because of that, my standing in the royal family has risen sharply. 

If that’s all it is, then there shouldn’t be any need for him to be threatened. However — that’s not the case now that you’ve decided to show and step up yourself, Kunon-kun.

Because of it, our standing in social circles will get stronger even in the future… Lyle-oniisama probably wouldn’t want to see me in a higher position than him…]

Milika then ended her explanation saying ‘It’s not like there’s any meaning between the orders of us children of lower standing.’

[That sounds troublesome, isn’t it?] (K)

[True. But don’t let it bother you for real, okay? Compared to the crown prince… Even against the first and second in line of succession, if we’re that close, then something could have happened. But the truth is me and Lyle-oniisama aren’t that really relevant when it comes to inheriting the title of the king.]

Standings? Inheritance? Social circle? Kunon knows nothing about it at all.

Because he has no desire nor interest to get involved in any of those.

The only thing he knows about politics is the bare minimum that was taught to him by his tutor.

Besides, the only reason he decided to attend school was because his father persuaded him and that they need to see this through to secure their future in the society.

But the truth is there are probably a lot of things in play around his circumstances that Kunon wouldn’t understand.

–However, for now…

[I think I’ll talk with brother-in-law and apologize.] (K)


It was an instant rejection from both Milika and Ixio.

‘It would be better if they won’t meet anymore!’

The two arrived at the same conclusion without even looking at each other.

Because if they let Kunon and Lyle meet once again, they don’t have any idea what Kunon might do. And that’s more frightening for the two.

[Ehh? Whyy?]

Only the person in question that remains to be oblivious.

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