[I’m a Tomboy Mackerel After All] Just who the Hell Set up a Matchmaking Between me and a Mackerel!

Authored by: quiet

[Another matchmaking? Enough of that already. This isn’t something that we can pull off no matter how many times we try.]

Such cold words were uttered by a fine man oozing with wild charisma with his black hair and eyes – the young emperor of this land.

[Well, well. Why stop? It’s not as if you’re actually losing anything.]

And the person who dared to talk back to the emperor was an another young man with long silver hair, sporting a monocle, and whose whole persona embodies fishiness – the prime minister.

[I am losing something. My lifespan, that is. I am a mere human with a finite life. Why would I waste my already limited time for these things that are clearly trivial.] (E)

[Then why don’t you just go and pick a bride already.] (PM)

[And I’ve been saying that there’s no need for that. It isn’t necessary for my successor to be from my own bloodline. Just let the most amazing person next to me be the emperor once I die.] (E)

‘Yareyare. Then we might as well have the empire die next to you’, or so the prime minister imply as he shrugs. 

[That’s fair. Then I shall live up to the words of the emperor. My parents often ask me to scatter their ashes over the seas upon their death. I shall proceed with your orders carrying the same faith.] (PM)

[You actually didn’t follow through on your parents’ last words though. Just say that you won’t heed it – then don’t.] (E)

[Well, that’s a family problem but yours, however, is a national one. Please give up and just get along with this matchmaking. Afterall, It’s already been set and preparations are done already.] (PM)

This time, it’s the emperor who just shrugs his shoulders.

[You’re always like this… anyway, when is it?] (E)

[In two minutes.] (PM)



The emperor immediately gets up.

He then hurriedly runs with a tremendous momentum — and as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world, the Prime Minister follows through. As they run, they started to converse–

[You idiot! Every single time, why aren’t you telling me these kinds of things until the last minute!!!] (E)

[Well, I think it would be more interesting] (PM)

[Dammit… What would people think if the emperor himself comes late?! What about my dignity and conduct!? Ahh! One of these days, I’ll definitely exile you!!! I WILL EXILE YOUUUU!] (E)

[Leave it to me. That’s actually one of my specialties.] (PM)

However, like a max level cursed doll, no matter how many times this man had been exiled, before the Emperor knew it, he’s already climbed back as a prime minister by his side. Nevertheless, his two minutes would never extend any further so he could only rush

And thus, they finally arrived.

They stood in front of the door with words that say ‘Matchmaking Room’.

After being able to witness not less than eighty imperial matchmakings within a single year, the room now has been specifically named.

‘There’s no more time left’, or so the emperor thinks as he made a last minute check to himself in front of the room and with the help of a hand mirror, he’s now able to embellish even his bangs to perfection. 

[Background? Data? Where’s the papers or anything!?] (E)

[I do have it but I won’t show it ♪」 (PM)


Thinking to himself that staying here any further would just be a waste, the emperor, wearing his overflowing majesty and charisma, slides the door open —- 


But then, he didn’t find even a single person.

[………is it the other party that’s actually late…?] (E)

The emperor made his way towards the sofa as his head was starting to be filled with doubts.

Though it was honored and named as a ‘Matchmaking Room’, it isn’t really that special.

It’s just that the interior design was a little bit more elaborate compared to the other rooms in the palace. Here’s a sofa, and another one in front of it, and a low table positioned between them, as well as some paintings and pots here and there. All in all, it gives the vibes that it isn’t cheap. That’s the gist of it.

Oh, there’s actually one more thing.

In front of the emperor is a sophisticated aquarium installed on its walls. 

[…No, it’s actually better for them to be late. Now I have some time to thoroughly prepare.] (E)

The emperor then stands up from his seat and walks toward the aquarium to check on his reflection and assure himself that he didn’t miss even a little spec of dust that might have escaped from his little hand mirror. 

‘Perfect. Not even a single blemish. If, by some kind of fate, the person who’ll actually walk inside is my one true love, there’s nothing for me to worry.’

The emperor, with such thoughts in mind, takes a deep breath.

But then, he noticed that there’s actually a fish in the aquarium swimming by itself. 

[….What’s this fish called again? If I’m not mistaken…] (E)

[Mackerel desu.]

[Oh yeah, a mackerel, right. You know your stuff, huh.] (E)

[Of course. We’re talking about myself after all.] (Mackarel)

About myself after all.

Repeating those words in his head, the emperor’s thoughts stopped working.





He looks left, right, front, and back. But there’s no one around.

Not even a shadow can be found.

Realizing that there could be no other possibilities, the emperor hence then concluded.

