MK 18 – Thinking A Little About the Future

[A new magic teacher, huh.]

The night has fallen and Kunon is now currently talking with his Father about the matter related to the magic teacher.

Kunon, thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad having dinner in the main house once in a while, had dropped by to eat with everyone in the family and asks Arson who just got back from palace due to work.

It isn’t like he needs to hide the matter with his brother and mother so he just asks him while they’re still at the table.

[So teacher Genie already left, huh. Although I did hear that she’s about to quit sooner or later.] (Arson)

[She did. I’d personally want her to stay but…] (Kunon)

It’s been six months since Genie revealed her intention to leave her post which Kunon had persistently tried to stop. During those months, Genie’s bottled up feelings were unloaded earlier today revealing what are the thoughts she really has in mind.

There’s really no helping it anymore. Even if Kunon asks her to come back, she will probably refuse.

[I see… She must have personal concerns as well so I guess there’s that.] (A)

Arson also discussed with Genie why she’d like to quit.

She honestly told him that she cannot guide Kunon’s talents anymore.

Furthermore, she also asked him if he would be so kind to just fire her instead as she’s been doing poorly regarding her lectures.

Arson being aware of such matters, finds Kunon’s request easily acceptable.

[So, I was thinking that it would be nice if the royal mage Zeonyl Finroll would take her place.] (K)

[Hold it.] (A)

Kunon’s request regarding a new teacher is easily acceptable. Not until that part, that is.

[Ara~ Speaking of Zeonyl-sama, he’s the one who’s rumored to be that fine looking mage, right?] (Tinaliza)

His mother, Tina, now started to pay attention to the topic.

[I’ve heard of that name before as well.] (Ixio)

Even Ixio, his older brother, wasn’t able to keep silent as well.

[As I said, hold up. Asking a royal mage to stay in our estate to be your teacher is just impossible.] (A)

But his father, a marquis who goes in and out of the palace almost everyday for his civil duties, disapproves of the idea.

[Is it really impossible? Even for you, Father, who has some vaguely close relationship with the lord of the royal castle?] (K)

[Impossible – also, tell Iko that she better come and report to my office later!] (A)

‘Just what unnecessary things that maid’s been teaching Kunon!?’ (A)

Well, putting the sermon he’ll give to the handmaiden aside,

[Listen, the title of royal mage also means that they are tied up and has obligations to the royal castle. Their department is also under the military which the King directly commands so no one else could give them orders other than him. Simply speaking… they’re a group of people who really don’t have freedom of choice regarding their activities. They can hardly leave the royal castle and even the people they can get involved with are confidentially restricted. They are so elusive to the point that even I personally find it difficult to meet them. How much more to invite them to our estate.] (A)

Royal mages.

They are a group of magicians who are said to be the best of the best in this country.

They dedicate their scarcely rare talents in magic to the best interest of the kingdom.

As most of their jobs require confidentiality, they are not allowed to establish contact with people outside the palace.

That’s why rumors about them are particularly intriguing – just like the infamy of Zeonly’s beauty.

[I see… so how about we do this?] (K)

[Hm?] (A)

[I’ll accompany Father as you go to work and as I play around the royal castle, and somehow I lost my way and a royal mage saved me, and I somehow became his apprentice?] (K)

Kunon carefully explains his place to his father with such a firm face.

As to where he gets his confidence to actually introduce his plan that’s full of holes to a marquis, we’ll never know.

[That’s pretty vague for a plan now, isn’t it?] (A)

[Vague? I’m pretty sure it has a ninety percent chance to succeed you know?] (K)

‘Isn’t it the other way around?’ (A)

‘The success rate won’t even reach ten percent. Besides, the details are so rough I could hardly call it a plan itself.’ (A)

[You don’t use the words ‘somehow’ for a plan. Furthermore, you just said it twice.] (A)

[How could that be… Even though I thought it was actually flawless… right, Mother?] (K)

[That’s true. Kunon, dear, you are flawless.] (T)

Tinaliza dotes on Kunon.

She dotes on him to the point that she’ll give him extra allowance without the knowledge of Arson.

[Can’t you do something about it, dear? Even after all Kunon had said?] (T)

[…I got it. Let me consult about it first. But don’t raise your expectations.] (A)

Coincidentally, Arson also does on Tina.

[a– ahh – ahhhh~~ yeah, that hits the spot.]

Ixio called Kunon to his room after gthey had dinner.

The time they had spent in the aristocratic school was enough to bridge the gap that had been formed between the siblings.

Now, they are trying to spend more time nurturing their relationship together as brothers.

As for the said brother, he is now currently naked lying face down on top of his bed.

