MK 007 – Great Strides


Kunon’s scream filled their entire house.


While his handmaiden could only express her wonder and doubt.

—As usual, Kunon’s magic training still continues to this day.

It’s been three months since that fateful day he had awakened and the pleasurable season has passed and winter finally arrived.

And as usual, Kunon is currently in his room, which hardly recognizable from before, practicing his <A Ori> (Waterball) when suddenly, he stood up and seemed greatly appalled.

[…W-what happened?] (Iko)

Seeing Kunon remain stiff and in shock, his handmaiden threaded the waters carefully and asked–

[…I think I was able to see…] (K)

Kunon, who apparently can’t believe the thing he just said himself, still can’t get over his shock.






It’s as if the time has stopped until—





[No way!!? Really!? Are you serious right now!? If you tell me you’re kidding me I’d smack you here and right now! So is it really!?] (I)

[Stop, stop, stop! I don’t really get it myself! I’m not sure either!] (K)

The handmaiden almost lost control of herself upon hearing what the boy in front of her said while Kunon himself still can’t get over from receiving the stimulation he first felt.

Such a phenomena left both of them baffled by what just happened.

[Maybe I wasn’t actually able to seee—- a, aahh ahhh!!] (K)

[Please don’t play with me like that! I’d beat you up next time, you hear me!?] (I)

As expected, she didn’t really smack him but Kunon’s cheeks got pinched real hard he almost cried.

The handmaiden apparently doesn’t really hold back.

[Please, don’t just joke about something like that! I’ve always wished for you Kunon-sama to grow as a refined gentleman who could joke around but such distasteful things shouldn’t be allowed! Some jokes can just be too much!] (I)

And it seems like a sermon is about to start.

[Nooo! I just said it wrong! – rather, I think I just saw colors!] (K)

[Colors!? You can see colors!?] (I)

[Or more like, I’ve become aware of how they feel, I think!] (K)


[…Isn’t that amazing in its own way, still…?] (I)

[…But really, I couldn’t really say if that’s me being able to see or not…] (K)

The two had finally found themselves tranquilled.

[Let’s say, this apple.] (K)

Kunon caresses his still painfully swollen cheek with one hand as he uses the other to pick up an apple from the table.

It’s been lying in there as Kunon plans to use it with his experiments. 

For context, Kunon’s currently absorbed in… ‘Freezing’ and changes that would occur upon lowering the temperature of water and the things in it.

His handmaiden thinks it would be nice if Kunon won’t let the temperature inside their home drop as it’s already cold outside.

But if that’s what Kunon desires, she won’t ask him to stop.

[This… is red, yeah?] (K)

His handmaiden then… frowned.

‘–That isn’t red.’

What is in Kunon’s hand right now is indeed an apple, but it is green.

‘Rather, would it be more accurate to call it light green rather than just green?’

‘Should I tell him the truth, or… No.’

[No, that apple isn’t red.] (I)

She would let Kunon experiment first let him try.

‘It’s alright even if you still couldn’t see for now.’

‘As long as you would be able to do so in the future, then everything’s fine.’

[Is that so?] (K)

However, contrary to her expectations of Kunon being disappointed and upset about not getting it right, he seemed rather calm.

He then reaches out for another one.

[Then is this one red, perhaps?] (K)

That one… that apple is certainly red. He’s right.

‘Oh, that’s right…’

At that moment, his handmaiden just realized.

‘–Right… If it’s his first time seeing colors, then Kunon wouldn’t know which is which for the first time.’

[That apple is certainly red. The other one from before is what we call blue apple and it’s color is light green.] (I)

[Huh? It’s called blue apple even though it’s green?] (K)

[That’s how it is — oh by the way, can you tell how many red apples and blue apples are there on the table?] (I)

[Un. There are three red apples and two green ones, right?] (K)

‘Correct. Certainly, he can now perceive colors!’

[No?] (K)

[Yes! You’ve got it right! Amazing, Kunon-sama!] (I)

The handmaiden wasn’t able to stop herself and happily hugged Kunon.

Likewise, Kunon gladly accepted her embrace with a smile.

Though it might not have been what Kunon had been dreaming about, it’s still a great stride for him as he moves forward.

[I still have a long way to go, huh.]

After the blissful time has passed, Kunon finally calms down.

He might have been able to perceive and differentiate the colors around him but that’s about it.

To put it in simpler terms, he still can’t see.

‘–I can perceive them using magic.’

As Kunon actively pursues magic, perhaps his mana unconsciously allowed himself to perceive his surroundings.

His magic teacher told him that mana is a source of power not many people really understand even to this day.

He also learned that some people could move objects using just their mana. Some even have the ability called mana perception themselves.

But what Kunon desires the most is to be able to gain vision using magic.

It might seem similar in concept but it is hardly identical.

Regardless, he made a breakthrough.

He made a big stride closer towards his dream to become true.

If he’d be able to identify the color of the things around him even without actually seeing it, perhaps he’d be able to actually recognize them.

Especially if he’s actually in a place that’s pretty familiar to him.

Then, living couldn’t have been more easier for him.

[Anyway, let’s tell this to the master! This is a pretty big deal, you know!] (I)

[Oh, s-sure… Or maybe not…? It’s still too early. It might have been a fluke so I’d like to try a little bit more and get used to it. I don’t want to give father false hopes and disappoint him.] (K)

[It will be fine! Please trust yourself a bit more!] (I)

Kunon’s shyness is starting to leak out once again so his handmaiden repeatedly gave him some push to gain confidence.

[Isn’t this the result of Kunon-sama’s efforts!? There’s no way it’s a fluke, it’s the power you earned through hard work! I’m not sure if we can call this some sort of power though but you’ve earned the ability to see colors! So let’s go! Let’s report it together! Let’s try to negotiate and raise your allowance as well as we show them your results!] (I)

[–eh!!? As in right now!? W-waaaiiittt!!] (K)

His handmaiden didn’t give him even a second to wait. 

Kunon then surrenders himself and lets himself get dragged along as they make their way to the mansion. Though halfway, Kunon got grabbed and wasn’t able to protest anymore.





By the time they arrived, the rest of the family was currently away though so they returned to their home while acting as if nothing happened.

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