MK 027 – Surprise Visit


Kunon went out to the main entrance to greet and welcome his new magic teacher together with his handmaiden when he suddenly felt something weird.

For starters, a carriage is currently parked outside.

Well, even if Kunon assumed that it’s only one person who’s coming, that much was fine.

However, aside from the coachman, three other people disembarked the vehicle.


And one of them, to his surprise is…

[Princess..?] (K)

‘She isn’t supposed to be coming today though?’

As far as Kunon is aware, the only person who’ll be arriving at his estate should have been Zeonly, the person who’ll serve as his new teacher.

[I’m here!] (Milika)

[Oh, yeah.]
[Oh… Aren’t you happy I’m here?]

And without missing a beat, despite unexpected, Kunon immediately said – 

[Of course not.] (K)
[…] (M)
[I was just so surprised by your sudden arrival. You see, I usually mentally prepare myself whenever I need to come and see you, princess. Otherwise, I won’t help but get drawn and be overtaken by your cuteness and could only stare at you mindlessly the whole day. Not that I can see so maybe? Hahahaha! Hmm? Did you change your perfume, princess? This one feels more mature and demure. It suits you very well.] (K)
[G-gosh… They said it’s still too early for me to wear perfume so I don’t even use one in the first place but… I – I changed my bathing soap… *Blushhhh*] (M)

The sudden barrage of romantic nothings overwhelmed Milika to the point that she wasn’t able to absorb all of them except the last thing Kunon said. Kunon, on the other hand, felt relieved that he’s able to somehow hide his frantic feelings after the unexpected meeting with his fiancée.

This might not be a big deal to others, but Kunon is afraid that perhaps this moment would leave a scar to Milika’s heart if he wasn’t able to handle it well.
That’s what it means to be a gentleman.

[—Oi, Dario. I think I just saw a hatchling of something that’ll definitely be a cheating womanizer.] (?)
[—Stop. That child is Kunon Gurion-sama.] (Dario)

The two men behind Milika are apparently saying stuff on their own but Kunon couldn’t care less.
What’s the harm of losing a little bit of reputation if it can salvage a young maiden’s heart?
That is also a part of what it means to be a gentleman.

[Welcome. I’m Kunon Gurion. It’s an honor to meet you.]

After Kunon avoided the landmine called MIlika, he steps forward and greets the other people who came with the princess. 

‘One of these two men must be Zeonly.’
‘It must be the guy on the left. The voice of the guy on the right side feels kind of familiar.’

[So you’re that Kunon.]

It’s the man on the left who returned the greetings first.

[I’m Zeonly. Rondimond said that he found an interesting talent and sent me here but let me get this straight. If you aren’t as interesting as he said, then I won’t keep you company even for a sec. Got that?] (Zeonly)
[….*Gulp*… So you are Zeonly…]

Kunon gulped not because of Zeonly’s crude and rough words.
It was because he’s overwhelmed by the mana surrounding Zeonyl who’s just a few steps away from him.

‘This mana… It feels so cohesive and dense…’

In Kunon’s perspective, if Rondimond’s mana is like a blue cheese, then Zeonyl’s is like honey.

He couldn’t help but be in awe and muttered Zeonly’s name. The man is more than what Kunon had imagined for a teacher.

Except for Rondimond, Kunon had a feeling that Zeonly is more well versed in magic more than anyone he met in the black tower.

No, it isn’t just a feeling. The mana around Zeonly is telling him so.

[You forgot to put ‘sama’ in there, kid. Listen here, if you cry or scream even once, I’m out. I ain’t here because I’m fond of you or something. Don’t ever forget that.] (Z)
[Oh, so you didn’t have a choice but to obey the higher ups, huh. Authority is really such a thing. Alright, I understand.] (K)
[Authority… Ah, whatever, yeah, that’s that.] (Z)

Zeonyl decided to drop the topic already after seeing Kunon smiling at him willy nilly.

[Then the other person here should be the knight who’s looked out for us last time.] (K)
[Right. As for what happened that day… I was just doing my job. I hope we can just leave it at that.] (Dario)

It’s the knight who chased and scolded Kunon and Lesha in the black tower. Because of what happened, the sudden and unexpected reunion made it kind of awkward for them.

