MK 025 – Leaving the Black Tower

[[[[We’re sorry!]]]]The renowned mages of the kingdom, together with Kunon, bow their heads in apology to the knights and the maid who’d been the most traumatized because of their shenanigans.They did not take into consideration how it would appear from the inside of the castle as they conducted their observations outside. When the knights, maids, … Continue reading MK 025 – Leaving the Black Tower

VF 142 – The Princess’ Info

[Greetings, Duke Fall.]…To be honest, I’ve already given up on knowing how this person can just waltz inside my office however and whenever she pleases.[Greetings. So? To what do I owe the pleasure, princess?] (Calis)[I’m just here to hear the things you're not talking about to my father. You’re still holding quite a lot, aren’t … Continue reading VF 142 – The Princess’ Info

VF 136 – Let’s Keep it Lay Low Until We Get Home

It didn't take long for me to talk with the orphanage and get custody of Akari. Now that’s over with, I can now escort the prince and princess to their houses and could get myself free from this duty. Though I need to report directly to the king immediately about what happened this afternoon, I’d … Continue reading VF 136 – Let’s Keep it Lay Low Until We Get Home

Mrs. Green Apple – Que Sera, Sera

KANJIROMAJIENGLISHケセラセラ 今日も唱える 限界?上等。やってやろうか。 愛を捨てるほど暇じゃない いつも All right All right ここを乗り越えたら 楽になるしかない 痛み止めを飲んでも 消えない胸のズキズキが 些細な誰かの優しさで ちょっと和らいだりするんだよな 負けるな 今日も踏ん張って 固めた殻で身を守って また諦める理由探すけど、 ケセラセラ 今日も唱える 限界、上等。妬ましさも全部不幸の矢が抜けない日でも All right All right 食いしばってる でもね、 今日はちょっとだけご褒美を わかっているけれど 私を愛せるのは私だけ。 生まれ変わるなら? 「また私だね。」 ひとりぼっちだと気付いても 繋がりは消えるわけじゃない たまにがいい たまにでいい ちゃんと大切だと思えるから 貴方の幸せを分けてほしい 悲劇の図鑑 私ってそう。 仕方ない程 自分よがり バイバイ 幼き愛の日々 いいよもう 願うは「はじめから」 ベイベー 大人になんかなるもんじゃないぞ ツァラトゥストラ ケセラセラ 今日も唱える 何のせい?誰のせい? 勝てなくたっていい 負けない強さを持ちたい そうさ All right All right 乗り切ってみせる ケセラセラ 今日も言い聞かせる … Continue reading Mrs. Green Apple – Que Sera, Sera

WJ 05 – Ending a Long Tiring Day

Dill’s current cash on hand, or rather, all of the assets he got right now, are mere three silvers. In consideration of what’s coming ahead, he’s thinking of trying to minimize his living expenses as low as possible. And as most adults, Dill’s eyes turn dead serious as he thinks about his living expenses, money, … Continue reading WJ 05 – Ending a Long Tiring Day