MK 008 – The Head of the Gurion Family, Arson

[Color? Did you just say he can now see colors?]

Arson, the head of the Gurion family, just came back from his duties from the royal palace when the maid Iko, who’s been waiting in front of their mansion, welcomed him with a very surprising news.

Arson Gurion is a young marquis still in his early thirties.

He has a neat face with pale indigo eyes that gives a chilling impression and short brown hair. 

He isn’t that tall nor has the features that would attract onlookers for a second look.

However, people realize how high spec he was upon giving him a closer inspection.

Even though he doesn’t have the most attractive traits, he is well oriented and just. As he isn’t noticeable for the first time, he was quite buried along the name of his pears until he slowly gained renown for the jobs he had done.

Now, Arson became one of the trusted personnel of the king and is one of the few appointed nobles allowed to work in the royal castle. 

[Yes. Though it seems that the range he can see them is quite close, I can confirm that the young master can distinguish colors accordingly.] (Iko)

Iko continued her report as she took care of Arson’s jacket and coat.

[That’s… isn’t that amazing?] (Arson)

His youngest son, Kunon, was born blind.

According to myths and stories, such a condition was brought upon due to the hero’s scar but no one actually knows why he was born without fully working eyes.

Regardless, nothing will change the fact that his son was born blind. 

[That’s what I think as well. The closer he is to the object, the more defined it was to him. He can clearly discern the color of an object if he can touch it.] (I)

With just a touch.

Then, if possible—

[Does that mean he can now read books on his own?] (A)

‘As expected of the master.’

Iko thought to herself upon hearing her master’s immediate assessment from the new ability unlocked by Kunon.

Reading a book.

It took a while for Kunon and Iko to discover what things Kunon can now possibly do but the person in front of her instantly recognized it just from listening to her.

Indeed. The most amazing thing about this matter is that Kunon can now recognize written characters.

He can do so by opening a book and tracing the lines and characters with his finger.

He distinguishes the color of the pages and the ink and recognizes the shape of how the color of the ink is written, thus recognizing and reading the character itself.

Obviously, as the characters are newly introduced to Kunon, he still have to familiarize himself with it.

[….I see….] (A)

Arson let out a sigh filled with weighty emotions in them.

Though the weight it carried mostly is from relief.

A great portion of his fear and worry about his son’s future has largely decreased.

Arson’s physically and mentally exhausted as he just got back, but the news made his spirits revitalized.

[Have you reported this to Tina, yet?] (A)

[No.] (I)

[Then I shall tell it to her myself.] (A)

Tina – short for Tinaliza, wife of Arson and Kunon’s mother. She is the most worried about Kunon in all of the family of Gurion. 

Ironically, the biggest reason as to why Kunon decided to live separately from the family stems from Tinaliza’s excessive concerns for him.

She is so attached and worried at him that she would like for him to be in her eyes all the time.

However, as a noblewoman and a wife of a marquis, she has no choice but to attend social gatherings.

And now that Kunon is engaged with someone from the royal family, her influence in the noble circle grew which also increased the need for her presence in these circles.

Though it was a long time ago, this isn’t the first time that a princess was wedded into the Gurion.

Perhaps that’s the reason why the ‘Hero’s Scar’, which is said to curse the royal family, has reached their household.

As such, though time and marital ceremonies from other families have mixed and diminished the blood of the royalties who once fought with the demon king in the Gurion family… it still definitely exists.

Due to that fact, if by some chance an incredible twist of fate actually happened, Kunon can qualify to inherit the crown in a remote chance that would be akin to a miracle.

Aware of such a possibility, the royal family immediately arranged to have Kunon engaged with a princess.

Well, considering the number of children the current king has, all of these things are mere hypotheses.

–However, regardless of the number of possibilities, whether it would happen or not, is not the point.

As the child who’s been born with the hero’s scar after a hundred of years has passed, it is to be expected that Kunon will have uncommon situations that will be thrown at him for that matter alone. 

Like how he’s suddenly engaged with a girl he didn’t even know.

With a princess to boot.

That’s why the husband and wife of the Gurion’s standing and influence in the noble circle became more crucial.

