MK 22 – Rondimond, Director General of The Royal Mages of the Yuguria Kingdom

[We’re sorry!] (2x)

The culprits for the rumor of what just happened in the castle bowed their heads in apology and guilt.

Perhaps people have the same instincts as small animals? Because when the two of them had been pretty full of themselves sliding along the castle, they were chased by the knights and soldiers to stop. How did the both of them react? That’s right. They fled like they’re being chased by the predators. While still doing the slides. Therefore making the chase unnecessary longer and noisier.

They still got caught though and have been gravely reprimanded by the knights. Oh how embarrassing it was? Especially for Princess Lesha.

–This is a story set in the future but this scandal had been named as the ‘castle halls skiing incident’ and had been talked about inside the palace for quite a while.

[…E-ehem… Now that’s done, let’s pick ourselves up and get back on track.] (Lesha)

Lesha and Kunon are actually outside the palace right now as they’ve been kicked out by the knights. 

‘I feel like I lost myself somewhere along as we slid but with this we could reset and restart.’ (L)

[The knights are somewhat amazing, aren’t they? How could they chase us down even if we were that fast? That’s the fastest I ever slid, you know.] (K)

[Right!? Those people are freaks! How could they have chased – o-oh, right, Kunon… Enough of that and let’s go.] (L)

‘Ah, I almost lost myself again. That magic was just too amusing.’ (L)

Lesha calms herself down and decides to finish first her task – which is to guide Kunon to her workplace, the black tower of the royal magicians.

Most of the members of the royal mages are people who are deeply enthralled with magic.

As such, Lesha is confident that there will be a lot of people in the corps that would understand how she feels when they meet him.

However… compared to the ruckus they made inside the castle, Lesha has a feeling that they might get scolded because they’d arrive late than what they’ve agreed.

[Welcome, Kunon Gurion-kun. I am Rondimond, the Director General of the royal mages. In other words, I am the one who manages the royal mages inside this castle.]

‘Based from his voice, he’s probably older than Father. Around middle age, I guess?’

[I-it’s a pleasure to meet you, General Rondimond. I am indeed Kunon Gurion.]

They finally reached the black tower.

And right immediately, Kunon was led to Rondimond’s room. 

‘It feels more like an office.’ (K)

Seated in front of Kunon is Rondimond. Next to him sitting is Lesha.

Kunon’s heart is beating faster than usual.

After all, he is feeling too nervous and excited at the same time.

Not because of Rondimond’s deep voice that came from his diaphragm.

You see, it’s been a while since Kunon entered the black tower.

And there’s something he noticed that’s common from everyone he met along his way to see the general.

All of those people are wrapped in deeply concentrated mana.

For Kunon who knew no other magician than Genie, this trip had already been a fruitful experience.

Everything is just different.

The richness and abundance of mana he had felt in this the place is not something he had ever experienced.

Rondimond in particular is so exceptional he’s definitely on another level compared to everyone he met.

Lesha’s mana indeed exceeds Genie’s but it’s still somewhat on a reasonable level for Kunon. 

‘But not this person.’ (K)

He is far more superior than what Kunon had imagined. 

‘That must have been the level of mana of those mages that have left their names in history and literature.’ (K)

[Uhm, I would like to apologize for taking your time accommodating my selfish request.] (K)

[Don’t mind it. This meeting happened not because of your request, but because we wanted to meet you face to face. Just so you know, we’d rather visit you in your house earlier than today only if we were allowed.] (R)


Kunon is actually feeling sorry and guilty. Was it because of his deep voice? Or perhaps the mana surrounding Rondimond? Kunon just can’t help but get the feeling that he is someone beneath the Director General’s presence and can’t help but feel intimidated.

[I’ve heard you have been granted a water crest. Where is it located?] (R)

[It’s on my left shoulder.] (K)

[Ohoo — I see. Two stars, indeed.] (R)

[two… stars?] (K)

[It’s something that you will learn once you attend the Magic Academy. Basically, there are five ranks amongst the crests that mages hold. There are seven types of crests that have been confirmed and all of which can be differentiated apart in five ranks.] (R)

Kunon can only remain silent from what he’s hearing from the director general.

