MK 23 – The Royal Mages’ Test

Just moments when Kunon and Lesha arrive at the black tower, they immediately return back outside.

Except that this time, there are more than twenty people that’s with them on the grounds.

Despite Kunon’s lack of vision, his sensitivity with mana allows him to differentiate which of which amongst the people around him are male, female, young, or old based on the mana that they emit from their bodies.

‘And it seems like the older the mages are, the more mana they have, or more adept they are in controlling their mana.’ (Kunon)

‘It’s probably because their techniques in handling mana have greatly improved over the years.’

Or it could also be said that the age of the mages reflect the years they dedicated in their training.

After all, everyone that’s currently in the grounds of the black tower right now are royal mages. They are the crowned jewel of the kingdom and would not neglect their training, study, and research, and other everyday habits to improve themselves.

The only difference they have with each other is the amount of mana that they contain in their bodies.

For Kunon, everyone in this place are experts who possess great knowledge and are the leading figures of magical history in the kingdom of Yuguria.

And right now, the very same people are completely giving their attention to Kunon in deep concentration.

‘I can feel their gazes.’

Whether Kunon likes it or not, he has no choice but to bathe in their curious and interested eyes.

He might be young, or perhaps blind, but that doesn’t matter to the group wearing the black robes around him right now.

The only thing that matters to them right now is that they’d be able to witness a form of magic that they have never encountered before. That’s the reason they can’t take their eyes off from Kunon.

‘…It’s making my heart race… It’s a bit nerve wracking… but also exciting.’

Based from Kunon’s impression of everyone that’s around him, he believes that no matter who became his teacher, they’d be able to guide him in the deeper areas of magic.

[–Well then, let’s begin.] (Rondimond)

Rondimond, the Director General of the Black Tower, then gives off the signal.

[I’ll be under your care.] (K)

Kunon then bows his head in respect to everyone who’ll be assessing him for the exam.

[For starters, can I ask how many spells you can use, Kunon-kun?] (R)

[I can use two.] (K)

As little as it is, Kunon decided to tell the truth.

After all, no matter how much bragging nor excuse he makes right now, that won’t change the fact that the only spells he could use are two.

But contrary to what Kunon feared, nobody mocked him for it. In fact, no one showed any kind of reaction.

They’re neither condemning him nor dissatisfied with his answer.

They remain unmoved and are still focusing on Kunon.

[Very well. Your previous teacher was Genie Cause who taught you under the instructions of your father, is that correct?] (R)

[Yes. My Father believed that I’m still too young to learn any offensive magic.] (K)

[Can I ask what are your personal thoughts about your father’s judgment?] (R)

[I find it understandable. Learning would result in me trying out different things related to offensive magic. As such, it might result in animals or perhaps people around me getting hurt or injured.
It might not sound convincing coming from someone like me but I believe that offensive magic is indeed too much for a child to play around.] (K)

[I see.] (R)

‘Are these questions part of the test as well?’ (K)

Kunon wonders as there were no changes in Rondimond’s tone or attitude after hearing his answers. 

‘…He doesn’t sound so impressed. I’m getting a bit uneasy…’

[And the two spells that you can use are <A・Ori> (Water Ball) and <A・Rubu> (Washing Foam), correct?] (R)

[Yes.] (K)

The magic to create and manipulate water, <A・Ori> (Water Ball).

The magic to create bubbles that is used for cleansing, <A・Rubu> (Washing Foam).

Those are the two spells that Kunon can use.

However, due to Kunon being able to modify the elements of his spell <A・Ori> and make it work just like  <A・Rubu>, he doesn’t really use his second spell that much.

[–Victor-kun, can you use <A・Ori> (Water Ball) for me.] (R)

[–Yes, sir.] (Victor)

And as per Rondimond’s instruction… a young man from the audience stepped forward and casted <A・Ori>.

However… in just a single cast, the number of water balls that appeared and floated around are no less than thirty.

[Well then, Kunon-kun. Can you steal these balls of water using your own  <A・Ori>?] (R)


Kunon’s greatly shaken.

‘A person’s magic could be stolen?!’

Such an idea had never occurred to Kunon before.

Certainly, <A・Ori> is a spell that allows the caster to summon a ball of water and allow him to manipulate it. But there are other ways to use it.

It’s creating a water ball and manipulating it from water that’s already existing.

In such a case, the caster would only be manipulating the water and does not require him to summon it.

As <A・Ori> allows the caster to both summon and manipulate water, the current instruction to Kunon right now is to focus only on manipulating it.

Perhaps some would say that it hardly makes a difference but there’s an underlying distinction in the principle behind it.

In Genie’s case, she said that either summoning water or not uses the same amount of mana so she hardly uses existing water in casting <A・Ori>. 

Kunon believes in that logic as well but… that created a blind spot for the two of them.

‘If the spell allows the mage to manipulate water that’s already existing, then that should work as well in water that’s been summoned by another mage, huh…’ (K)

Kunon might have an eye patch but his shock can’t be completely hidden as he widened his eyes.

‘I didn’t think such a thing was possible…’ (K)

Kunon wonders how these people could easily come up with things that he couldn’t even imagine.

