MK 032 – To Each of Their Own

[…Haaa… *Sniff*… No… Please, nooooooo…]   (Milika)

[Oi, stop whini – ahh!?]   (Zeonly)

Before Zeonly could even finish what he’s about to say, Dario’s kick made sure to stop him from saying anything else.  

–Dario is sitting in front of Zeonly inside a carriage.

They are on their way back to the castle after talking with Kunon about the Magic Academy.  

Milika’s terribly devastated.
Her lamentations never ending.
Her eyes are bawling and she can’t really stop herself anymore from crying.  

Milika’s been preparing herself to push Kunon to attend the Magic Academy using a strong front but… the thought of her beloved going away has been actually gnawing her heart to pieces and right now, she can no longer pretend otherwise.  

Kunon’s dream.  
To be able to see using magic.  
Kunon might have forgotten about it due to the lots of the things he had to do but MIlika didn’t.

Because it’s always been in Milika’s mind…  

‘What will happen if Kunon can now see…?’   (M)

And Milika can’t help but think about what would happen after that.  

‘Will there be anything that would change between us?’   (M)

Even now, Milika knows that Kunon’s too good for her.
Then what if Kunon’s able to see then? Will Kunon still settle for her?  

‘…What if he sees some other woman…?’   (M)

A woman who’s not like her.
A woman that isn’t just a ninth princess.
A woman that has more than just feeble authority in the royal family.
A woman who can actually support him with powerful position and backing.  

If it’s the Kunon right now, Milika believes he can pursue anyone else as long as he wants it.  

–They’ve been hiding Zeonly and Kunon’s relationship to everyone but the truth is behind Zeonly’s achievements that he’d accumulated for the past two years, Kunon’s footprint can be found in every step of it.  

Zeonly had an unbelievable breakthrough for the past two years.   He’s able to invent seven new artifacts, five research papers, and a creation manual to efficiently conduct magic trials and experimentations.

His name now resounds not just in the kingdom of Hyuguria, but all over the world.
He’s become more successful than ever before.  

That being said, will there be anyone who’ll overlook the value of Zeonly’s assistant, his one and only disciple?  

The moment everyone knows what Kunon’s value really is, then he will definitely leave her behind the dust.  

As a result of his contribution to the development of magic, he’ll definitely receive a peerage and a noble title of his own.  

Two years ago, Zeonly had given her a warning about this and it’s now unfolding in front of her eyes.  

‘And Kunon-kun will continue on earning achievements once he goes to the Magic Academy…’  
‘And there will be women who’ll come after him for sure.’  
‘Kunon-kun is already perfect except for the fact that he can’t see…’   (M)

He might look a little frivolous to people who don’t really know him but MIlika knows what Kunon really is.

She knows that Kunon is a very diligent and serious person.

Otherwise, how would he be able to last doing all those paperwork for Zeonly all this time? Other people might have already flipped the table just seeing those mountains of papers.  

If Kunon started to go further than this, what if…  

‘What if I can’t catch up to him any longer…’  


[Dario-sama…]   (M)

[Princess.] (Dario)

[I… I can’t help but think that it’s fine even if Kunon-kun won’t be able to see… That… I’m really such a horrible woman…]  (M)

[At least you’re awar— Hey, that hurts damn!]  (Z)

For the second time, Dario’s freezing eyes look down on Zeonly before he can spit another word from his mouth.  

[You can keep that mouth shut yourself or I can keep that mouth shut for you. Choose.]  

‘Damn, this guy’s serious. Tsk.’  

Zeonly didn’t say anything further and just looked outside the carriage’s window.  

[That’s fine, Princess. It is within human nature to have both good and bad sides. Don’t just try to pursue what’s right, but learn to accept the darkness in your heart. Still, do not let your heart get swayed by either of them.

You didn’t just train your body for the past two years but also your mind and heart. No matter how awful what’s in your heart, I know that you will still choose the right path. Things will be alright. Don’t let your own demons eat at you and keep on moving forward.]  

Dario has become someone like Zeonly and Genie is to Kunon.

For Milika, she respects Dario as her martial arts teacher.  

Their social status won’t allow them to formally be inducted as master and disciple but the respect is in there.  
That is something even Zeonly understands and respects.  

[Aren’t you too lenient?]   (Z)

[I personally think it is you who are too strict.]  (D)

There are as many disciples as there are teachers.
And each bond between them is another form of human relationship.
And not all relationships can ever be the same.
As such, they can be both right and that’s not wrong.  

[More importantly, didn’t you say that you have no method yourself as to how Kunon-sama will be able to create his eyes? Will he be able to do it by himself?] (D)

[Yeah, you heard that right.]  (Z)

[…So, can he do it? Will Kunon-sama be able to finally see?]  (D)

[…Beats me.] (Z)

Dario got annoyed upon hearing Zeonly’s response. But it isn’t just him alone.  

[…Are you seriously saying that right now…?]   (M)

More than annoyed, Milika’s brimming with anger.  
Just a second ago, she’s been devastated at the thought of Kunon being able to see, but the second that Zeonly doubted his chance of success, Milika’s hatred immediately arouse.

Milika didn’t notice this contradiction herself.
Deep inside, she is not as horrible as she thinks she is.  

[Never have I encountered anything similar with Kunon’s situation so how am I supposed to know? I tried looking for similar cases to use as references but got nothing at all. That’s why from this point onwards, it’s only Kunon on his own.]   (Z)

After saying that, Zeonly turns to the window once again.  

