MK 035 – How the Family Looks

After having some doubts about the things he sees, Kunon now feels reluctant whether it’s fine to be happy about it or not.Regardless, Iko didn’t wait for him and took him away immediately.They walk towards the main mansion for Kunon to see his family.Starting with his mother, Tinaliza.After Kunon told her what happened, Tinaliza wasn’t … Continue reading MK 035 – How the Family Looks

MK 034 – The Mage Apprentice Kunon Can See….?

It all boils down to Water Ball as the base of this magic.Since Kunon’s eyes, albeit useless, are stuck inside his lids, he can’t use his magic to literally take its place in his head.The eye (eyeball) he made using magic… Which he will now call ‘Mirror Eye’, floats around Kunon similar to the Water … Continue reading MK 034 – The Mage Apprentice Kunon Can See….?

MK 033 – Blood, Sweat, and — 

[...Uhh….] (Kunon)Commencing experiment–Failure. Kunon then documents the experiment and checks what might be the cause of the failure.Then–Commencing experiment–Failure.And Kunon’s pen started to move again.This episode of Kunon had repeated itself enough for him to build several mountains of papers on his desk.Kunon can’t see in the first place so he doesn’t need any source of … Continue reading MK 033 – Blood, Sweat, and — 

MK 032 – To Each of Their Own

[...Haaa… *Sniff*... No… Please, nooooooo…]   (Milika)[Oi, stop whini – ahh!?]   (Zeonly)Before Zeonly could even finish what he’s about to say, Dario’s kick made sure to stop him from saying anything else.   –Dario is sitting in front of Zeonly inside a carriage. They are on their way back to the castle after talking … Continue reading MK 032 – To Each of Their Own

MK 031 – A Dream Forgotten

[—I guess it’s about time for you to start, Kunon.] (Zeonly)[—Yes?] (Kunon)That’s what Zeonly said after meeting Kunon two winters since they became master and disciple.There has never been a day where Kunon wasn’t busy since that day.For Kunon, the changes in the temperature that tinge his skin is the only indication of how time … Continue reading MK 031 – A Dream Forgotten

MK 030 – Melts Like Sugar

When spring was about to end, Kunon celebrated his tenth birthday.If not for his family celebrating it, Kunon himself would have forgotten it considering how busy he is these days.Three months has passed since he became Zeonly’s disciple.From that moment, his days melt like sugar he drops in his very hot tea. [—Rather than a disciple, … Continue reading MK 030 – Melts Like Sugar

MK 029 – The Three’s Turning Points

[...ugh… w-woahh!?]Zeonly was caught off guard by the time he opened his eyes.[---Ah, damn… I completely dozed off…] (Z)He then rolls over to the side to get off from the water bed before falling to the ground. [...Ugh…] (Z)He stands up and thinks about what happened. He isn’t expecting to really fall asleep. It was just … Continue reading MK 029 – The Three’s Turning Points

MK 028 – The Wonderful World of Magic

[Now you understand why everyone’s here, right? So, why don’t we talk about the wonderful world of magic this time, kiddo?] (Zeonly)[Sure. I look forward to it.] (Kunon)And in that brief exchange, the mood between the two mages suddenly changed.Oh, rather, it was only Kunon.He’s been acting comfy and casual all this time but not … Continue reading MK 028 – The Wonderful World of Magic

MK 027 – Surprise Visit

[—Hmm…?]Kunon went out to the main entrance to greet and welcome his new magic teacher together with his handmaiden when he suddenly felt something weird.For starters, a carriage is currently parked outside.Well, even if Kunon assumed that it’s only one person who’s coming, that much was fine. However, aside from the coachman, three other people … Continue reading MK 027 – Surprise Visit