Even as an emperor, he is just a man, and can therefore only scream at the moment —



The door screams from the excessive force exerted by the emperor as he hurriedly gets out of the room. The first thing he saw after confirming he was able to escape for his life outside the matchmaking room was the meek appearance of the prime minister chilling along its halls. Without further ado, he runs, grabs him by the collar, and puts the prime minister into a kabedon.


[Y-you…! W-what the hell was that…! Was that actually a puppet? Ventriloquy!? Do you really plan on killing me with a heart attack…!? SPEAK!] (E)

[Well, no. Isn’t it just talking normally? It’s a mackerel.] (PM)


[That mackerel is the match you are scheduled for today, though.] (PM)


The emperor then lets go.

He turns on his heels, moves towards the door, slides it open, and enters the matchmaking room again.

In front of the aquarium once more, in such a calm manner like the outburst he made didn’t happen, the emperor whispers.

[Please excuse my rudeness. There’s actually a miscommunication on my part and… based on what I heard, you are the one I am supposed to meet in this matchmaking, is it correct?] (E)

[Yes. That is correct.] (M)

[I see. I’ve shown you such disgraceful behavior. My apologies. Not to be rude or whatnot, but would you mind if I excuse myself one more time?] (E)

[Please, I don’t mind.] (M)

[Thank you.] (E)

And so the emperor slides out from the matchmaking room once more.

Then, this time, he grabs the Prime Minister from his chest and puts him on the wall again!



[And here I was thinking you’d be a match made in heaven….] (PM)


‘Hm? Wait a moment.’, the prime minister says so with his face full of doubts.

[You’re majesty, aren’t you always preaching about things like you are open to all shapes and appearances and don’t mind once’s external characteristics?] (PM)

[But there should be a limit!!!  A DAMN F*KING LIMIT!!! WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE SPECIES! IS-PI-SHIS!!!!!] (E)

[Well, if you’re that bothered, then perhaps you can ask if they’re open to having a political marriage instead…] (PM)


[You can talk to it, no? If it can talk, then it should be intelligent, then why wouldn’t it be able to give its consent and enter contracts itself?] (PM)

[…….] (E)

Can that really be acceptable, legally speaking?

Thinking about its plausibilities, the emperor lets go of his hand. The emperor, in all honesty, has a very flexible mindset.
That’s why he’s able to shift his gears immediately. Similar to how he’s able to find different ways to punish the prime minister instead of just slamming his head to the asphalt directly no matter how irritating he can be. 

And so, towards the matchmaking room, he once again enters.

This time, he sat on the sofa and started the conversation.

[I’m sorry for having you wait.] (E)

[Please, no worries.] (M)

[Well then, about matchmaking…] (E)

And so, the matchmaking has now fully commenced.

‘Hi’, the emperor chose to first introduce himself.

[—and I do this emperor thing for a living.] (E)

[Oh my, how polite. I—] (M)

The mackerel then introduced itself, which actually had a name.

[—Princess of the Empire of the United Oceans.] (M)

[Technical Timeout.] (E)

[Douzo.] (TL: Please/ Go on)

*Door Opens*



[A country that can be found in the seas, I guess.] (PM)

[Oh, wow, what a bright new idea…! Then putting it in their perspective, am I supposed to be the ruler of a country that can be found above the ground….!?] (E)

[That is certainly so. I mean, is that wrong?] (PM)

That’s fair. Or so the emperor convincingly agreed to himself as he opened the door once again.

There are a lot of times where the prime minister hid a lot of facts behind his back but never once did he lie. It’s like dealing with a devil full of deceit but needs to operate within certain boundaries.

[Please pardon me for going back and forth quite a few times…] (E)

[Oh please. I understand that being an emperor comes with lots of responsibilities that are keeping you busy. In fact, I am even grateful that you found the time to meet someone like me. Thank you.] (M)

[No, please. I was the one who asked for your presence but I only offered a humble cramped space instead….] (E) (TL: He finds the aquarium little considering he’s talking with the princess)

[Fufufu. I appreciate your concern. Thank you. Contrary to what the rumors say, it seems you are quite the kind person.] (M)

From then, the emperor had noticed.

‘This princess, for her part, has such a tremendous sense of decorum and propriety. 

Also, how am I supposed to know what kind of reputation is circulating around me under the seas? On the contrary, I heard nothing about the world under the sea at all! Furthermore, how the hell did that monocle bastard be able to cross the boundaries between the land and seas and pull over their princess to have a matchmaking with me!? Anyway, that’s besides the point.’

Or so the emperor has thought, and finds the princess to be easily in the top ten of the most decent partners he had a matchmaking before. 