[It all boils down to the boy himself. He’s the one who knows his condition and situation the best. In the first place, it isn’t something that other people should butt in.] (Z)

Zeonly, far from his rude and domineering usual profile, continues to speak seriously.  

[I did everything that I could. I have no idea how to make eyes. What I know is the concept and theories of magic engineering and impart my knowledge to him and hope that it could somehow bridge the gap he needs. Well, it is what it is. There’s no use for other people to be worked up on this topic more than the person himself.]  (Z)

Zeonly might not be aware of this, but amongst the three in the carriage, he is the one who looks the most concerned for Kunon.    

[This is Iko, reporting.]  

On that night, Kunon’s handmaiden, Iko, went to the main mansion of the Gurion estate.   She came to report to Arson, Kunon’s father and the family’s head, about what happened and entered his office after receiving permission.  

[It’s been a while, Iko.]   (Arson)

[It is.]  (Iko)

For the two years that have passed… From the day Kunon became Zeonly’s disciple, the number of times Iko had to visit the main mansion to report to Arson had decreased drastically.  

Afterall, there’s nothing new to report about Kunon.  
He’s been only working on paperwork, physical, and magical training for the past two years everyday. Then working with Zeonly and having tea parties with Milika once every week.  

It’s really nothing but that.  

[Let’s hear it.]   (A)

Arson puts the documents from his table way to the side before looking at Iko on the other end of the room.  

[Zeonly-sama instructed Kunon-sama to enroll in the Magic Academy which Kunon-sama accepted. As such, he is now working on preparing himself to apply for the next semester.] (I)

[So Kunon finally decided, huh…]  (A)


Arson had been biting his nails in the main estate in worry for Kunon.  

Kunon, objectively speaking, is now basically a successful mage on his own accord after following the steps of Zeonly. However, from what Arson is seeing, Kunon is prioritizing Zeonly over himself. And Arson isn’t wrong in his observation.  

What if Kunon continues living the same way behind Zeonly and not go to the Magic Academy?   Kunon will not be able to fully grow and develop.

That’s what Arson is worried about.  

–Being Zeonly’s apprentice might be a successful path in its own way, but as a father, Arson wants Kunon to grow and become an excellent royal mage on his own.  

That’s why for Arson, Iko’s report is definitely good news.  

[Then I need to prepare as well. We should be done with all the requirements.] (A) 

Arson might have been getting anxious waiting for Kunon’s decision, but he’s not just sitting by doing nothing. He’s already working on the necessary requirements and resources required for Kunon to enroll in the Magic Academy.  

He wants to show them to Kunon sometime so it will help his son have an easier time on his entrance exam.  

‘If he’ll be moving into the next semester, then it’ll be in summer. I guess we still have half a year to spare.’   (A)

Half a year is a pretty short time especially for people who are occupied most of the time.  

‘I guess I’ll give these to him sooner than later.’   (A)

[There’s one more thing I need to report, master.]   (I)

[Go on.]   (A)

Iko resumes her report as Arson takes the review materials he had prepared for Kunon from his table.  

[Kunon-sama is now working on making his eyes.]  


Arson involuntarily paused after hearing what Iko had just said.  

[…What? Is that even possible…?]   (A)

Arson is aware as to why his son had been very enamored with magic.  

They visited the Black Tower two years ago to get a hint on how they can make this a possibility but it was to no luck.

Since that day, they hadn’t mentioned the thought as frequent and tried not to think too much about it, but…

[I personally can’t say but Zeonly-sama said that there’s a possibility. On that note, Kunon-sama wants to focus on making his eyes and ask to be left alone for some time… Haaaaaaa…. Kunon-sama’s now all grown up…!  Never have I thought there will be a day he’ll want to throw me away from his side..!] (I)

Arson just put Iko’s dramatic fiasco aside and asks—  

[Is it really okay to just leave him on his own?]   (I)

[Yes. That is the case even long before. Kunon-sama should be okay on his own now.]  (I)

—Arson, and Iko — the two people who knew Kunon pretty well before he had fallen in love with magic. The two of them shared the sentiment to never leave Kunon alone.

Because if they did, chances are, the boy might decide to end his life on his own.  

[…I’m sorry for putting you in such a very tough place all this while, Iko…]  (A)

[This past two – no, three years had been nothing but happiness for me every single day. Because of that, I’m now starting to want a child for myself.]  (I)

[Do you have any prospects in mind?]  (A)

[Not at the moment.]  (I)

[Then is it alright if I introduce you to someone? There’s a soldier in the palace that I want to recruit into our house as one of our people. I am thinking of having him as your husband and have you and your family live here with us in the estate as one of our own.]   (A)

[Oh… that depends on his face, figure, character, and salary, though.]   (I)

Iko is a girl who knows what she wants and won’t settle for less, however.

Translator’s Notes:
1. We’re getting close to the end of the novel and manga’s volume 1! 🙂 I haven’t seen the raws of volume 2 of the manga anywhere yet but I believe it’s already released in Japan. Hopefully, we’ll be able to secure a copy soon so we can retain this format.

2. When I took our licensure exam, one of the reasons I don’t want to fail are people’s expectations, especially my parents. Little did I know that they’ll still love me no matter what happens. Sometimes, the reason we fail is that our own thoughts get the better of us. That’s why I always say, mental health is important!

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