VF 122 – The Son in Law. Possibly.

[The Castletown certainly gives this loud and lively feeling, don’t you think? It’s really the best place to lay low and have fun while hiding our identities.]

It seems like the princess is in high spirits. Well, as someone who came from Japan like her, I can sympathize with the thought of going out and having fun in the downtown of a city.

I do somehow enjoy formal events and occasions as it gives me the opportunity to enjoy Laurel and Sasha’s elegance and regality. But I’d rather adore those moments myself. Those kinds of places aren’t really my place to hang out with.

[Laurel, let’s be careful and avoid getting separated. Your hand, dear.] (Calis)

[Thank you, Father.] (Laurel)

[Please keep yourself close to me as well, Seryu-sama.] (C)

[Understood.] (Seryu)

Seems like Laurel’s feeling good as we walk holding hands while the prince seems a bit reserved trying to keep his distance.

I don’t think Laurel’s expecting anything of this trip but she seems pretty excited. I can’t help but glance at her repeatedly because of it… am I missing a hint or something?

It’s not like it’s a bad thing for my daughter to be this excited. In fact I can’t help but smile at myself seeing how much fun she is currently having. Oh dear.

[Hmmmm? How about me? Aren’t you worried about this little lady?] (Serena)

[It appears to me that you’re quite familiar with this place already so there isn’t much else for me to worry about, Princess Serena. Besides, if something unexpected happens, I’d be able to do something as long as you remain within my hand’s reach.] (C)

[Is that so.? How reassuring of you, Duke Fall.] (Serena)

It’s not like I’m disregarding her or anything but I can’t really explain it myself how complicated I feel about talking to this person, who is a fellow reincarnator. Well, I still think there won’t be any problem not paying much attention to her though.

Because let’s be honest. Providing escort and security is one thing but my main objective in this trip is to let my daughter have fun and be happy. 

I’d work right down to the tee regarding their security, of course, but since we’re just talking about keeping three handful children safe, then I don’t think there’s much to worry. I have a few cards myself under my sleeve even if I got outnumbered so there shouldn’t be any problem.

[However, you need to watch yourself how to address me and Seryu. Albeit we’re in disguise, at least for today, we are your daughter and son. Soooo, father?] (Srn)


…I wonder… how can something I understand logically in my head be something so hard to accept?… Father, she said… 

[Seryu, you too. Take this chance to get used to calling the duke your father.] (Srn)

[Huh..? o-oh… Uhm, father…?] (Sry)

[Now, now. That’s nice. Just like that… try saying father-in-law.] (Srn)

[F-father…] (Sry)

Good thing Prince Seryu decided to call out to me normally, ignoring his sister’s strange nuances… I’d really have to be careful around this girl. But certainly, I have to fix my way of addressing them. 

[*Coughs* E-ehem… Well then, let’s go. Laurel, Seryu, Serena.]

[Y-yes!] (Sry)

…It seems like Prince Seryu’s really happy about this setup, huh.

Though my daughter on the other hand looks displeased. Oh dear, why do you look so sullen, Laurel?

*Hugs* (L)

Oh, goodness.

I pamper Laurel as she hugs me as we go our way. 

It’s alright, dear.

This is just the setting that we have for today so do not worry. You will always be my child and my love for you will never be taken away by anyone else.

*Pat, pat, pat*

It seems my thoughts and feelings have reached my daughter, huh.

Laurel-san, you look excited and lively once again!

As it should be. My daughter’s really the cutest!

Still… calling Seryu-sama casually and having him as my son, even just for today… err… if he continues to grow with an upright and faithful heart, then I’d be willing to give him Laurel’s hand. I – I’d be willi… ugh… The thought of it actually is a bit hard for me but if Laurel falls for him and chooses to get married with the prince, I can only accept it.

…I have to accept… even though it would pain me, if Laurel will be happy, then I shall let it be.

Seriously, parenting is a really difficult thing… But – being able to witness the joy and happiness of my daughter just makes everything feel so rewarding. So no matter what Laurel chooses to do, as long as she’s happy about it, I shall support her with it.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Sry = Seryu
    Srn = Serena
    C = Calis
    L = Laurel
  2. I don’t have a child, but I do have a cute little dog. I left her in Asia though. My sister is currently taking care of her and a photo was sent to me earlier. I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with me but I actually miss her more than my sister T.T!
  3. Here’s a photo of my dog who heard us on a video call and tried looking at the window searching for me T.T It broke me. My goodness.
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  1. I notice once or twice where ‘her’ was put in of ‘him’. For example ‘give her Laurel’s hand’.
    On another note, I always find it a bit jarring to see sama, san, kun, and other Japanese suffixes added to Western names.

    1. Oh, let me check it. Thanks!

      Oh, trust me. The first time my name was called by a Japanese with the suffix, I felt a bit weird as well. But it is true in real life that local Japanese people addresses western namea with ‘san’ and such. Likewise, we do fhe same to them. They don’t usually appreciate the use of Ms. And Mr. As prefix especially in professional setting. I got myself corrected one time.

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