As for Kunon… his hands move from his brother’s arm, legs, back, and other parts of his body that’s quite hotter than normal due to bruises and muscle pains and applying a ‘Cold Stick Water Ball’ on them.

It’s a first aid for bruises using water to confine the inflammation of the muscles.

[Did master Ouro come today?] (K)

[Nope. I’m actually commuting towards master’s dojo instead. I’m training under him with his other students.] (I)

–Just to note, that same master Ouro who’s teaching Kunon swordsmanship actually does it for free.

Well, that’s after he teaches Ixio.

The master himself said that since he only teaches Kunon how to swing, it isn’t something that’s worth paying.

Unbeknownst to Kunon, however, the master actually enjoys teaching Kunon swordsmanship.

[That sounds like fun.] (K)

[It is. But once the Aristocratic High School starts, I won’t be able to do just swordsmanship anymore.] (I)

Ixio will start attending the Aristocratic High School next spring.

As such, he’s been allowed to spend his time however he wishes as he prepares for high school. Ixio chose to devote his free time to swordsmanship.

[But you’ll definitely attend the Magic Academy, right?] (I)

[I’m not sure yet. Isn’t the Magic Academy in a different country? It’s quite far too. Besides, I could only apply for that school after I reach twelve.] (K)

Kunon’s still nine.

Even if he wanted to attend the academy right now, his age won’t qualify.

‘Still, I hope I made some progress with my eyes until that time comes.’ (K)

At the age of twelve, he hopes he can finally create his eyes.

If not, then he might need to change his plans.

It’s true that he is now currently working on gaining vision using his magic, but if he can’t finish it before he enters the Magic Academy, then…

Perhaps he will find other activities that are related to magic and devote himself to it instead and put his dreams about seeing on second in the list of his priorities.

Kunon will eventually leave the Gurion estate in the future.

He will marry Milika, and albeit small, they will be awarded with a title and territory by the royal family. For what awaits them after that, nobody would know.

‘Just in case, I need to figure out how to make money using magic.’ (K)

‘At the very least, I don’t want to cause a burden to Milika who’ll marry me even if I cannot see.’

Dreams, reality, and future.

Kunon, who’s only been dreaming of gaining vision using magic before, has started to think about the reality of his surroundings and his future a little.

He is still nine years old.

However, he is slowly but surely reaching adulthood.

[In the first place, they said that the entrance exam to get to the Magic Academy is really difficult. How could someone like me take them? I’d just definitely fail.] (K)

[Hey, don’t say that. You’ll be fine. That’s for sure. I guarantee it.] (I)

[You think? I can only use like two spells, you know?] (K)

[You’ll be fine. Even if you take the exam as you are now, you’ll definitely pass it. I guarantee it.] (I)

[Pft. Ahahaha. You’re quite the bias, brother.] (K)

[Heck, no. I’m just telling the truth. I just believe that you’re already good. Promise, I guarantee it.] (I)

Kunon wonders how his brother’s guarantee, who hardly knows anything about magic, really matters. So he asks him where his confidence is coming from but the only thing he’s been saying are things like ‘Why are you asking the obvious’ and other similar answers.

–The truth is, even though Ixio is not a mage, he did a little research about magic… and his brother. Such as his crests, what are the things they are capable of, and what magic mages can do.

As a result, Ixio realized that his brother wields his magic like no one.

That’s why he’s confident that his brother will be fine if he just takes the exam.

‘More like, is there anyone else who can use water magic to apply and heal wounds and bruises? Even the professional water mages can’t do so.’

–Just a little while ago, Ixio had a bit of a deep cut on his arm. But now, it’s literally magically gone.

All because of Kunon’s wound binding sticky water ball. 

It really bound the skin together and healed his wounds in just a short amount of time.

‘How could someone like my brother fail the Magic Academy’s Exam, then?’

Ixio didn’t say this earlier during their dinner, but he believes that his brother is someone who’s capable of entering the rounds of the royal mages.

‘Besides, I heard that there are a lot of mages in the castle with weird tendencies. I’m sure my brother won’t be such a problem.’

Translator’s Notes:

  1. If you are 9 years old, and taking inspiration to Kunon, I would be so happy for you. 😡 When I was still 9, the only memory I still have is me enjoying Pokemon Red. xD Now I’m on Violet! Pokemon FTW!
  2. Ever wonder why siblings can’t flatter or compliment you straightforwardly? Cause that’s too embbarassing! xD If you have siblings, treasure them! They might be looking out for you without you knowing!
  3. Here’s a few illustrations–
    a. The whole Gurion Family talking about Zeonly.
    b. Kunon Appealing to Tinaliza
    c. Tinaliza Appealing to Arson

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