So to avoid any weird friction about it, the knight just decided to bury the hatchet.

[I’m from the Third Knight Corps, Dario Sands.] (D)

Thus, ends everyone’s introduction for the day.

In all honesty, Kunon is still wondering why Milika and Dario came with Zeonly but he decided to just hear out the details later.

[Please come this way. I live separately from the main house so I’ll guide you there. By the way, are you as good looking as the rumors say, Zeonly-sama? I can’t see so I can’t confirm whether it’s true or not.] (K)
[Haa? Of course I’m handsome.] (Z)
[Oho? That’s pretty amazing!] (K)
[…Brat, are you mocking me perhaps?] (Z)
[But I don’t? Did that make you uncomfortable?] (K)

When Zeonly thinks about it, it is true that the kid didn’t say anything rude. However, he has this ticklish feeling that this kid is playing with him.

‘This guy’s a bit weird.’

It is Zeonyl’s first time meeting a child who dares to act like this in front of him and it leaves him baffled.


Once they are in Kunon’s quarters, they head straight to the garden where a table and chair are already set since Kunon’s already expected the arrival of Zeonly.

He is thinking of having tea and engaging in a discussion with his new teacher first and foremost but since Milika and Dario came with Zeonyl, he asks Iko to get two more chairs for them.

[—No, there’s no need for a chair for me. In the first place, I’m here to serve as her highness Milika’s and Zeonyl’s escort.] (D)

Despite Dario’s refusal, a chair was put beside him where he’s standing a little distance away from Kunon and the rest.

Since he’s on duty, he is maintaining distance from his escortee to be able to get a larger vision of their surroundings.

[Oh, Kunon, did you know? Royal mages can’t do anything as they please and go anywhere they want. Afterall, their titles represent that they hold the knowledge and secrets of magic a country possesses.] (M)
[I think I heard Father say something similar.] (K)

That’s what his Father told him when Kunon said that he wanted to be a royal mage as well.

[That’s why he’s also being escorted. That makes sense. Magical knowledge is indeed priceless. It won’t be strange for people to aim for them.] (K)

The knowledge regarding magic that Kunon had accumulated is limited to those that are just publicly distributed around the world.
Or maybe those which would require further experiments.

Other magical knowledge could be obtained from independent research that is strongly monopolized by a country, a circle, or a loan mage.

However, this kind of knowledge isn’t distributed so freely and could possibly be a piece of information that one would even kill just to get their hands at them.

Long story short, a royal mage’s knowledge is enough to tempt some people to abduct them and take their knowledge as much as they can to make profit from them.

The same can’t be said to your usual mages though.

It is because a royal mage’s knowledge includes national secrets and involves the kingdom’s security.

[Alright… How about you, princess?] (K)
[On paper, Zeonly-sama and Dario-sama are here to serve as my escorts on my trip to the Gurion estate.] (M)
[Oh right. They can make it work like that as well, huh.] (K)
[While it’s true that I forced them a little, I’m not really sure how it was approved either. It’s just that… there needs to be a reason for a royal mage to be dispatched somewhere outside the castle, so…] (M)

‘I see. So officially, Zeonyl and Dario are here because of Milika.’

It seems that Zeonyl didn’t travel as well using his identity as a royal mage with their usual black robes and all for the day but instead is working as Milika’s escort instead.

[You really made all the trouble just to bring Zeonly-sama for me. Thank you so much, princess.] (K)
[N-no… It’s also true that I want to see you too, Kunon-kun…] (M)
[I feel the same. My cute and lovely princess…] (K)
[—Ah, crap. Stop. I’m here with you on the same table just so you know. And I ain’t here to watch two kids flirt with each other.] (Z)

Zeonyl’s just been quietly drinking his tea this whole while until he can’t bear anymore to watch what the little womanizer will do next.

[Now you understand why everyone’s here, right? So, why don’t we talk about the wonderful world of magic this time, kiddo?] (Z)
[Sure. I look forward to it.] (K)

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Crap, Zeonly sure is handsome xd. Also, I thought I misspelled his name from previous chapters but it should be Zeonly (Raws: Zeonri)
  2. Kunon rizz game all the way! If I could rename this chapter, it would be the way of the gentleman. xd Just where did that confidence coming from! Lol

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