MK 031 – A Dream Forgotten

[—I guess it’s about time for you to start, Kunon.] (Zeonly)

[—Yes?] (Kunon)

That’s what Zeonly said after meeting Kunon two winters since they became master and disciple.

There has never been a day where Kunon wasn’t busy since that day.
For Kunon, the changes in the temperature that tinge his skin is the only indication of how time was passing by.

Aside from the day where Kunon celebrated his birthday, everyday went almost the same way.
Zeonly sends him documents every few days, he’ll do the paperwork, and meet with him once every week to conduct trials and experiments. 
It’s been like that from the day they met until now.

And today is one of the days Zeonly visits Kunon.
Ofcourse, he is with Milika and Dario.

Kunon was thinking that they’ll be spending the day conducting trials and experiments as usual but—

[It’s almost two years since the day that I accepted you as my disciple. Aren’t you turning twelve come next spring? What I’m saying is that it’s about time for you to prepare for enrolling in the Magic Academy. It’s currently autumn there so now’s the best time to get ready.] (Z)

[…Huh?] (K)

‘What is this all of a sudden?’ (K)

Kunon didn’t really understand what Zeonly said for a moment.

[Uhm, what about the experiments? Aren’t we working on the development of ‘the box that lures any kind of insects’?] (K)

[That’s so lame for a name. We’ll name it ‘Insect Box’.] (Z)

—The purpose of the box is to be able to collect specific insects. The biggest potential of it is the possibility of being able to cultivate bees and other similar insects that will be helpful for humanity or just could be something to collect and exterminate harmful insects.

It should be almost done now.


‘I was thinking of conducting more experiments today and have it completed by the time I’m finished with them…’

But rather than experiments, what Zeonly said threw the boy out of the loop.

[So, what about the Insect Box’s completion?] (K)

[Don’t just change topics with me. It’s almost done so I can finish it by myself. As for you, you better start working on things that you gotta do.] (Z)

Zeonly picks up the documents that Kunon had worked on from the table as he said so.
It seems like he doesn’t intend to stay any longer and would leave immediately.

[The things I have to do… the Magic Academy, you say..?] (K)

Kunon remembers that Zeonly said something along those lines before but it slipped Kunon’s mind and had completely forgotten about it.

He’s just been too occupied for the past two years.

He was so busy yet it felt so fulfilling.
He didn’t have any leisure to think of anything else.

The work had never been easy, in fact, it was hard.
But Kunon had no complaints about it.
Because there’s always the sense of satisfaction after the job is done and the lessons he learned along those experiments had been fun.

Kunon is now really interested in Magical Engineering.
He’s already completed several projects with Zeonly but he feels that there’s a lot of things they can do and he can’t help but be excited about it.

‘—Can’t I just keep working on as shishou’s disciple and not go to the Magic Academy at all…?’

And as Kunon had this thought, he had a feeling that his feeble idea would not happen.
That is because for the past two years, just as Zeonly had known Kunon, Kunon had known Zeonly.

As much as Zeonly has a flexible way of thinking and very open in listening to his disciple’s thoughts and suggestions, never had he overturned an instruction he had given to Kunon.
Not to mention, all of those instructions were for the development of Kunon.
And now, Zeonly’s instruction is for Kunon to go to the Magic Academy.
Because he thinks that will be the best for Kunon.

‘And that might be true…’ (K)

As such, Kunon can’t really argue his way out about it.

[Shishou, I…] (K)

[Don’t say you don’t wanna go. I can’t teach you anything about water magic. The best I can do is to expand on the concepts of magic at its core but there’s a limit to that. And that’s not something I’d like to do. That said, you need to go to the Magic Academy and learn more about water magic.] (Z)


Kunon is left speechless after what Zeonly said.

It is the truth. Zeonly wasn’t able to teach Kunon anything related to water magic for the past two years.

Although his understanding and application of magic has expanded, the number of spells under his belt is still the same.
As before, he can only use two water magics.

But even so… It’s not like Kunon finds it inconvenient. He’s currently satisfied with the amount of his spells right now and the things he can do about it.

[…But I don’t want to leave the princess…] (K)

The Magic Academy is not in the kingdom of Hyuguria nor do they have a branch here.
It lies in another country so Kunon had to travel a long way to get there.
After that, he will be required to stay there for a few years until he graduates… or get expelled.

If he really goes to the Magic Academy, he will not be able to return back to Hyuguria immediately.
And the hardest part of it is that he won’t be able to meet Milika.

[You should go, Kunon-kun. And once you finish the things you need to do, I hope you’ll return here right away.]

Milika’s voice, who’s about to turn fourteen, now has a tinge of an adult compared to her voice Kunon had been used to when they’re still younger.
It’s almost the same, but at the time it wasn’t. 
Milika is now slowly turning into a proper lady.

[Are you okay not seeing me after a long time, princess?] (K)

[No.] (M)

Milika responded in an instant.

[But please, go.]

Milika added these words straight away.

[I’ll be sending you a lot of letters so please write to me a lot as well, Kunon-kun.]

Kunon might have been surprised but it seems that Milika’s been already mentally prepared for this day.


Although Kunon-kun can’t see Milika’s facial expressions, he can feel MIlika’s strong emotions.
Milika then takes Kunon’s left hand, who is still reluctant .

She wraps both of her hands to Kunon’s.
Milika’s hands are small.
But it’s filled with calluses from all the training she’s done for the past two years until now.

[I promise I will become a woman who’ll be worthy of you. So in return, please become a mage that won’t be ashamed of me. Afterall, I don’t want you to be stuck on your selfish master’s whims for all of our days.]

