MK 015 – Promotion Exams Day 5

It is Kunon’s fifth day in the aristocratic school and as scheduled, he is now currently taking his final exam that will determine whether he will graduate from the school or not.

Incidentally, this is also the only exam where he’s allowed to take together with his brother, Ixio, and fiance, Milika.

It could also be said that this very moment would be the only time where these three are classmates and have attended the same school and class in all of their lives.

[It won’t just be three of us who’ll be taking the exams though. There’s like twenty students or so that will take be with us.] (Ixio)

[So that’s how it is. Oh yeah, since the number of students are greater than the teachers, I guess it would be inefficient if they have to observe them take the exam one by one.] (Kunon)

[That’s right.] (I)

[That being the case, I guess Cast-sensei won’t be facilitating my exams anymore. Even though we already started to get close with each other.] (K)

As for Cast, she actually thought that she’d be observing Kunon’s examinations with other teachers on a rotation basis.

To no one’s surprise, however, she ended up doing it all by herself in four days straight.

From beginning to end, no one else wanted to take on the troublesome job of facilitating the exam of the blind son of the marquis.

No matter how much the school downplayed the value of the nobility in the school, everyone knows that such words aren’t really formidable as a defense against the higher aristocrats’ influence.

[You started to get close with her? A teacher?] (I)

[Yeah. We talked about a lot of stuff, you know.
Cast-sensei actually graduated in the aristocratic school as a scholar. She said that’s how she got her job.
But that’s not all. There’s also the guy that she liked that actually wants to be a teacher too. So she pursued this job actually aiming for that chance to get close with him. 

But lo and behold, the guy failed the examinations and went back to their territory with tears in his face. It was two years ago and Cast-sense qualified for the post.] (K)

[…Oh, so you talk about things like that already…] (I)

[That said and done, she’s now looking for a romantic interest. Doesn’t it smell like a good opportunity, brother? Perhaps she’ll agree to go out with you if you ask right here, right now, you know?] (K)

[…I see… If I feel like it, then sure…] (I)

The siblings are riding the carriage as they share such a conversation.


[Good morning, Kunon-kun, Ixio-sama.] (Milika)

Milika has been waiting once again for them at the school gates. But unlike the previous days, all three of them walk together heading towards the same place.

As Ixio had said, there are about twenty or so students in the classroom when they arrive.

[—Just introduce us to your fiance’ already, Milika-sama!]

[—Ixio, man, when will you show us your brother?]

And out of the twenty, it appears that there are several people who are acquainted as well with both Milika and Ixio. Those same acquaintances right now are surrounding Kunon.

[I am Kunon Gurion. Younger brother of Ixio Gurion.] (K)

So Kunon introduced himself.

But it didn’t end there.

[Now I can finally be at ease. You see, her highness Milika and my brother Ixio haven’t introduced anyone until today so I’m actually getting worried that they’re actually loners and have no friends.] (K)

[H-hey, that’s rude! Sure you can say that to me, but not to her highness!] (I)

[Right! I actually feel quite offended right now, you know!? I just asked everyone to give me space since I want to spend time with you, Kunon-kun!] (M)

[Hey, that’s sweet. I appreciate it, your highness. But it’s true that I actually started to get worried. I mean, I can’t just ask you things like ‘don’t you have friends?’ or ‘don’t you know anyone else in this school?’ out of the blue. I’m not that insensitive, you know…] (K)

Kunon then covers his eyes with his hand. Over the eye patch, of course.

*See image below*

[Thank goodness… I feel so relieved now that I know her highness actually has friends… Thank goodness my brother isn’t a loner and a school castaway…]


[What a relief… That way, I don’t have to comfort them… otherwise, I’d shoot myself in the foot if I’d tell them it’s alright even if they don’t have friends. Goodness.]


It might have been subtle but Ixio and Milika’s friends understood something from what Kunon had said. 

Their hearts shook at the thought that the young boy speaks like he didn’t have any friend by his side.

It squeezed their hearts.

Kunon was born without the ability to see and thus could only stay in their house. The boy wasn’t even able to attend school and could only spend time by his lonesome.

They look at each other and realize that friends, people who they can share stories, laughter and tears together, is something that Kunon doesn’t have.

Just as when the their hearts are about to break into pieces—

[But Kunon-kun, you don’t really mind having no friends at all, right? To the point that you don’t even want to make one.]

Milika’s stare at Kunon made them realize she’s definitely serious about how she assessed the young boy. 

And to betray their expectations, Kunon agreed without any hesitation.

[That’s true. Hahaha humans are fine living alone by themselves after all. Hahahaha]

[I know you so well. Fufufufufu~~]


Unexpectedly, their friends can only remain speechless.

But seeing how Milika and Kunon actually get along better than they imagined, they let it slip and smiled at the two of them sharing giggles.

[—Oi! Milika!]

As the group of friends could only look at the laughing couple with strange gazes, someone uninvitedly broke in to destroy the weird ambiance.

[Oh, Lyle-oniisama.]

It’s been two days since they met Lyle from the cafeteria.

It appears he’ll be taking the graduation exam together with them.

At the appearance of the prince, a weird tension started to suffocate the whole atmosphere.

Except for Kunon, that is.

Lyle appears to not be practically liked around the school.

More accurately, he is hated.

Lyla has violent tendencies, a flamboyant attitude, and because of his royal lineage, he bears no consequence even if disrespected his senseis

His presence annoys a lot of people in a lot of different ways.

There are also rumors around him that he takes on kids that have similar tendencies with him and do indescribably horrible things even with little children.

Lyle is a person that no one wants to befriend with… But–

[Brother in Law!]

Kunon is unhindered.

He cut through everyone on the way and approached the class’ most hated existence and took his hand.

[It’s nice meeting you, Brother in Law! I’m Kunon Gurion, princess Milika’s fiancé! It’s a good thing we met each other today! For some reason, I wasn’t even able to greet you the other day!] (K)

[W-w-w-w-what the hell are you!?] (Lyle)

Lyle tries to recover his hand from Kunon, but–

[What the hell!] (L)

He can’t shake off Kunon’s hand.

Despite Kunon’s petite stature at his young age of ten, he carries a lot of strength.

[Goodness gracious, it’s me, your future little brother! Oh my, you sound really dignified, onii-sama! I bet you look the same! If only I am not blind then I could stare at your face for a whole day! Fufufufu! Hahahaha!] (K)

[O-oi, Milika! Wh-what the hell’s up with this bastard!? Just what the hell is this guy!?] (L)

Lyle is actually flabbergasted.

Has there anyone else who acted this friendly with him from the first time they met? No.

[*Giggles*, Fufufufu… Fufu… Fufufuufufu~~]

[*Giggles* Kukuku… kekek~~]

[–D-damn it! W-w-w-what y’all laughing about!!!] (L)

The figure of the most feared and flamboyant kid in the school, blushing somehow and kind of embarrassed, struggling to free himself from Kunon but can’t do so, somehow appears moe. The contrast was actually cute.

There’s also the fact that Lyle has a large build even for a twelve year old and could even literally look down at Kunon. 

‘—Kunon’s really gotten stronger in a lot of different ways.’ (I)

The ruckus ended peacefully and all of them took the exam. Kunon, Milika, Ixio, their group of friends, and unexpectedly, Lyle, passed the examinations along with everyone. 

And that concludes the five short days of Kunon’s aristocratic school life.

Translator’s Notes:

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