MK 025 – Leaving the Black Tower

[[[[We’re sorry!]]]]

The renowned mages of the kingdom, together with Kunon, bow their heads in apology to the knights and the maid who’d been the most traumatized because of their shenanigans.

They did not take into consideration how it would appear from the inside of the castle as they conducted their observations outside.

When the knights, maids, and other people started to run towards their direction, they just cutely tilted their heads wondering ‘did something happen?’, unaware of the disaster they had done.

Only after hearing what the maid had witnessed did they discover that Kunon’s water doll seemed like a person who fell from top of the castle down to the ground causing a ruckus to the people inside.

They immediately apologized after hearing the trauma the maid had experienced. The problem only got resolved when Rondimond, the general director of the royal mages, compromised to cut their wages for a month and give it to the maid in question instead in lieu of damages.

Once both parties arrived at a compromise, the knights finally left the scene leaving the guilty mages by themselves.

‘…ahhh… I wanna bury myself in the deepest parts of the earth…’

Lesha thought so as the knight who caught her and Kunon earlier had been sending them a much sharper glare than a dagger. Lesha thought that Kunon wasn’t aware of it since he cannot see the man’s expression.

[…Oh, goodness. It seems like we’ve gotten too excited. *Sighs*] (Lesha)
[Anyway, so how far can we throw this doll up in the sky? Have you tried it before? Why don’t we give it a go!?] (Rondimond)

Rondimond – the same person who decided to cut their pay for a whole month at the cost of their experiment, and the head of the black tower, appears to be not affected by the incident earlier.

[I don’t think it would be a good idea considering it would look like we’re catapulting a person… It sounds fun though.] (L)

Lesha, albeit half heartedly, also agrees. 

[Hurry! Let’s do it!]

Someone else from the corps is already roaring to go.

[…I… I got scolded… twice… just in the morning alone…] (Kunon)

The boy in question, who might as well be at the very center of the incident, could only let out a sigh though.

On his first day visiting the royal castle, he’s already caused problems worth admonishment. Not just once, but twice. And noon has not even passed.

He’d probably escape with just a stern warning after a first blunder but a second one is just a no-no. Twice is definitely a lot.

‘I’m sure Father won’t let it slide.’

Kunon sighs internally as he laments his future.

[—So, what should we do about this child?] (Victor)

There’s just one mage who shares Kunon’s depressing sentiment among the royal corps… It’s Victor who just wanted to know from Rondimond what’s about to happen to Kunon.

[Oh, right. Getting all depressed here won’t get us anywhere so let’s change gears.] (R)

As much as they want to restart the experiment right away, they can’t do so because it would appear insincere considering they’ve practically traumatized a girl who’s just innocently cleaning the windows. Well, there’s also the fact they can’t just let themselves idle in here and forget Kunon’s examination.

[–Oh, yeeey!!]

The mood doesn’t feel right and serious though as there’s already a mage having fun jumping up and down on the soft-bouncy water ball.

[—Give me the cat already!]
[—Keep your hands to yourself! I already said that I’ll be this child’s parent!]

…In addition, the couple of mages still debating about the custody of a non-living cat, perhaps their sincerity in that apology can also be deemed debatable.

Seeing the mages like that, Kunon decided not to worry too much about it as well.

Mistakes are an essential part of being a magician and it is a part of the continuous process of trial and error for them to grow.

‘I guess I shouldn’t be bothered by every single failure.’ (K)

Kunon is still young and still has a lot of room to grow. And failures. 

[Enough of that. Let’s discuss those matters next time. For now, let’s talk while having lunch, Kunon-kun.] (R)
[Okay. By the way, can I ask what’s the result of my test?] (K)
[I believe you already know the answer. Why don’t you just leave the matter of assigning the specific teacher you’ll have to me? Hohoho.] (R)

‘In other words, I passed…’

Although Kunon had a positive feeling about it, until the words he wished to hear reached his ears, he didn’t let himself get conceited. As a result–

[…I did it.. I did ittt!!!!] (K)

On this particular day in winter, Kunon Gurion, a nine year old boy, has been officially recognized by the head of the royal magicians of Yuguria. 

The boy is truly happy and grateful. Because today he got recognized. Not as a son of marquis, but as a fellow magician.

It is the very first achievement that the boy felt he earned with his own hard work.

—It is also the same day where two more pages are about to be added to the boy’s dark history book.

Kunon is having the time of his life talking with the royal mages. TLN: (3.1)

They’re lively discussion involved interesting experiments, everyone’s share of failures, and factors to consider in magic that Kunon hadn’t had the slightest idea before. 

