MK 17 –  A Good Opportunity

[—She really did leave, huh.]


His teacher Genie, who’s been ranting about leaving her job since a few months ago, has now finally really resigned.

That made Kunon really sad, sure, but after hearing a lot of warnings and signs from the person herself, he’s been able to prepare his own and accept that such a farewell would surely come.

‘It’s just a matter of time.’

Or so Kunon had believed.

[Well, maybe it’s just supposed to happen.] (Iko)

Deciding whether to stay or leave the Gurion estate actually takes a lot of consideration. As someone who understands Genie’s position, even the usually talkative handmaiden couldn’t rabble much about the magic teacher’s choice.

She just keeps her lips tight watching Genie’s back as she holds Kunon who might attempt to run after her. 

With Genie finally leaving for good, there’s now only Kunon, his handmaiden, and the animals he made with magic left in the garden of Kunon’s living quarters.

[Based on what I heard, Gennie-sama was originally hired back then because she would be a good fit for you, Kunon-sama, who just awakened with water magic. As for her performance compared to her peers back in the magic academy, she is said to be in the middle of the pack.] (I)

[Could be.] (K)

In other words, Genie’s abilities as a magician are only mediocre by standards.

She’s probably someone who’s good at teaching those who just started their path with magic, but won’t be effective anymore after a certain threshold.

Certainly, there were already signs of her struggling trying to teach the current Kunon.

[Regardless, I still like being with Genie-sensei.] (K)

[Is that really how you feel? Or is it just about her little tricks, like you’ve said earlier?] (I)

[I’m serious, you know. That’s really how I feel.] (K)

Kunon then turns and observes the animals he created with his unseeing eyes.

[In the first place, if you could pull different kinds of little tricks for almost a year, I think that’s already a pretty commendable skill. I could just learn the orthodox way of magic by reading books anyhow and there are countless numbers of teachers who could teach the same. But Genie-sensei is different. I think there wouldn’t be anyone else who would be able to come up with those teaching methods other than her. And they suited me really well. That’s what I really feel about her.] (K)

For better or for worse, Kunon’s babbling with magic under the guidance of Genie’s little tricks. It even came to the point that he wasn’t able to stop himself playing with magic.

As a result, Kunon is now able to do weird things with incredible speed and precision.

If someone else taught Kunon using conventional methods, he is sure that he won’t be able to accomplish what he is dreaming of.

And that makes the past two years where he did things he wouldn’t have normally done become more precious. 

Not a moment in time was wasted during those periods.

It’s just that…

[I’ll definitely miss her. Today, we just lost someone so precious.] (K)

[You make it sound like she’s already dead.] (I)

A person he cherishes will not be beside him anymore.

And such a thing is sad and painful.

[Now that reminds me, Iko, Flara-sensei said she’ll also be resigning on her post, right?] (K)

[Rather than “she’ll also be resigning”, it’s more like “she’s already resigned”, you know.] (I)

[Eh? She left without even saying anything to me?] (K)

[The master will probably tell this to you soon so I might as well go first. Flara-sama said that she’d probably not be able to stop herself from crying if she said her farewell to you so she discussed it with the master before she left.] (I)

Flara Garden. She’s a baroness that teaches Kunon academic subjects that they discuss in the aristocratic school.

However, since Kunon already passed his graduation exams a few days ago, there won’t be any need for them to hold lectures.

Well, there’s also the option of attending the Aristocratic High School but since Kunon won’t be inheriting the territory, he rather opt out of the curriculum.

[I see. Then maybe I should write her a letter.] (K)

[She’ll be glad, I think. Also, could you ask the baroness if they have any male servant that’s quite tall, have good looks, premium salary, and between ages 18 to 25?] (I)

[Are we talking about your marriage prospects, Iko?] (K)

[Yes.] (I)

[Are you planning on leaving me and marry under the baroness household?] (K)

[It’ll hurt me to part ways with you, Kunon-sama but I want to get married. Besides, you won’t be living pitifully alone anymore now, wouldn’t you, Kunon-sama?] (I)

