MK 09 – The Days Pass By

Time is fair, in that it is equally unfair to everyone.

Whether you are treacherous or regal for now, that won’t last long until the end of times.

And so the days pass by.

Regardless of any person’s thoughts, anyone’s situation, nor circumstance, time flows the same for everyone.

[—Another parcel came by, you know.] (Iko)

[—Okay.] (Kunon)

Books, documents, string bounded manuscripts, and pocket books, even.

All sorts of written articles lie, not on the table, but on the floor all across the room occupying effectively half the space of it. 

The room can be said to be hardly organized and maintained, but for the owner himself, it matters not as he knows which article is which in this enclosed space.

Two years have passed since he found himself in love with magic.

Kunon Gurion is now nine years of age.


For the two years that have passed, life didn’t change really much.

He still lives separately with his family.

His lectures still continue in the morning and his magic and sword training are still ongoing in the afternoon.

He is still helping the household in preparing warm bathing water.

However, perhaps the greatest change of all actually is Kunon being able to learn and memorize characters.

He is still pursuing his dreams together with the support of his father, Arson, his fiancé, Milika, and his teacher, Genie.

To be able to gain vision using magic.

Even if he still hasn’t achieved this dream for the two years that have passed, Kunon continues to strive without a shred of doubt to give up.

The parcels of books, documents, and several other articles mainly came from Milika and Genie.

As he is still not yet aware of any leads that could help him achieve his dreams, he is collecting relevant information and ideas about water magic.

Lectures in the morning, training in the afternoon, and reading in the evening.
He often falls asleep on the table on top of the material he is reading and his handmaiden has to carry him to bed everytime this happens. And before he knew it, this actually became his daily routine. 

[Is there any text you are wondering about?] (I)

The handmaiden asks as she puts away the documents Kunon finished reading.

[Hm? Oh, right…] (K)

Kunon, however, already has a book on his hand which he will read after he finishes gathering his thoughts about the articles he just finished.

[Water divination, glass and crystal textures, demonic familiars, contracts with demons, water purification, magic mirror, water mirror, the scales of a rainbow colored fish and… I guess that’s all.] (K)

‘But the demonic familiars and contracts with demons are a no-go.’

‘I’d be lying if I said I’m not really curious about it but the stakes regarding those spells are just too high. Better not involve myself in those dangerous stuff.’

[When you said water divination, are you perhaps talking about fortune telling?] (I)

[Yeah. If you pour water into a magically processed container, it would be able to show what the mage wants to look for in his water divination. It could either be someone’s past or future, or the location where someone lost his or her belongings and so on.] (K)

[Oh, then would it be able to help me find the youth and passion that I had lost?] (I)

[It’s okay. You’re still young, Iko. You still have a lot of passionate days ahead of you.] (K)

[No, I’m not. Even I do age, you know?] (I)

[It’ll be okay. Will the world be able to have another handmaiden as beautiful as you? Clearly no.] (K)

[Gosh, even though you haven’t even seen me!] (I)



—Both of them exchanged laughter after such a banter.

—People’s opinion can be divided into two if they were to ask what they thought of Kunon right now. Not really certain if it could be good or not, but regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that for the past two years, the young child certainly became more cheerful compared to how he was.

[So, using that divination or whatever, would you be able to search for this beautiful handmaiden’s Mr. Right?] (I)

[It’ll be fine. How can a girl as pretty as you, Iko, be left without a husband? Oh dear, only if I am not the marquis’ second son, I’ve already asked for your hand.] (K)

[Oh, gosh! How could you allure someone who’s ten years older than you!] (I)



The two then exchange happy laughs once again.

—Kunon certainly became more positive and cheerful.

Perhaps too cheerful.

Is this really for the best? We’ll never know.

[Well done!]

Back then, Kunon only wanted to build up his strength to train his magic.

However, one day within those two years, Ouro started to train him properly under the discipline of Azuma Tiger’s swordsmanship.

[You’ve grown strong, Kunon. I doubt you’ll lose against someone of your age.] (Ouro)

[Is that so? Even though I can’t see?] (K)

[Yeah. That’s how good you are now when it comes to swords. Even though you lack sight, you have great awareness and instinct that would allow you to fight well if the time calls for it.] (O)

‘–Not like I really seriously considered pursuing swordsmanship…’

For Kunon, who grew up in an environment where he has no other reference but himself, such education and results are only normal. 

However, technically speaking, he isn’t wielding a sword, but rather, a cane. In the first place, he isn’t being raised to fight so the training he is receiving is far from your typical way of learning swordsmanship.

[Are you listening? I know I’ve said this countless times but once you’ve mastered the basic stance, the following steps will naturally come after. So keep on repeating and master the basic stances we’ve covered. To the point that your body can instinctively remember. So you can use it without thinking and can do it even while sleeping. Once you’re able to do so, then you’d be able to showcase even a fraction of your ability in actual combat. To avoid yourself being filled with regrets when the day comes that you’ll need it, train and properly prepare yourself.]


Or so Kunon had said as Ouro’s words made their way from one of his ears to the other.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Oh Iko, dear, age is just a number you know? And prison is just a room. Hehehe but heck, there are a lot of people in the world who’ve ended up with people a lot older then them! I’ve even read a news about a couple of an 20 y/o girl and a 60 year old man getting married! Best wishes to them, though!
  2. Happy weekday ahead to all of you!

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