MK 026 – A Few Days After

The morning arrived without Kunon knowing. 

He’s been in a daze and finding it hard to accept the most enjoyable day of his life had ended yesterday.

It was the first time he was able to talk to other magicians aside from Genie. And not just one, but a lot of them.

Afterwards, he had dinner with Princess Milika.

Although, to be honest, Kunon wasn’t able to really give his attention and focus to Milika as the thoughts and ideas he heard and talked about with the royal mages didn’t leave his head even for a single bit. 

‘I don’t think I’ve been rude but it was true that I was distracted. I should apologize.’

When Kunon got back home yesterday, he used all of his brain powers to recall everything he learned from the black tower and took notes of it. He scribbled as much as he could and squeezed his memories to the very last drop without even organizing them.

And by the time he realizes his trance has ended, he’s already on top of his bed like he just woke up from sleep.

It must have been his handmaiden who carried Kunon from his study towards his bed.

He spent all the whole day yesterday talking with the people who’s at the pinnacle of magic in the kingdom and it was really fun for the young child.

It was so fun he must not have noticed how tired his body was.

As a result, it’s his body who went to sleep by itself without giving him a chance to decide how to end the happiest day of his life.

Putting aside Kunon’s passion and talent when it comes to magic, he’s still a child who is nine years old.

‘I trained my body somehow but it seems I’m still physically lacking.’

[…Hm? Iko?]
[Good morning, Kunon-sama. How may I help you?]

The handmaiden’s response immediately came as she’d been standing by in his bedroom all this while.

[Did I wake up pretty late today?]

‘My body feels in better condition than usual. Did I have a pretty good and long sleep?’

[Well, it is true that you woke up a little bit later than usual today.]
[You should have woken me up.]

Kunon is actually an early riser. That is because he believes that —

‘I wasted some time. I could have used that time to work on my mana and stamina. I could have just taken naps when I’m exhausted and tired.’

[No, no, no, Kunon-sama. You stayed up pretty late last night so it is only right for you to get as much sleep after that. As a child, you should get as much sleep as you can. Otherwise, it might affect your growth.]
[Speaking of growth… Don’t you think it’s better for girls to be bigger?]
[It is true that there are people who prefer bigger ones. As for me, I’d still like you Kunon-sama no matter how big or small you are, you know?]
[Thanks, Iko. Me too, I… oh, I can’t say anything further as it might sound rude to her highness Milika.]
[Ehhh~ Kunon-sama, you’re so sly~~ you made a woman like me say all that and then confront me with your legal one. You womanizer~~]
[*Giggles* Ahhahahaha]
[*Giggles* Fufufufu]
[Then, I’d do my exercise routine in the afternoon. Iko, I’d like to get breakfast first.]

As Iko prepares for Kunon’s meal, Kunon takes the basin beside his bed to wash his face with magic.

He uses his magic water ball to clean his teeth then summons a warm one to wash his hair with it.

As Kunon takes care of his hygiene, he recalls the memories of what happened yesterday.

‘I’m sure I was in a trance making notes before I fell asleep. But I don’t think I was able to finish writing everything.’

That being the case, his notes are still not yet done.

‘I need to absorb as much as I from what they said yesterday, practice it myself, and make it my own magic. I should pick up the pace as long as I can still remember them.’

‘But how come it’s hard to remember the things related to magic when I can still vividly hear the knight’s screams and father’s scolding? Crazy.’

‘Alright. Let’s do this.’

That being said, Kunon returns to his room fully motivated.

‘Now that the notes are done, it’s time to put them into practice and do some experiments.’

Although Kunon finds himself doing self teaching and conducting his own experiments a pretty productive thing, he still misses the presence of a teacher who could have looked at his notes and given him thoughts and opinions.

‘Just like in the tower…’

After the experience Kunon had in the tower where countless magicians were able to give him inputs and guidance, he feels greater regret that he still doesn’t have a new magic teacher by his side.

So after a few fulfilling and at the same time lonesome days, the good news he’d been waiting for had finally appeared.

[—Yaaaahhhhyyyy!!!! Iko! It’s here! They confirmed that I’ll get a new teacher and he’ll visit the estate!]

It’s a letter from Rondimond, the head director of the black tower, fulfilling his promise to Kunon that he will be providing the child an appropriate teacher. Kunon looks so excited that Iko can’t help but feel happy for him.

[I’m so happy for you, Kunon-sama. Did they say when the teacher will arrive?]
[It says they’ll visit tomorrow. I’m happy for you too, Iko.]
[The teacher that will be coming is the person you wanted so badly to meet – your Zeonyl-sama.][—Huh…? HUIUUUHHH!!!?? That famously gorgeous Zeonyl-sama!? Are you sure!?]

When Kunon was in the black tower, he was so happy and fulfilled that he actually forgot that person’s name – Zeonly Finroll.

However –

‘If I recall correctly, I think one of the mages said something about him? Like how unlucky Zeonyl was for being absent when such an interesting kid had visited…’

Since it isn’t related to magic, Kunon let it pass from one of his ears to the other. But he can still vaguely remember hearing something like that.

‘So that’s why I didn’t meet the rumored ‘famously gorgeous’ Zeonyl-sama. He was not there.’

And it seems that the mage that Kunon didn’t meet will actually be his teacher instead.

[Are you certain, Kunon-sama!? My gosh, tomorrow, this maid will go all out and put on makeup!]
[Will you be willingly showing your beautiful sides to someone else other than me, Iko? You’re making me crazy with jealousy over here~~.]
[I’m sorry, Kunon-sama! I don’t think I can play with you right now! Oh goodness, what do I do with my nails!? My hair too! Then I’d need to lose some pounds! Gracious. I’ll see you later, Kunon-sama!]


The sound of the door and heavy and fast footsteps resounded in the house as the maid leaves so strong and fast without looking back.


[I didn’t expect I’d actually get somehow hurt by being dumped aside in an instant by Iko…]

Kunon can only lament by himself as he takes a deep breath before turning the letter aside and continuing finishing his findings based on his experiments today. 

The next day.

From the time the sun had risen… Well, in fact, even just before yesterday, the wait of the maid who’s been acting weirdly has finally ended when noon came.

Zeonly Finroll.

The renowned royal magician who’ll guide Kunon to the turning point of his life has finally arrived.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. I tried translating the chapter while making it look like a LN putting snippets of the scenes from the manga. Hehehe don’t they look neat? I feel quite proud of myself!
  2. Oh, I don’t know how to do scanlations so I won’t translate the manga. I noticed that the latest chapter translated right now is still on 7. I don’t want to put all pages too because I find it hassle. I’m sorry. I don’t want any conflicts as well to the manga translators so please bear with this! 🙂
  3. Next arc finally starts! I hope the manga will keep on going so we still have images on the next chapters! I’m pretty excited from where the raws are currently right now! xD

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