VF 086 – The Family’s Celebration of Her Birthday

TL Note: Please remember that the characters are married adults. As such, they have this desire to seek each other that is normal between couples. If you are underage, single, or suffering in some kind of heartbreak or in the phase of life where you still can’t accept that you’ll forever be alone, please read at your own discretion. xD </3 Hahahaha! JK!

[Thank you so much, dear.]

Sasha approached me as the party finally came to its end. I gently smile at her and said –

[Don’t forget to thank Laurel too, okay? The child worked really hard just for this day.] (Calis)

[But of course. I’ll properly show my appreciation to our daughter as well. However, above all else, I want to thank you first, my dear husband. For a day to come where our family can celebrate a day such as this… I feel so blessed…] (Sasha)

[And we will be celebrating it together from here and forever. You, me, Laurel, Mint and Basil.] (C)

[Certainly…] (S)

Seeing Sasha’s smile, I was reminded of this little secret in my pocket that I’ve been keeping from her all this while.

[Sasha, can you close your eyes for me?] (C)

[Hm? Okay.] (S)

Sasha obediently follows my words without a second thought and… it’s giving me the temptations! This lady is so vulnerable it’s stimulating my urge to faithfully protect her! I thought of teasing her but put let’s put it off aside for now. I took out the necklace that I’ve planned to give to her for this day alone and I wrap it around her neck before I whisper.

[Happy birthday, Sasha.] (C)

[Dear, this is…] (S)

[Your birthday present. You don’t expect me to miss it again, do you?] (C)

The necklace I gave Sasha has a locket for a pendant where a photo can be stored inside. Apparently, photos are already a thing in this world. Though it isn’t famous among the nobles as paintings still remain prominent. Nonetheless, they do exist so I took advantage of it.

Sasha opened the locket and noticed that there’s nothing inside of it.

[Dear…? Can I ask what this is for? I don’t believe this necklace would be that just simple though…] (S)

[Hm? Oh, that’s a locket. You’d be able to store something that you cherish inside of it.] (C)

[Something that I cherish, you say?] (S)

[Do you know what photos are?] (C)

[Oh, I do, somehow.] (S)

[You see, I heard that in a place somewhere, there’s a common trend where people put photos of their loved ones inside their lockets. It works like a charm or something, they say? In a way, it allows them to see the image of their beloved any time and in any place.] (C)

After hearing my explanation, Sasha stares at her pendant before suddenly blurting out–

[Then… I shall immediately get a photo of my husband…] (S)

[What?] (C)

[Oh, uhm… I was thinking of using your photo, dear… would that be alright?] (S)

[Of course, it’s alright. Is my photo really what you want?] (C)

[*nods happily* I do! Dear, I want your photo in this locket!] (S)

[Goodness, then I guess I better secure the coolest photograph I have before handing it over to you, Sasha.] (C)

[Sure! Also… would you mind if I ask some more?] (S)

[Tell me.] (S)

Sasha, despite my urging, appears pretty shy about it. However, I was still able to hear what she wanted albeit her mumbling out of being so embarrassed.

[Um… W-would you shower me with all of your love tonight…?] (S)

[Gladly.] (C)

I can feel Sasha’s enthusiasm despite her bashfulness. I have a feeling that this night will be a long one. I guess it won’t take that much time for our fourth child to come, huh? I can’t help it. Sasha’s just too beautiful. Seeing how my beloved timid wife take the initiative, how can I say no? Let’s go!

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Actually, IDK. Reading this chapter, I feel so giggly and sad at the same time xd TL cries at the corner. huhu
  2. Before we go digital, lockets do have that charm, don’t they? I’m not sure if it’s still being done these days as we now have phones though. Also, do people still keep photos of their love ones in their wallets? IDK if that’s just our generation but I can still see it being practiced by people in my age. Still, I feel so old. Yet I still find it romantic! I think that’s the reason why Instax remains strong to this day!

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