Kunon, who has read a lot of books and encyclopedias about magic ever since he awakened, is surprised with the amount of knowledge that he’s been hearing that aren’t written in any scripture or book he had before.

As such, the young boy began taking notes. He wants to make sure that he remembers every single word as he enjoys himself at this moment. 

When suddenly….

[—Perhaps you have an idea why I came, huh, Kunon?]

—A furiously mad Arson had suddenly appeared.

It took another mage to tell Kunon the words ‘Kunon, it appears your father is here’, before the boy went back to reality. (TLN: 3.2)

And when reality strikes – in a blink of an eye, he cannot remain ignorant of his Father’s presence anymore and his face goes pale almost white as snow.

‘He’s here…’
‘Father’s already here…’

During the first incident, when Lesha and Kunon are on their way to the tower, he already noticed his Father’s presence and the anger from his gaze as they walked toward the royal mage’s base didn’t escape his detection.

And now he didn’t even wait for them to meet at the house but decided to come to the black tower himself.

Is there any other reason why would his father personally visit him in the black tower? Well–

[O-oh, uhm, Father, I have a dinner appointment so… I don’t think I could go home with you today…] (K)

Kunon wants to stir the conversation the other way to avoid his Father’s anger but Arson won’t be having any of it.

[Twice. I heard that you, my son, caused not just one, but two incidents when it’s not yet even lunch. Just how did that happen, Kunon?] (A)
[…I’m sorry… I got too carried away…] (K)

And as Kunon thought, twice is indeed too much.

‘Father perhaps would have just let it go if it only happened once but I messed up one more time. No wonder he’s really mad…’

Well, first of all, this is just Kunon’s assumption. Arson’s about to give him the earful even after just that first incident. The boy had no idea, he has no escape.

[—Please don’t misunderstand, Marquis. It is not Kunon’s fault as I, along with the other mages, we’re just giving him instructions….] (Lesha)
[I’m sorry princess, but I disagree.] (Arson)

Lesha gave it her best to protect Kunon, but—

[I might not be very well inclined with magic but I don’t think the caster should be free from any responsibility in using his magic just because someone else asked them to do it.

Because if that’s the case, if a mage was told to hurt, or perhaps even kill someone, would that mean that the mage in question is free from charges or responsibility? No. They’re not.

Do you understand where I’m getting at, Kunon?
Do you understand why I didn’t allow you to learn any offensive magic?

It’s because I don’t think you are aware of the consequences of your power.
Just like what happened today. No matter who told you to do something, if it would put anyone in danger or at risk, you should have declined.

It is true that someone else told you to do it.
But now that something unexpected happened, do you think your hands are clean from all of this? I won’t tolerate such arrogance.

Magic is power.
And with great power comes great responsibility.

If you really want to seriously study magic from here onwards, you better forget that you’re just a naive and pure innocent child.

Start thinking for yourself how magic can affect you and those around you and be responsible for your own actions.] (A)

[…I’m so sorry… I understand… ] (K)

Kunon apologized. Not just in words, but from the bottom of his heart.
Because every word Arson said was right. He can’t say anything back.

Even if the instruction came from Rondimond, he should have put more thought about the consequences of his own actions.

After all, it was Kunon who manipulated the water doll too close to the window of the castle.

If he put more thought as to why the black tower was located in a far off distance from the castle, he should have realized earlier that it was due to consideration of the residents of the castle to avoid involvement in any spells of the royal mages.

‘I have no excuses…’

[…I’d like to apologize as well.] (L)

Lesha, as one of the main people who stirred Kunon up to use his magic, could only feel guilty and apologize. 

[Even you, Lesha-sama, why… *Sigh*, enough.] (A) (TLN:3.3)

‘I’ll leave things here for now.’

Arson thinks that he should drop the case here.

‘Anything else would just be too much. Besides…’

After he got a feel of how the mages treat his son, he decided not to argue any further. For someone who almost gave up on Kunon’s future, he’s quite happy that the options his youngest could take have increased. Not to mention, it’s the royal mages.

‘Kunon’s been here all this morning.’
‘They must have taken a liking to him. He must have passed the exam as well.’

[Well then, Kunon. I shall take my leave and go home now. You also better get moving and meet with her highness Milika.] (A)
[Understoo – huh?] (K)
[Be careful not to disrespect the princess.] (A)

And as a mage who’s lying face down on top of the soft-bouncy bed beside the door yawns, Arson makes his exit.