Even if they can’t make deep ties with everyone, as long as they can keep a harmonious relationship with the other nobles, they can at least get some form of reassurance regarding the future of Kunon and the family.

…Not that Kunon is aware of such matters. However, for Arson who’s being troubled by Tinaliza’s vigorous refusals to attend such noble gatherings and alike, he had to persuade his wife to allow Kunon’s wishes to live separately and reduce Tinaliza’s tendencies to stay at home and stick closely to their youngest.

For that reason, he also ordered Iko to not report to Tinaliza regarding the matters concerning Kunon.

Because once she hears of it… no doubt she’ll drop whatever she’s doing and hurry her way beside him.

‘–But this time matter is on another level…’

If it’s just something trivial, then he won’t bother telling it to his wife.

But this is far away from trivial. It’s no exaggeration to even say it’s a groundbreaking achievement for the child. That’s why this time, he would encourage Tinaliza to let go of whatever she’s doing and pamper their youngest however she wants.

[Did Kunon mention anything about going back here?] (A)

He heard several reports regarding Kunon.

Three months ago, Kunon had devoted himself to learning the wonders of magic.

He also requested for meals that would help to develop his body.

He isn’t sure if it can be called swordsmanship per se, but he also started to practice swings.

In fact, just recently, he even started lending a hand warming the water for baths of the family.

There’s also the news that his relationship with his fiancé, Milika Yuguria, is improving gradually.

His son, who’s always been depressed and kept his eyes firmly on the ground, had begun to change for the better without him knowing.

‘If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be fine for him to return now and live with us again?’

That’s what Arson is thinking.

[…I think it’s a bit early for such an arrangement.] (I)

However, contrary to what Arson was thinking, Kunon’s closest aide, his handmaiden, disagreed.

[Kunon-sama is in the middle of changing himself. He’s trying to improve each and every day. Perhaps changing his environment so suddenly wouldn’t help but rather interfere as he work hard towards his dream.] (I)

[Dream, huh.] (A)

He also heard of it.

His son’s dream. To be able to gain vision using magic.

Arson himself isn’t sure if it would be possible or not. However, if that’s what Kunon wants to do, he will give everything he has to support him.

‘–Seeing we’re already getting results this early, I am sure all of his hard work will not definitely be wasted.’

It’s been six months since Kunon decided to live separately.

Kunon’s already accustomed to living by himself. Likewise, the people in the main mansion also became accustomed to living without Kunon’s presence.

Not that there’s any big changes with Arson. Tinaliza, however, has begun attending the social and noble circles for their family.

His other son, Ixio, is feeling lost on how to interact with Kunon and thus often confused on how to approach him.

[…I see. Then let’s observe things for now.] (A)

‘I think the current situation isn’t that bad, anyhow.’

‘Considering all of us have things to do at the moment, I guess it isn’t the best time for us to meet each other right now.’

‘Let’s do our… oh, it would be better if no one interferes with Kunon these days. So… do your best, Kunon.’

With such thoughts in mind, Arson decided to maintain the status quo.

[Iko, thank you so much. Though I think we’ve been relying on you too much recently…] (A)

[I don’t mind. I’m getting paid after all. As much as I would love to receive the master’s appreciation, it would be better if you’d increase my salary.] (I)

–Can a handmaiden really talk about salary in front of their employer rather than showing humility and some form of loyalty? No. However… 

[Hahahaha. For concerns regarding salary, please refer to Baren. He is the one who decides about the salary of the employees.] (A)

[Ehh~~ Baren’s so stingy when it comes to money, though. That’s just impossible. ] (I)

If the person who’ll accompany Kunon is someone serious, and would think things too deeply, perhaps they’ll fall deeper in sad and painful thoughts together. 

That’s why they’ve chosen Iko. The most positive and energetic maid they have in this mansion.

And  they are by no means wrong about it.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. ‘They are by no means wrong about it’, oh boy… I can’t wait to re-read how did the boy Iko raised performs in the future xD
  2. After reading this, I started to imagine if Kunon had a different maid instead. Like… Nooo. I can’t imagine him being with someone else T.T it just feels so wrong!

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