[TOC] The Mage Kunon Can See (MK)

Original title (JP): 魔術師クノンは見えている
Original title (Romaji): Majutsu-shi Kunon wa Mieteiru
Author: 南野海風

Words. As limitless as it is, one sentence is enough to change one’s whole life.

“Hero’s Scar”

Akin to a curse, a blind child was born with such circumstances named Kunon.

He, who can’t even see even the tiniest glimpse of light, can’t conceive what’s more there is to life and spend his days as a child in apathy and distress.

One day, a crest of water suddenly appeared in his body which allows him to use the so called mana and magic.

And so what?

‘Mana? Magic? I still can’t see anything.’

And so, Kunon still wanders, blind as to what he is living for.

Until there came a time he heard words that have been so unexpected that might as well be a mistake. Kunon, at that moment, seems to have finally awakened.

00. Prologue
01. Hero’s Scar
02. The Changes from Living in Mundane
03. Straightening out the Things you Have to Do
04. Originality
05. Harbinger
06. The Things on the Other Side
07. Great Strides
08. The Head of the Gurion Family, Arson
09. The Days Pass By
10. Father’s Summons Part 1
11. Father’s Summons Part 2
12. First Day of School
13. Promotion Exams – Day 1
14. Promotion Exams – Day 3
15. Promotion Exams – Day 5
16. A Mage of Petty Little Tricks
17. A Good Opportunity
18. Thinking a Little About the Future
19. The Fiancé is Coming
20. On to the Royal Castle
21. They’re Birds of the Same Feather, After All
22. Rondimond, the General Director of the Royal Mages of the Yuguria Kingdom
23. The Royal Mage’s Test
24. More Royal Mage’s Test That I Shouldn’t Have Taken
25. Leaving the Black Tower
26. A Few Days After
27. Surprise Visit
28. The Wonderful World of Magic
29. The Three’s Turning Points
30. Melts like Sugar
31. A Dream Forgotten
32. To Each of Their Own
33. Blood, Sweat, and —

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