At the same time… he became more spirited to learn from them.

At this point, Kunon can already go home and work on the things he already learned but…

‘I want to know more..!’

His greed is acting up and his desire to pass and learn more from the royal mages make his heart feel more alive.

[That’s it.]


As Rondimond’s voice reached his ears, Kunon eventually decided to let go of his remaining strength and drop down on his knees.

‘It’s been like forever since I ran out of breath due to magic..!’

[Aren’t you doing quite fine yourself, Kunon-kun. I like it.]

Rondimond praises Kunon but — the young boy is not having it.

There were more than thirty water balls that have been summoned.

And out of those thirty water balls, Kunon only managed to take control of two of them.

After all his painful work and desperate struggle, only then he was able to get a second.

The sensation of being able to manipulate water had been natural for Kunon since he learned magic. However, today was the first time he ever felt resistance while doing it. And that made things really hard for him.

That’s just how superior the royal mages are compared to Kunon.

[What do you say, Victor-kun?] (R)

[Color me amazed. I didn’t even think he’d be able to get even one ball, you know? At least I didn’t have such an ability to control mana when I was that little. — That said, how about leaving that child to me?] (V)

[—A swine trying to eat pearls.] (Mage 1)

[—Don’t spout such nonsense you fool.] (Mage 2)

[—How insolent. Truly insolent.] (Mage 3)

[—Before you talk about taking care of others, how ‘bout you take care of yourself. You can hardly look after your own.] (Mage 4)

The royal mage Victor, the person who summoned the water balls Kunon tried to control, is now showering in verbal insults from all of his colleagues.

[Hahahahaha. That being the case, it seems like everyone’s eager to take you under their wings. Why don’t you all have a thorough discussion with me as to who’ll be able to take him, hm?] (R)


Kunon raises his hand while his hands remain on the ground.

[Did I pass the exam?] (K)

‘I mean, aren’t they actually talking as if they’re taking me for themselves?’

Especially the last line made by Rondimond. It sounded like the matter of him getting a royal mage as his instructor had already been decided. 

‘Victor as my teacher, huh. I don’t really like the idea but there shouldn’t be a problem as long as we get along.’

Kunon thought so. Also—

‘—I’d definitely overtake Victor in the future. So I’ll take this loss for now.’

[No, no, no, no. Since we’re already at it, how about we try some more?] (R)


Kunon felt that he’s already passed the exam. 

Nonetheless, it appears that they still want to continue.

‘Not that I have any complaints.’

After all, if things ended just as they are now, then it’ll just be him getting beaten down by the royal mage Victor.

‘Let’s take this opportunity and show more of the things that I can do.’


Due to Kunon wanting to show them his good points, the middle aged man and general director of the royal mages, Rondimond, is now having the time of his life while showcasing, for lack of better word, an undignified appearance.

Kunon was instructed to ‘try doing something’ and so he created one large water ball. 

The large water ball is covered in a really soft and elastic firm that can carry anything, be it person or object, as long as they’re of reasonable weight.

As soon as the words ‘you can try diving in here’ left Kunon’s mouth, Rondimond immediately went for the go.

And as the middle aged man fell into the water ball, he slowly, comfortable, and softly sank.

Perhaps the sensation to his skin was quite refreshing and comforting for the old man because forgot about picking himself up. He even swam, rolled, and jumped while happily laughing using the water ball like some child in an amusement park.

It was to the point that even Kunon’s a little bit freaked out by the reaction of the old man.

‘I didn’t feel this kind of uncomfort when it’s her highness Milika’s enjoying that water ball.’

It was then that Kunon-kun realized he wasn’t meant to make these old men feel childish happiness and joy.

‘I don’t think such things are really suitable for children my age to see. Not that I can.’

Contrary to Kunon’s feelings, however, it seems that such a scene is pretty normal for the royal mages. They even say things such as–

[You’re being too unfair, General!]

[Hey, how about switching with me already?!]

[Move it already, old man!]

Rather than looking at the old man in question, they just want to desperately get their hands on that large, soft, squishy, fluffy water ball.

—Later on that day, Rondimond left the water ball saying ‘it’s been like twenty years since I had this much fun!’ and this day will be marked as ‘the day the four star general was under the mercy of a young child’ and forever be engraved in the history of the Black Tower of the kingdom.

Translator’s Notes:
1. Do you know how I felt when I read the description of the water ball? ENVY!!! I wanna try it out too! But when I saw Kunon’s thoughts I was like ‘young boy, if you only know how adults long for such happiness!’ HAhaha huhuhu. The closes thing I’d ever feel like this might be a bean bag! The best furniture for me! After the bed, of course!
2. I didn’t expect Kunon to be a competitive child. Now that I am rereading it that it just came back to me. Hoho
3. We’re now on to the latest chapters of the manga! (First two images are from chapter 7, next ones are from 8 until it’s middle)
a.Victor summong water balls
b. Kunon-kun shocked about the test stealing water balls
c. Chapter 8 cover, a colored Milika and her water cat
d. Chapter 8 cover, a colored Iko and Kunon
e. Happy Rondimond

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