VF 123 – The Perks of a Regular Customer

[Oh, long time no see, young lady.] (Stall owner)

[Likewise. It seems you’re doing pretty well yourself.] (Serena)

[Rare to see ya around with your family and all… Here’s another helping for the little girl as well. On the house.] (Stall owner)

[Thank you, good sir.] (Laurel)

The princess then skips back to us with skewers in hand after she left the stall.

Based on their conversation alone, it seems like the princess is pretty familiar with the stall owner. There’s also the fact that they talk pretty casually to each other but… oh well, I shouldn’t bother myself regarding her matters.

[Fufufu, we’re able to get more skewers than usual because you’re so cute, Laurel-san. Thank you.] (Srn)

[I am glad to be of your assistance, Princess.] (L)

…Laurel… How refined of you, my dear… It makes me proud and happy how gracious and noble Laurel has become, but… but… *sobs* It reminds that the time she’ll be leaving us is coming… How lonely it would be… But on all accounts, it makes me really happy seeing the growth of my cute baby.

[Here, Seryu. It’s Father’s treat so let yourself indulge.] (Srn)

[Uhm…] (Seryu)


If a certain princess would have been this modest instead of the prince, it would have been a pleasurable retreat for me but – I guess the world has just different plans.

[Don’t mind me. Just eat.] (Calis)

[T-thank you..!] (Sry)

*Munch, munch* (Sry)

Still… I know we’re just pretending but I’m not really comfortable talking directly and frankly to a prince like he is my own son…. But, I’ll do my best. Afterall, this is just for today! Yeah, just for today!

[Fufufu, thanks for the meal.] (Srn)

*Hands skewer*

Perhaps the princess isn’t that bad, personality wise. Maybe I should just listen to her more even though she’s a whimsical child despite actually being an adult. After all, She gave me a skewer as well. Even though it she bought using my own money.

[Seems like you’ve been here a lot.] (C)

[Yup. I’ve been visiting this place frequently in disguise.] (Srn)

Not sure if that’s acceptable behavior for a princess but I guess there’s no need to worry since inside, she’s actually all grown.

[Seryu on the other hand lacks these kinds of experiences so please look after him.] (Srn)

[After I guarantee my daughter’s, then sure.] (C)

[It pains me not being certain whether I can rely on your words or not…] (Srn)

Oho? What I said isn’t actually a lie though.

I accepted this proposal with my daughter as my priority in mind, after all. Still, I also observed that Seryu-sama was really excited about this outing.

But first and foremost, I want Laurel to enjoy this trip. Seryu-sama comes after. And hopefully, he’ll be able to have fun too.

I really want to consider his feelings and let him relax for now. Though he is a prince, he is still too young to continuously bear such heavy responsibilities. I fear he’ll grow up to be the same person he was in the game or perhaps worse if he gets mentality exhausted.

…Like, Seryu… you aren’t actually a tsundere, huh?

*Munch, munch, munch* (L)

Oh dear… look at Laurel happily munching on her skewers with her small lips!

*head pats, head pats* (Calis to Laurel)

[*Chuckles*, Hehehe!] (Laurel)

Howwww cutteee!!!!

Seriously, my daughter’s the best!

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi!!! I wasn’t able to post too much this week because the interest was so slow the past few days! T.T H
  2. There are a lot of skewers but in Japan, I believe the most common one would be Yakitori (grilled chicken). It’s literally cooked the it is named. And it is served in a skewer. For reference, check out the image below, yow! I’m craving now. Goodness! Happy weekend!
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