[I can’t do this anymore. Genie-sensei and Flara-sensei already resigned, now my beloved handmaiden is about to leave me as well. Hey, Iko, do you know? There’s a theory that rabbits tend to die when they’re left alone.] (K)

[If it’s just a theory then there shouldn’t be any problem.] (I)

[That’s true. Maybe if I’m a rabbit, then I won’t die just because of mere theories. But I’m not, so I’m gonna die due to loneliness, Iko…] (K)

[Ahahaha, good joke, Kunon-sama. It’s getting chilly so let’s head back and get some tea.] (I)

[‘Kay.] (K)

[Write me letters too, okay?] (I)

[Hell no.] (K)


Genie might have been gone but perhaps it’s really the best time for her to resign.

After Kunon received his certificate of graduation from the aristocratic school, it feels like his usual everyday life had become disrupted.

With his teachers gone, Kunon will now spend his days differently from before.

The academic classes and magic classes are held during the mornings before so now he’s free to spend them however he wants.

As such, Kunon feels so happy that he can now use this time immersing himself in magic research and books – there’s also the matter about what Genie said that he became curious about.

A more competent, reliable, and capable teacher.

Time is limited.

Kunon could study all the research papers and books as much as he wants when he’s alone but a teacher won’t always have the time to be there and give him a lecture.

For Kunon, Genie is the best magic teacher.

But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t interested in trying to learn from other mages.

A stimulus he never encountered before.

The knowledge lying deep into the abyss that he never ever had a peek of.

For Kunon, who only lived for nine years, he realizes that he still lacks a lot of experience regarding magic.

Kunon’s been close to his teachers and they taught him as well about things that aren’t really related to their lectures. Nonetheless, the boy believes that those things aren’t in vain.

After accounting all the things he learned, the boy is sure that he won’t be able to achieve his dreams if he just sits down and buries himself with books all by himself. 

Because he knows that his knowledge, experience, and skills with magic are still lacking.

–For Kunon to be able to achieve his dreams, perhaps looking for a new magic teacher is indeed a necessity.

[Do you have anyone in mind, Iko?] (K)

Kunon lifts his head from the book he is reading and asks his handmaiden waiting behind him.

[There’s an incredibly renowned royal magician in the palace called Zeonly Finroll! He’s so prince-like and charming too! Come, let’s talk to the master and get him as your teacher. Hurry!] (I)

Kunon didn’t expect it but perhaps it’s a good thing that his handmaiden’s reply is quite immediate. Too immediate.

[Zeonly-sama, huh… I’d personally prefer a female teacher, though.] (K)

[Just let me say this. He is a ro-ya-lu magician.] (I)

[I wonder if they do have female royal mages too…] (K)

[Then don’t blame me if I made my report to Princess Milika — ‘Kunon-sama chose a female as his teacher because of his impure thoughts about royal mages~.’] (I)

[That might be bad but they should have an aunt or maybe even grandma among the royal mages, right?] (K)

[Regardless of age, they’re still women! WOMEN! Have I raised you to become someone who judges women based on their age!? You disappoint me, Kunon-sama!] (I)

[Y-your right… yeah, it’s a mistake on my part. That’s true, even if they’re aunts and grandma’s they’re still women. You might never know what could happen between men and women, regardless of their age, yeah…?] (K)

As to what could happen between Kunon, a nine year old, and an aunty, Kunon doesn’t know. But he’s deeply convinced that Iko’s right about this matter.

[Anyway, let’s try talking to Father about my new magic teacher.] (K)

For every door that closes, a new one opens.

When he graduated school, his teachers closed the door and left him.

But that also means that now a new teacher could open it and meet him.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. I remember the first day I graduated college and had a big window to wait for employment… I was like, now what? Oh how I miss those lazy days. xD I sure had the time, but heck I was broke. xD
  2. Time is limited! If you have a lot to spare, find something that you really like and try to learn more about it! Why did I study Japanese? Anime and Manga, duh! Japanese Otaku culture ftw!
  3. Images:
    a. Kunon and Iko with the animals Kunon created
    b. Iko with her dream guy
    c. Kunon appealing with Iko using rabbits
    d. Preview of Zeonly
    e. Iko raging with Kunon about how she views women 😡

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