VF 085 – Birthday Cake

[Umm… mother, this…] (Laurel)

Perhaps noticing how Sasha and her friends’ exciting conversations are now starting to dwindle, Laurel moves forward and presents to her the cake that she made. It’s the same type of cake that I first taught Laurel just for this day. Sasha, however, appears a bit astonished as she asks Laurel.

[By any chance, were you the one who made this, Laurel?] (S)

[Yes… I made it based on Father’s teachings.] (L)

[Oh wow, it appears to be made pretty well!] (S)

Sasha happily receives it and pats Laurel’s head. Our daughter then giggles cheerfully seeing how proud her mother is but… this… my heart’s about to burst here! What tremendous cuteness am I seeing! This mother and daughter are just too destructively lovely! Ah, this scenery alone makes me feel like I’d be able to face any troubles.

Usually, I more often see Sasha’s bashful expressions which I really enjoy but seeing her motherly side once in a while is, in a way, a different kind of flavor! Laurel even got an acknowledgement from her mother! All because of cooking. Cooking is such a wonderful thing, isn’t it? 

[Fufufu, they get along pretty well, aren’t they?]

[But of course, they’re my beloved wife and daughter afterall.] (C)

It was pretty sudden but the smiling Queen popped out beside me. With her gaze still on the pair, she started to speak.

[Now that I’m getting a good look at her, Laurel is really similar to Sasha when she’s still little.] (Q)

[That may be the case.] (C)

[I am telling you, her clumsiness, her patience, and her being so hopelessly kind… she’s inherited it all.] (Q)

I guess the Queen won’t be Sasha’s longest friend if she can’t see through something like that, huh. Still, I have to say I disagree on some part.

[You might say it’s hopeless but I find it a part of her charm.] (C)

[Just how hopelessly romantic are you to patronize even both of their flaws?] (Q)

[I am not hopeless as well, you know. I just love everything about them.] (C)

If you’re going to ask if they even have a flaw, don’t ask me, for I see no such thing in them. Because if you love someone, you accept them wholeheartedly as they are. Well, maybe she’s right. Maybe I love them both too much to be blind. Perhaps finding my reply ridiculous, the Queen started to laugh.

[You’ve really changed a lot, haven’t you? Look at you, the renowned sword demon is now nothing but a hopelessly love stricken man in front of his wife and daughter. No, it wouldn’t be an understatement at this point if you actually became a different person.] (Q)

Goodness, women really are sharp and troublesome creatures, aren’t they? Just like mother, even the queen is suspecting me. Perhaps there will come a day where they’d even think that I’m actually a reincarnation and the thought can’t be anymore scary. Women’s intuition, huh. Can’t ever underestimate that.

[Well, if it’s you now, then I see no problem entrusting Sasha to your hands.] (Q)

[I’ll gladly accept] (C)

[In the first place, it feels like you now have a better understanding of  Sasha than I do.] (Q)

[I do agree, your majesty.] (C)

All this time, our warm gazes never left the mother and daughter pair. My wife and daughter really are the best!

Translator’s Notes:

  1. That’s it for Calis, Laurel, and Sasha’s fluffiness today! Happy weekday ahead, everyone!
  2. Ugh… FOOOOOODDD!!! What a unhealthy guilty pleasureeee. T.T Sorry, I just need to vent out as I can’t eat anything that I love recently… </3

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