Kunon, however, didn’t really understand what Arson said.

He had been so absorbed talking with the royal mages to the point that he lost track of time. The sun had already set without him realizing. 

Arson usually leaves the castle later than this time but – perhaps he wanted to straighten Kunon first before dinner, he went out his way and gave him a piece of his mind.

A scolding so timely before Kunon let’s himself drown in bliss and complacency.

[Oh, that’s right. I think Milika will be there in just a few minutes.] (L)
[Eeh? Really? Is it evening already?] (K)

The sky’s already painted not in yellow or orange, but in dark blue.

The night is about to come but that is not something Kunon realized.


—Kunon, however, doesn’t want to leave yet as he thinks that leaving the tower behind right now would only fill him with regret.

Once they got back to the room, Lesha told the rest of the mages that it’s time for Kunon to leave.

[Nooo waaay!]
[This is abuse of authorityyy!]
[….] (L)

Lesha leaves her peers without anymore energy to argue together with Kunon and once they get past the door of the tower–

[Ah, wait a second.] (L)

She suddenly halted.

[This might be the last chance we have so why don’t we try a combination magic?] (L)
[Huh? Combination Magic?] (K)
[You can make the water ball that’s been being used by those people as a bed right now float, right?] (L)
[Yeah, I do…] (K)
[Let me see.] (L)

And as he was told, Kunon summoned a water ball and made it float.

[Alright… *Rides the water ball*. You come here too, Kunon.] (L)
[Ah? O-okay…] (K)

As Kunon once again started doing things as he was told, he’s kind of anxious. But at the same time, expectant and hopeful. (TLN: 3.4)

[—You see, I have the wind crest. Now that we’re afloat, my wind should be enough to propel us forward.] (L)
[I can do it myself as long as it’s within a certain speed, though?] (K)
[There’s this thing called synergy, you know?] (L)

‘Oh, that’s interesting…’

Using their different magics, the two mages wonder and experiment with the flight capabilities of Kunon’s water ball.

Just what potential can they discover using Kunon’s water and Lesha’s wind attributes? 

‘I’ve heard a lot about the royal mages but I haven’t realized how exceptional they are until this day.’ (K)

Although this experiment was proposed at the last minute before Kunon leaves, the boy happily welcomed it.

[In the first place, who would have thought that the spell water ball would be able to carry people? I can’t help but get curious and be more interested about your magic, you know?] (L)
[I feel the same. Although I’m sure you’re as whimsical as a wind and would just leave children out in the cold once you get bored.] (K)
[Why do you have to limit my whims to children? That makes me sound like a witch who has some weird kink  going on with little kids! Ughhh- whatever, let’s go!] (L)


[Good thing it was soft and bouncy.] (L)
[It was soft and bouncy indeed.] (K)

Kunon and Lesha’s experiment had ended.

The speed brought upon by their magic’s synergy was way above their expectations resulting in a strong air resistance which made Kunon lose control of the water ball and made the water ball crash. (TLN: 3.4)

[That was my fault… Sorry.] (K)
[No, I should have accounted for the risk of failure as it was my first time as well. As your senior, it is me who’s at fault.] (L)

At the very last second, they were able to maneuver the water ball and use it as a cushion to get out unharmed. The impact threw them to the ground though. After a few bounces, both of them stood up.

No matter how much they pretend nothing happened, their shivering knees say otherwise as the experience obviously left a trauma in them.

Because truthfully, they almost lost their lives in just a few seconds.

[We need to perform more experiments.] (L)
[I concur.] (K)

It was risky. Full of danger. However, for the advancement of human kind’s logistic industry—

[For the third time today, Lesha-sama.]
[…] (L)

But of all the people who would have seen them rolling on the ground after a frightening crash, it was the same knight.

It is indeed their third strike. On the same day, with the same knight.

Translator’s Notes:
1. It’s amazing how the water ball actually serve its purpose based on their first impression from chapter 24 xD.
2. I had to reread where I translated at before doing this but I guess I am being too wordy! 😡 I’m sorry everyone, there’s just a lot of formal speech going on in the raws and I’m trying to adapt the vibe. I’ll translate more comfortably next time.
3. Here are a few panels from the manga (chapter 9, pages 1-15) based from this chapter—

Kunon having a great time with the mages and the mages telling him it’s okay to make mistakes.
Moments before the scolding
Lesha being guilty. still cute though. hehe
Moments before the disaster. Lesha so cuttteee hahahaha
Strike three xD

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