MK 19 – The Fiancé is Coming


Milika is in her own room reading a letter when she stands up all of a sudden tripping down the chair.

[Oh no! It’s an emergency, Lola!] (Milika)

Lola knows that something bad has happened even without Milika saying so.

She went to the princess’ chambers to hand over her fiancé’s letter when the princess snatched it up from her hands right away and immediately read its contents.

As a result, she was able to watch the princess’ facial expressions as she skims through it.

She looked surprised.


Then flabbergasted.

[Kunon-kun will be coming to the castle!] (M)

‘Oh, that sure is an emergency.’

Lola, the handmaiden of the ninth princess, now understands and certainly agrees with Milika. 

Normally, it is Milika who travels to visit her fiancé.

It is something people can understand in consideration of his circumstances.

However, it seems like it will be the other way around this time as it will be her fiancé who’s coming over to the royal castle.

‘Back when her engagement was just decided, the princess always appeared to be gloomy and devastated. It’s hard to imagine that she’s the same girl who’s now looking so joyful and excited about seeing her fiance, Kunon Gurion.’ (Lola)

“Why is it that we can only meet once every two weeks?”

“I won’t push for changing it to once every two or three days, but won’t once a week be fine?”

Before Lola knew it, Milika’s been starting to say things like these without her knowledge.

Due to the curse of ‘Hero’s Scar’, Kunon Gurion was born without vision.

As such, Milika felt really happy at the thought of him visiting the castle but at the same time felt worried if he’ll be able to safely reach her home.

Seeing her master’s unusual turbulence of emotions brought upon by the said young boy, Lola’s interest in Kunon Gurion has grown.

‘I’d definitely feel depressed if it’s me who was born blind.’

However, based on the things she heard from Milika, the boy Kunon is a fairly cheerful boy. She told her a lot of stories about him that sometimes she could only think that they’re too good to be true. That also contributed as to why Lola is now curious.

[Is Kunon-sama coming to visit you, your highness?] (L)

[E-eh!? Oh, t-that… uhm… Let’s see…] (M)

Milika briefly reads the letter once again and her bright smiling face now shifted to an emotionless one. 

‘Seems like he won’t be coming to the castle to visit the princess.’ (L)

[He’s meeting with the royal mages, it says. They’ll give him a simple test and if he passes, they’ll introduce him to a magic teacher, he said.] (M)

[Ara, that’s amazing, isn’t it?] (L)

Even though Kunon Gurion has awakened as a mage, he’s still a novice that has no any achievements or credits under his belt.

Royal mages, however, are the complete opposite. They are the most talented mages in this kingdom and had no lack of accolades. As such, arranging a meeting between a novice and a royal mage isn’t so simple even for a high ranking noble.

However, Lola can understand somehow.

Based on the things she heard from Milika, which she often talks about without anyone asking, all of the spells Kunon showed to her are so incredible that even Lola had a hard time believing what the princess had been saying.

‘An animal made of water, she said.’

‘The princess said that it even feels the same as the real thing but… how can those animals have furs if they are made of water?’

‘Maybe the royal mages have heard of it as well and are quite curious about it so they wanted to meet him.’

[…He’ll meet me, right..?] (M)

It seems the letter says that he’ll be coming to the castle but it didn’t mention him meeting the princess.

‘Will we even be able to meet?’ (M)

At least, that’s what Milika is worried about.

[Why don’t you write back a letter in return? Like, ‘Would you like to share a cup of tea once the test is over?’.] (L)

[But… what if he says that he doesn’t want to meet me…] (M)

[Based on the things you tell me about Kunon-sama, I find it hard to imagine that he’ll refuse.] (L)

‘If he’s indeed the boy the princess describes him to be, won’t he instead say things like–

‘It shames me that you have to invite me yourself, my princess. That’s why, would you mind if I decline your offer and let me invite you instead?’–

or something like that.’ (L)

[B-but… w-what if he declines…ahhhh…!] (M)

‘A girl in love, for better or for worse, indeed overthinks even the tiniest and smallest stuff.’