[Oi.] (Z)

[Maa, maa~. Even if he’s like that, I like shishou, you know. He still took care of me after everything was said and done after all.] (K)

[Haa? You know what, Kunon, I really hate that part about you!] (Z)

[Ah, how could you say that, shishou? Alright. The next time you use the water bed, I’ll add a very special scent so you can get a more comfortable sleep.] (K)

[…I was just kidding. So like, don’t ever do that again, yeah?] (Z)

In Zeonly’s words, that waterbed can put anyone unconscious for a half a day.
It’s a bed that’s more scary than comfortable as anyone who lays on it has no power to resist that devilish temptation to just lay around without a care in the world.

Well, putting the bed aside–

[Then, Shishou – I will enter the Magic Academy.] (K)

It is Zeonly’s instruction and Milika actually supports it.
As such, Kunon doesn’t want to resist anymore. He knows that any resistance is futile at this point.

Besides… it would be a lie if Kunon said he isn’t interested at all.
The Magic Academy will allow him to touch the deeper abyss of magic and he can’t help but feel some kind of anticipation about it.

[So what should I start preparing for? Change of clothes?] (K)

[Does that really matter?] (Z)

[Of Course it is. I can’t really sleep if I’m not wearing my pajamas. I need underwear to change too.] (K)

[Then do so. You might as well bring your whole closet with you too. What I’m telling you to prepare is way more important than that though.] (Z)

[Eh?] (K)

‘What’s more important than that?’ (K)

Kunon wonders.

For Kunon, the most important thing is Milka herself. Aside from her, and Iko’s lesson for him to become a refined humorous gentleman, nothing else comes to mind.

[You… Did you really forget about it..? Oi, oi. I know you’re pretty easy going, my disciple, but I didn’t imagine you’re this chill. You really way above the clouds, huh?] (Z)

[That’s rude, shishou. I’ll always be a humorous gentleman at heart and will work hard to keep on refining it, you know. I won’t forget such an important lesson.] (K)

[…You, really… I have a couple of things to say but why would you think I care about that? … Didn’t you learn something more important from the things I taught you..? *Sighs*]

Zeonly can only sign in exasperation. To be honest, this mindset of his disciple stung him a bit.

[—I’m talking about your eyes.]


When Kunon heard Zeonly’s words, his heart inadvertently trembled.

‘How could I forget that!’

Kunon had been so drowned from his work and activities that he forgot it. 

His eyes. His dream. The reason why he started to want to live.

It is true that Kunon is now capable of doing a lot of things even without the need to see.
Somewhere in his heart, he knows he’d already been complacent that he’ll be fine even if remained blind.

He really was living on cloud nine. 
He’d been really chill and too easy going all this time.
In a way, he got too comfortable and got stuck in a comfort zone.

[You won’t need me to tell you anything more than this, right? Don’t you think you can make it now reality? You’ve learned how to cast fifty five formations, three dimensional magic circles, imaginary circuits, rendering fixed magic circles, and flow patterns… I taught you everything that I could. That said… You can now create an artifact of your own, right?] (Z)

Kunon takes a deep breath as the memories from the past two years play in his head.

Magical Engineering
And a fateful meeting with Zeonly.

—All of this happened as a result of that one day he went to the palace and visited the royal mages.

There’s a certain person who knew the reason why he came to the Black Tower.

The first time they met, he somehow told him of his ambitions…

That he wants to get vision through magic.

And that person, Rondimond, responded by allowing him to meet Zeonly.

He knew that Zeonly would be the person who’d be able to help Kunon realize his dream.

His dream to get his eyes using magic.

[…Shishou, I wish to apply for a break.] (K)

It is true that Kunon forgot it.

But that doesn’t mean that his desire had weakened. Deep inside his heart, the flames are still burning.

[Yeah, go. Call me when you’re done. Ask me whenever you need some advice so make sure to finish them… But yeah, I believe you’ll be fine yourself.] (Z)

Zeonly strokes Kunon’s head. He knows that even if Kunon’s silver eyes don’t glimmer, the passion in his chest is well ignited. 

[—As long as you’re the disciple I am proud of, this much of a hurdle shouldn’t be impossible for you.] (Z)

There were a lot of things that had happened for the past two years.

Kunon had expanded his knowledge.
And he honed his magic as much as he could.

These are the things that Kunon were lacking the most and made it impossible for him to make his dream come true.

‘But if it’s the me now, then—’

Translator’s Notes:

  1. The last time I held a goal setting training, this chapter actually inspired me. It isn’t only Kunon who’s got swept away with work that had forgotten what he wants to do. Most of the people I know did too. So I ask the participants on that training, when you were kids, what would you like to be? Is it still the same? What do you want to do now? Are you working on it? Well, there are a lot of things that we’ve touched but the goal is for us to be reminded that no matter how busy we are, we shouldn’t forget to work on the things we want to achieve. 🙂
  2. Also, is being rich a nice goal? Maybe. But as some people said, which I agree, but too much money, in the end, is just an amplifier. While it is true that you need money to make your dreams come true, is getting more money the end? If you are the richest person in the world, what will you do with it? And after you buy/bought the things you wanted, now what? Money is important, but we can still be happy even not having too much of it.
  3. I hope my translation notes help readers reflect and get something to think about one way or the other. That way, we’ll be able to avoid a reader’s burnout. Hehehe. You see, I had this experience where I just read to finish it. It isn’t satisfying at all. Sigh. Now I realize I should enjoy each chapter. Read it slowly and happily. Especially for series like this which had nuances which I think is pretty deep.

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