After all, the people he’d been meeting recently were people with thoughts like ‘I live by inserting some random screws into my head’, ‘how fuuunnnn!!’, and ‘Dammit! It’ll explode soon!’. That’s the time that he realized that his empire houses a lot of different personalities that he is starting to get overwhelmed. And just in time, having a normal polite conversation like this, for the emperor, felt like a salvation.

‘Then perhaps, a political marriage would work.’

To reiterate, the emperor has a very flexible way of thinking. There are even rumors that his brain is actually stored somewhere in a hidden facility fluidly managed by a machine.

[Haha… I’m sorry for taking advantage of your kindness talking about such boring topics, but if you won’t mind, how about we discuss first the marriage’s political part?] (E)

[That’s fine. I was also granted by our kingdom to act as its ambassador and liasse. By all means, please allow me to tell you more about our kingdom.] (M)

The princess then begins the discussion.

She started with the fact that she understands that the people on land don’t really know much about oceans’ people and kingdom. To bridge that gap, their people would like to build a relationship from the largest country aboveground that will serve as their foothold and ultimately reach a tacit understanding between dwellers of the sea and lands. With this marriage, their kingdom is looking at the opportunity of concluding the first treaty between land and seas and establishing a first international order between countries.

The presentation that the princess provided certainly has some merits.

The emperor on the other hand, while he does agree, he listens sincerely and expresses his doubts about pros and cons of the subject, and at times, even renegotiating the terms that are the most advantageous for the both of them.

As the princess accepts the emperor’s thoughts and suggestions, new ideas are born, and then the emperor’s about to speak once again —-




Seven hours passed like a blink of an eye until both of them finally settled down.

As for the emperor–

[—I will be honest, but I feel ashamed of how ignorant I was until now.] (E)

[Hm? What do you mean?] (M)

[I didn’t expect for the people of the ocean to have someone who has this broad perspective and deep knowledge amongst them. I am truly impressed.] (E)

To be honest, he now feels some kind of liking toward the princess.

No, in fact, he already likes her.

By his nature, he’s a man who doesn’t bother with shapes and appearance – well, he does dress himself properly as he minds how an emperor should appear before his subjects, but if it’s someone else, he holds no to little interest.

When he first realized that what he’s meeting in this matchmaking is a mackerel, as one might expect, he was clearly shaken… However, with his flexible mindset, he was able to once again pick up himself. In fact he doesn’t even understand what pushed him all this time to now be able to properly converse with a fish, but now, he’s back in full health and whole heartedly speaking his mind with the so called marine royalty.

[Let’s get married. If the two of us become one, I’m sure this world would be more beautiful than either sea or land.] (E)

[Maa….] (M)

Keeping his composure like a last boss in some kind of RPG, even after saying something so cringy, he was able to retain his dignity. 

‘Let’s do this’, fully satisfied in his heart, the emperor thought.

‘If I get married to a woman with such a broad mind and wonderful perspective like this princess, then I have no qualms. A vision to unite the dwellers between the land and seas… Let’s do it then. It’s a mission that seems so fulfilling to dedicate your life to complete. Thinking about the hundred matchmakings I had to go through just for it to be a prelude of this matching… What a waste. Not that I can take back the time I spent on it.’

[It will be quick, but if you could just check this document—] (E)

[Uhm, excuse me…] (M)

Just as the emperor leans and prepares himself for the leap and present the contract, the princess interrupts him.

[My apologies. I know that things are moving too fast but… I know this might seem, weird, in fact stupid, but…] (M)

[…….? Is there something bothering you? If so, I’d do my best to accommodate it the best that I can.] (E)

The princess bashfully — no, the emperor himself isn’t sure, but he somehow gets the impression that the mackerel in front of him is rather swaying bashfully.

[—-A-anooo! W-what do you think of having a romantic marriage..!?] (M)


The Emperor, who’s brain had a short circuit, grabbed his own head in shock.


The way the emperor smashed his own head was so loud even the princess was surprised. ‘’Are you alright?’, the princess asked in worry of his sudden reaction to her proposal.

‘I’m fine – I’m a bit hard headed after all, so it’s alright’ – says the emperor as these thoughts run through his mind.

‘Damn it.’

‘So it finally came into this.’

[You see, I’d appreciate it if you won’t make fun of me. You must be thinking of how foolish I am to dream of a romantic and loving marriage despite being a royalty.] (M)

[No, how could I…] (E)

[It’s fine. I am well aware that I am not particularly that attractive. I’m a–] (M)

The emperor knows that he shouldn’t let her speak any further than that.

However, the emperor realizes that he can’t say anything to stop her.

[tomboy—] (M)

‘…Huh? No, does that matter?’ or so the emperor thought.