It might have been common knowledge for mages – but for a newbie, it’s something new and fresh for the young kid.

[Aren’t there just seven?] (K)

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, and Demonic.

These are the seven types of crests and attributes that Kunon is familiar with.

And Kunon has water.

‘I’m blessed I got water.’ (K)

[I wouldn’t say you’re wrong but that seven are indeed the known crests. And in each of those crests are ranking systems which are differentiated in five rankings.] (R)

So all in all, there are thirty five types of magic crests.

[I am a two-star, then? Based on what I know, it means that I rank second to last, is it?] (K)

[That’s just based on my observation. Such rank is pretty common amongst average magicians. So let’s just say that a two-star is what’s considered normal. Lesha beside you has a two-star as well, you know.] (R)

[How are these ranks affecting the mages? Are there any particular differences in their magic based on the number of stars in their ranking?] (K)

[There’s no difference in particular. The stars don’t equate to talent as well. It’s just a mere indicator of how much mana a person contains. At least that’s the only difference I can tell.] (R)
*Nods* (K)

‘If it’s just the difference in mana, then there shouldn’t be too many problems.’ (K)

‘If he said that a two-star has no prospects in being a mage because they lack talent or qualities as a mage, I would have cried myself.’

‘Since that’s not the case, then that’s fine as it is.’

[How about yours, General Rondimond? How many stars does your crest have?] (K)

[Fufu… Can you feel it?] (R)

[From what I can feel, your mana’s density is on an entirely different level. It’s like you’re a completely different existence.] (K)

[Density, you say. Now that’s an interesting way to describe it.] (R)

[It’s like if me and Lesha-sama are your commonly sold cheese, then the general would be the prized blue cheese.] (K)

[I don’t really particularly hate blue cheese but the way you describe me seemed like I stink.] (R)

[Is the blue cheese general a three star?] (K)

[Hahahaha… I’ll get mad if you call me that name again one more time.] (R)

[Oh, abbreviating blue cheese as bluchi (blue-chee) sound’s way cuter so let’s just use bluchie general.] (K)

[Hahahaha you better think I won’t let that slip too, okay? — I am not a three star. My crest has four.] (R)

[Oh… Four…] (K)

[Hm…? You don’t seem so surprised.] (R)

Rondimond have been expecting more from Kunon’s reaction after revealing the ranking of his crest but Kunon appears to not having it.

[–Director, I don’t think Kunon is familiar with how rare a four star is.] (Lesha)

[*Nods*, I see. That’s right. Kunon doesn’t have the knowledge yet that you could get from the Magic Academy. Let’s see… a four star is… oh, well. You’ll eventually know more of it once you go there.] (R)

–Four stars is actually the highest rank of a mage crest that the world currently has right now. Out of all the mages in all  of the known kingdoms, only six mages have been recorded to have such a rank. As for the five stars, they’re now merely records from the past.

Such knowledge will not be known to Kunon until a long time from now, though.

[Well then, Kunon-kun. Let’s get this started, eh?] (R)

[Ha?] (K)

[Your test. We are quite interested in you. I’m starting to lose my patience here so I’ll have you show me what you have.] (R)

‘Oh right!’ (K)

Yeah, right. Kunon was so overwhelmed by Rondimond that he actually forgot that he came here to take an exam and hopefully get a royal mage that will serve as his new guide.

‘The crests and mana density of everyone sure are interesting but we’re now going to the main subject.’ (K)

[—Director General, if I may. This child is really amusing, you know. And really amazing too.] (L)

[Hohoho, how unfair of you, Lesha-kun. Have you seen his magic firsthand?] (R)

[Rather than seen, I experienced it myself.] (L)

[Now that’s more unfair. Experience it, you say? I’m now quite intrigued about what this magic that you’ve experienced.] (R)

Rondimond then stands up from his chair.

[Well then, Lesha-kun. Let’s start the party. Tell everyone that the test is about to commence.] (R)

Translator’s Notes:
1. Happy new year, everyone! 🙂 I hope you end the year safe and start the year great! No much words as we’ll talk again to the next chapter, which hopefully, soon! And I’ve already left a message to readers in VF. I hope you all read that one as well! 😀
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b. Kunon meets Rondimond (the old man)
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