MK 030 – Melts Like Sugar

When spring was about to end, Kunon celebrated his tenth birthday.

If not for his family celebrating it, Kunon himself would have forgotten it considering how busy he is these days.

Three months has passed since he became Zeonly’s disciple.

From that moment, his days melt like sugar he drops in his very hot tea. 

[—Rather than a disciple, it seems more fitting for me to be called as an assistant.] (Kunon)

[—That’s true. Who would have thought that these are the things you need to do?] (Iko)

[—Rather than an assistant, maybe it’s more accurate for me to be called his scribe.] (K)

[—That’s true. Maybe you can ask for some kind of salary from him next time.] (I)

Kunon is currently taking a break while drinking the tea Iko brewed for him.

Every morning he wakes up, he does nothing but paperwork.

He can only start his magic and physical training routine in the afternoon and it would require him to stay out until evening to complete all of them.

That is how the ten year old boy is living his life these days.

‘Shishou is kinda harsh. He keeps on sending me documents every other day.’ (K)

Because of that, it made it harder for Kunon to leave this place to go to the main house for a very different reason from before.

The documents Zeonly sends to Kunon are various memos and notes related to magic bundled up together with a note saying… ‘Make a clean copy, summarize, and compile this.’.

Thanks to Zeonly’s diligence in sending him documents, Kunon’s room is completely filled with the paperwork he wants Kunon to finish.

Looking at it differently, this room can also be seen as a treasure trove.

Considering Zeonly’s identity, these memos and notes are practically priceless treasures that hold ideas and thoughts of the kingdom’s source of magical knowledge.

Long story short, these are confidential documents. And considering how Kunon’s room is full of these confidential documents lying all around, it can’t be left unattended.

That’s the reason why Kunon can’t go to the main house.

The only person aside from Kunon who can get in and out freely from this room is his exclusive handmaiden. If the family wants to see him, they’ll call for him and he’ll visit them.

[But still, there are a lot of characters in here.] (I)

Iko can read simple characters but the documents Zeonly sends are far from ordinary. It is full of various uncommon characters that Iko can’t even understand.

There are even illustrations. Some of them make sense, while the others seem pretty hopeless.

Also, there are parts and characters that have been scribbled and badly written which throws the reader to a loop.

To be honest, the hardest part in Kunon’s work is not copying the texts. It’s deciphering these unrecognizable characters and trying to make it make some sense.

[But a magical engineer sure sounds like a interesting work.] (K)

Magical engineer.

That is Zeonly’s official post as one of the kingdom’s royal mages.

He also performs routine duties of earth mages such as helping with construction and repairs but his main role is actually as a magical engineer… someone who creates magic tools (TL: artifacts) using magic.

An artifact is an object that operates using mana.

As of the moment, artifacts are not really widespread because of its scarcity and the fact that only mages can use them. But for better or for worse, it’s quite a well known term considering how rare an object it is.

And Zeonly, as a magical engineer, dreams of a world where the normal populace can use and utilize artifacts.

Zeonly uses his earth magic to mold the shapes of the artifact.

He modifies his magic the same way Kunon modifies his Water Ball.

‘This must be what Rondimond meant when he said that Zeonly should see me.’ (K)

The more Kunon learns about Zeonly’s thought process as a magical engineer, the more Kunon agrees with Rondimond.

[I am not sure I can really follow but if you’re happy about it Kunon-sama, then that’s more than good enough for me.] (I)

[Really? Will you be there to support me?] (K)

[Ofcourse! I will always support you for the rest of our lives, Kunon-sama, so don’t be afraid and pursue your dreams and make them come true! After all, I’m the one who knows best how talented you are!] (I)

[You sound like a lover of a failed actor desperately wanting a break.] (K)

[Will I be set aside as well if you’ve gotten your break?] (I)

[There’s no way I would do that. I will be Iko for life. So let’s get married when the time comes, okay?] (K)

[Uwaaa, what a scumbag. Womanizer.] (I)


The two’s laughter resounded before Kunon then resumed his work.

Milika’s visits have now changed from a bimonthly occurrence to a weekly one.

And as before, Zeonly is accompanying her as her escort for several reasons.

As much as possible, they don’t want people to be aware that Zeonly has accepted Kunon as his disciple. Kunon might not be aware of it, but the impact of this event might cause him to get involved in the succession war for the throne.

[How is it, my cute little disciple? You done with the paperwork?] (Zeonly)

For the past three months, Zeonly has become more lively and energetic every time he visits.

Probably because his disciple has now taken over the paperwork tasks he’s working on before. 

[I’m halfway done, I think.] (K)

[Ah? That’s kinda slow. You need to pick up the, yeah?] (Z)

‘…I have a feeling he’ll be sending more documents…’ (K)

TL: Milika in the background protesting on Zeonly’s ruthlessness.

