VF 084 – Sasha’s Birthday

It’s the fateful day.

We, me and laurel, held each of Sasha’s hand as we led her towards the mansion’s hall for reasons she didn’t even have a clue of.

[Dear, just where are we heading to?] (Sasha)

[Well, we could say towards the place where I’d redeem myself?] (C)

[Redeem?] (S)

[No, nevermind.] (C)

Sasha then looks towards our daughter instead then asks.

[Do you have something to do with it as well, Laurel?] (S)

[Uhm… There’s something I want to show you, mother.] (Laurel)

[Something to show me, you say?] (S)

We made it to the hall before we knew it as we talked. We urge Sasha to open the door and then


Sasha stood still and came speechless. 

What greeted her behind the door are various birthday dishes, decorations, several of her friends, and everyone else from the house who’s looking at her with smiles on their faces. There’s also the queen who’s in the middle of it all who, despite her busy schedule, made time to attend this celebration.

[D-dear… t-this is…?] (S)

[My redemption, alright? We were not able to properly celebrate it last year so this time, I did my best to make it right.] (C)

Sasha seems lost on what to say as her eyes remain wide open in surprise. However, the queen, not caring about such things, hastily made her way towards Sasha and happily speaks with my wife.

[Sasha, happy birthday!] (Queen)

[Recilia-sama… Thank you so much] (S)

[I have to say though, the duke caught me in surprise when he sent me an invite so I worked really hard to open up my schedule this time!] (Q)

[Thank you… for giving us some time despite your busy schedule… really….] (S)

[Oh, really, it’s fine! I like you after all!] (Q)

After saying so, the smiling queen shifts her gaze at me and speaks–

[But in all honesty, for you to send the invitation to me, the queen, you’re quite bold, aren’t you?] (Q)

[Anything, as long as I can make my wife happy.] (C)

[Oh my, just how much do you love your bride, I wonder.] (Q)

Aren’t you there when I just bragged about my wife? Really. As her loving husband, I know that Sasha would be very glad to see her friends so I took the steps necessary to ensure their attendance. Having a family exclusive celebration would be nice too, but let’s save that for later. I want to tease and pamper Sasha thoroughly since it’s her birthday.

Seeing how Sasha’s attention is being monopolized by her friends right now somehow gets me iffy but I’d let it slide since they’ve sent us lots of warm regards. The inside of my head is filled with such conflicts until Laurel approaches me and asks bashfully.

[Doesn’t mother look happy, Father?] (L)

[Yeah. And I know how much Laurel helped as well to make it happen, so thank you, dear.] (C)

[Ehehehehehe….] (L)

I pat her head in show of my appreciation as Laurel giggles joyfully. I’ve seen how hard she worked the past few days to help in the celebration, so seeing how happy my daughter is with my acknowledgement makes me realize just how sweet our daughter is.

Now that I think about it, though Laurel properly behaves herself for her age, she’s certainly growing up so should I be a little strict towards her from now on?

I wonder, Still, as I can see that my daughter is growing up heartily and healthy, I don’t think it’s really necessary.

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