‘I can’t help but see my Young self on the princess. Hihi. It’s quite funny yet embarrassing.’

‘Ah, I am indeed growing old now, huh.’

Or so Lola had been thinking.

That aside—

[There’s something I would like to confirm, Milika-sama.] (L)

Milika raises her head up from the blank pages spread on top of her table.

She finally decided to write a letter back to Kunon.

[What is it? If it’s about Kunon-kun refusing my invitation, I’d definitely cry for sure. So please don’t look at me annoyingly, okay?] (M)

‘Well, I can’t be sure about that.’ (L)

After all, it’s troublesome when Milika cries because it takes her too long to calm down.

‘…Oh, no, not that.’ (L)

[I believe it would be preferable to set up safety measures against her highness the third princess, and his highness the fourth prince, and perhaps to the rest of your royal siblings.] (L)

[–That’s right.] (M)

The blushing face of the girl who’s fallen in love a little, now has that little bit of a face of a fighter and a ruler.

Even though she’s the ninth princess and is far from inheriting the throne, the stern expression she has right now certainly belongs to the majesty of the royal family brought upon by her thoughts about a certain young boy.

[Are they already aware that Kunon-kun will be coming to the castle?] (M)

[I believe so. The information must have already leaked once the royal mages agreed to meet him.] (L)

In other words, Milika’s already behind her siblings before she knew it.

For MIlika, the information warfare in the royal castle is something that she could never topple on.

[…Then, do you think they’ve already gotten information about the itinerary of his trip?] (M)

[Let me see… I am not sure about that. It won’t be strange if it’s already been leaked somewhere but Kunon-sama is still a novice so no one actually knows of his abilities. I don’t think they will put too much emphasis on him.] (L)

[Yeah…] (M)

Milika, whose expression never wavered as she exchanged words with Lola, moves her hands as she writes her letter.

[…I’ll head out and meet with Lesha-onee-sama. Just in case. Also, make sure to send this letter.] (M)

[—Understood.] (L)

A day passed by and a letter came back.

[Yey! Lola! Kunon-kun said that he’ll come see me after the test!] (M)

Milika jumps in excitement as she holds the letter to her chest.

[That’s great, your highness. Can I ask what exactly was written?] (L)

[Let’s see – ‘If it’s alright with you, rather than tea, why don’t we have an outdoor dinner in a restaurant so we could meet longer? It would please me to be with you under the starry night skies and see you shining brighter than them. Not like I could actually see.’ he says!] (M)

[Ohoo…] (L)

‘He actually step up and went over the what the princess had expected. Not bad, young man.’

Or so Lola had been thinking.

[It’s the first time Kunon-kun asked me to have dinner! Hey, Lola, it’s fine if I go, right!?] (M)

[As long as you have me and a bodyguard.] (L)

Although they are still children, they are engaged as a couple and children of nobles. 

As long as they aren’t left alone by themselves and are able to get home not too late, then there shouldn’t be any problems.

[Arrange for my oil massage, hurry! I have to get pretty!] (M)

[You’re still young so you don’t need that, you’re highness.] (L)

‘An eleven year old would be fine even if they don’t do an oil massage.’

‘Look here, your highness. Your skin is still young and soft and they’re properly moisturized even without doing any effort. On top of that, your hair is still naturally smooth and glossy. Your eyes could even dazzle.’




‘I’ve really gotten old…’

Lola thought to herself.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. I want to personally talk to Lola. Seems like the girl needs someone to talk to xD but in mediaeval age, what’s considered old? Eighteen? Nineteen? I’m not sure. Because Lola doesn’t look too old in the illustration. Maybe a young adult?
  2. When I read Lola’s dialogues about old, I remember the anime Uramichi-onii-san. Hahaha had a great laugh with that one. Too relatable xD. I don’t wanna talk about adulting anymore. it’s kinda depressing topic!
  3. Here are some images from the manga related to the chapter–
    a. Lola listening to the excited Milika about Kunon going to the castle.
    b. Milika’s cute blushing face
    c. Milika’s serious face

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