At this point, Kunon’s already gotten used to Zeonly’s unreasonableness. But that doesn’t mean he’ll just accept it.

[Have you seen my message?] (K)

[…You… can you not write things like ‘Shishou, I love you’, ‘I admire you the most’ and such? It’s really embarrassing when Rondimond sees it and shows it around the people in the black tower.] (Z)

[But doesn’t it show how close you are to your cute little disciple? What’s there to be embarrassed about? Let’s have them see how close you are to your close little disciple!] (K)

[—You think it’s funny? I’m being harassed there you know? They all want to take you as their disciples instead and just won’t let go.] (Z)

[—Welcome, Princess Milika.] (K)

[—Greetings, Kunon-kun.] (Milika)

[…Oi… oi… You’ve got guts ignoring your shishou mid conversation ,huh.] (Z)

The three people who visited from last time have now become regular guests of Kunon.

Milika, Zeonly, and Dario, the knight who escorts Zeonly, had been visiting Kunon for the past three months. And they will continue to do so every week from now.

Although to be honest, Both Kunon and Zeonly know that once a week is actually too short for the both of them considering how many things they want to try, discuss, and experiment. 

And to bridge that gap, Zeonly relays his thoughts and ideas to Kunon using the documents.
This is the only way Zeonly can impart his knowledge to his disciple considering their constraints.

By allowing Kunon to write and understand his thought pattern and ideas, Kunon will be able to read, evaluate, and contemplate about these subjects and eventually learn. 

Also, writing is a powerful thing. It helps in retaining information to your memory outside of repeatedly reading.

As discussed earlier, once a week is just too short. It’s so short that they had to remove the discussion part for lectures. That’s why the paperwork is the most efficient way for both of them.

Well, there’s also the fact that Zeonly finds the paperwork annoying himself.

[—What do you think about this?] (Z)

[—I think the pressure will be too much. We’d either need to reinforce the container or reduce the amount of mana that we will put into it.] (K)

[—It won’t probably function as intended if we reduce the mana and pressure.] (Z)

So, is Zeonly’s way of educating Kunon effective? The answer is yes. Kunon can follow Zeonly’s experiments and thoughts even without a thorough discussion.

Kunon, who’s basically a newborn mage, after being exposed to a large amount of documents from Zeonly, can now discuss toe to toe with a royal mage of the kingdom.

In just three months.

That’s the real value of Zeonly’s education.

At this point, it would really be ridiculous if Kunon treats this just as a part time job and demand a fee.

[—Alright, let’s try it out. You work on the interior of the artifact.] (Z)

[—Got it.] (K)

Zeonly creates the artifacts’ exterior (container) and other materials using his earth magic. Kunon will then use his Water Ball to assemble them and create materials that would require a certain amount of flexibility which is normally required in the device’s interior workings. 

Zeonly’s earth magic can do everything but the soft and flexible materials so Kunon has to do it.

That is his main role in this team.

On the other side, a few distance away from Kunon and Zeonly who’s already immersed in their experiments and prototypes, is Milika facing off Dario.

[I’m in your care!] (M)
[Likewise.] (Dario)

Both of them adjust their stances with wooden swords in their hands.

—For the past three months, Milika’s started doing her best as well.

She has just enrolled for the Aristocratic High School but Milika already set her goal to finish her studies as her batch’s valedictorian.

For that to become a reality, she’s doing her best to learn as much as she can.

In addition, she’s started working on her martial arts, like swordsmanship.

That is because, someday, Milika wants to be there and be able to protect Kunon, her fiancé.

Translator’s Notes:

1. I think it’s kinda funny how Kunon finds ways to indirectly harass Zeonly even from the first time they met. Complementing him too much, judging his own persona in a way, then doing things that will put Zeonly in trouble in his workplace, lol. Kunon is kinda ruthless in his own way.

2. Isn’t it nice that an actual princess is trying to be the best version of herself so she can be worthy of her lover? I respect Milika here. Meanwhile in real life, I just saw a lot of people in social media claim to be kings and queens when the only thing they do is exist. 😡 I am all in for self love, but there are times when people just can’t keep their feet on the ground.

3. Everyone will have their own turning points at some point in their lives. I hope that when that time comes, like these kids did, we’ll make the most out of it. We are all protagonists of our own stories. But not all stories are beautiful. It is up to us to make the most out of it. 🙂 Alright, goodnight!

4. Just to share, I remember one of my turning points and it became one big of a lesson. I won’t discuss the specifics but from that day onwards, I never dreamed to be successful anymore. I just want to live without regrets. And I still think there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe my story is just as beautiful as with everyone else, and so is yours. 🙂

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