VF 130 – The Way of Calis

[*Grumbling noises* Hmpf!! Hmmpp!!]

The girl in the large bag begins to struggle and now I’m torn whether I should take her out and allow her to witness what’s about to happen or keep her unaware of what’s going to take place. Anyway, let’s try to calm her down for now.

[You’re fine now. This will be over before you know it so please just bear with it for a little longer.] (C)

The little girl’s squirming came to a halt after I spoke those words. I really have to give it Calis’ natural cool demeanor.

Considering she’s already calmed down, she must have already realized that I’m on her side, right?

[Now then… it’s taking too long for me already so I guess it’s about time to end this.] (Calis)

[As if it would be that easy. You ain’t the only that gets to decide that —-] (Leader)


[Matter!!] (L)

The leader suddenly appears right on to my chest in less than a second as if he suddenly vanished from where he was standing when he’s still talking.

I’m afraid even the current Seryu won’t be able to catch up with this guy’s movement.



[…Now that’s surprising… I was pretty confident I’d be able to end this in one hit.] (L)

[You’re indeed fast. But that’s all.] (C)

–Too bad, you won’t be able to reach the heights of this body, of Calis-san.

I restrain the man from moving any further as I try to take hold of his fist.

But this is quite the eye opener for me as well.

Though not as good as me, I didn’t expect this man could move that fast and possess such abilities.

From what I see, I’d have to say this guy’s on par with the knight commander already.

There would be no other sensible explanation how could such a man attain this level of strength other than he’s from a high ranking military.

[Hm… That posture… that movement… I see, you people are from the Principality of Roland, huh.] (C)

[Oh… Were you able to catch on with just one move? Now that I look at you closely, I’ve finally realized. The devil might have been playing tricks on me, having me bumped on the sword demon himself.] (L)

Looks like they don’t intend to hide it. What’s more, they recognize me as well.

Is that why? The leader’s eyes began to show caution that had never been there seconds ago.

[You guys, retreat!] (L)

[*Snaps* *Jumps* *Blink*]

The man utilized one of his legs to create some distance from me and ordered his men to fall back which caught them in surprise.

[Hey… it’s just one man, leader! We can take him down!] (Grunt 1)

[No, that’s just impossible.] (L)

The man then showed his hand that I was previously holding to the rest of his men.

The arm hangs loosely from its elbow, clearly dislocated, but there’s no signs of blood. However a big portion of it bears a different color from the rest of his skin. They’re dark purple.

[Look what happened to my arm after that monster grabbed mein just a short time. You guys will just get on my way if you stay here. This mission is now as good as failed so you guys go back and report to the Principality.] (L)

[But!!] (G1)

[…We’ve already seen it, haven’t we? That guy’s the real deal. Tell them that to tear down this country, we better put taking down that monstrosity as the top priority. Tell them it’s more important than the girl.] (L)

[…Roger.] (G1)

And when his men begin to step back…


I try raising my speed a little bit as well and –

[*Bang* *Blast* *Boom*!]

Put those hoodlums to quite a deep and painful sleep before they’d be able to take another step.

[W-what the–!?] (L)

[Apologies. But I won’t allow any of you to leave this place.] (C)

Hm. As I expected. The leader wasn’t able to follow my movement if I sped up to that level.

Not like the job’s completely done. Well then–

[As I’ve said… It’s about time for me to end this.] (Calis)

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  1. The author’s finally giving us a clue as to how OP the MC is, though I get the feeling he’s still holding back at least 50% of his true power.

    1. WordPress failed me and I wasn’t able to logged back the past couple of weeks T.T I’m glad you found the unedited translations readable!

      And yes, that’s what I think to. I think it’s because it’s in Calis POV and he isn’t particularly interested in using his abilities.

  2. Do you have a discord server. i like the series that you have translated so far and would like to ask some questions about them. and if you do not have a discord server will you think about making one? also if you don’t have a server do you have an email i can contact you through?

  3. Im pretty sure that pink haired girl is the heroine ,and this shopping arc was quite long. Given that this last chapters has brought some hints of the main plot, Id say the time skip is closer

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