[–mackerel, after all.] (M)


As they say, love is a matter of the heart. Deep inside, the emperor believes in that as well. ‘Just look at me’, the emperor thought. No matter how beautiful and elegant someone’s appearance is, but if within their hearts, they’re clearly rotten, then he is confident enough that there won’t come a day he’ll love them. After experiencing a tremendous amount of harsh matchmaking, he believes no one else can be more certain about it than him.

Nevertheless, going back to the subject at hand. 

If he’ll be asked if he can love, from the bottom of his heart, the ‘creature’ that’s right before his eyes, then…

[You see… I didn’t expect for the matchmaking to do so well from the get go. As an ambassador of the Empire of the Oceans, my very objective is to bridge our two nations… But… I don’t wish for you to accept this marriage just as an another political fiasco.] (M)

[O-oh…] (E)

[…I just can’t help but find you fascinating, so I can’t help but wish for more. So, what do you think of marrying me romantically, for real…?] (M)

‘I don’t think that’s possible’, or so the emperor realized on his own.

Still, he is a man who can read the delicate air in his surroundings. So..

[…I think that’s a splendid idea. But still, that’s a bit…] (E)

[As expected, I lack the charm the emperor needs, huh…] (M)

[N-no! T-th-that, I’d never…!] (E)

‘Damn’, or so the emperor thought.

‘How can I, the Emperor, allow my partner to stoop and degrade herself to such a level?’

The princess, on the other hand, have gotten confused for a moment.

Then, she was struck in disbelief as if time got frozen and could only lower her eyes before him.

[No, I understand. I was told quite a lot that I don’t look like a princess for the most part, so it is fine.] (M)

[That’s not true at all.] (E)

[No. I don’t look the part at all. I know it myself. I have boyish tendencies after all…] (M)

[Please be reassured, your boyish tendencies aren’t a problem.] (E)

[But, my hobbies include…] (M)

‘Whatever could it be, then let it be’, or so the emperor thought.

Compared to the issue of her being a mackerel, how could a boyish hobby be a problem—

[Hardcore camping in the winter mountains.] (M)








At this point, the emperor became so shocked he wasn’t able to keep his thoughts hidden.

[As expected, I am not like a princess at all, right? It’s just that, ever since I visited the ground, the freezing mountains just kept me so enthralled…] (M)

[No, that shouldn’t be – but — ahhhh HARDCORE CAMPING!? IN THE WINTER MOUNTAINS!?] (E)

[Why do you have to say it twice?] (M)

Twice, thrice, four times, the emperor wants to even repeat it a thousand more times.

That’s why, for now, let’s go for the thrice.

[D-do you really have an idea about what you’re saying? About hardcore camping? In the winter mountains!?] (E)

[Yes.] (M)

[You’ll be climbing a high, snowy mountain, setting up your own tent, struggling in the freezing winds as your only solace would be a warm soup that would immediately get frozen!?] (E)

[Yes.] (M)

The princess, getting more embarrassed about her hobby, tries her best to avoid the emperor’s gaze.

[Like everyone said… it isn’t such a princess-like thing, right..?] (M)

[I don’t think that’s the issue at all!!!! Tomboy!? That’s just some propaganda by those who don’t actually know you at allll!!!] EE)

[Maaaa…! So there shouldn’t be any problems if I do what I love to do, right..?!] (M)

‘ahhh…’ , the emperor laments.

‘You see I even challenged myself with the stiffest trenches back when I’m in the seas —’ or so the princess continued to tell but the emperor didn’t have the energy to listen to all of it anymore.

‘I mean, I write the lyrics of the new songs of the artists I like in my favorite stationary and compile them like it’s a personal album I made personally for me. I even have burner accounts and post things that no one would expect coming from me—’ and so the emperor shares as well a portion of his dark history.

But think about it.

Is what she is saying even physically possible?

[You’re certainly correct, your highness. I’ll do whatever I want and no one else can tell me that I cannot!] (M)

Seriously… is it really physically possible for a mackerel to camp on top of a freezing mountain?

[…Ah, my apologies. It seems like our conversation trailed out of the way.] (M)

It was the princess who was able to collect herself first.

[Uhm… There’s one thing I would like to ask you to say… It would really be my pleasure to hear it coming from you… this might sound presumptuous, or perhaps cowardly, but…] (M)

[….Go on.] (E)

[Uhm… Could you try saying them to me..? Those words…] (M)

‘I guess we’re all coming back to this.’

The emperor understood what the princess wanted to hear. A mackerel she may be, the emperor can still read her mood and feelings. They’ve been talking for quite a long while now, after all.

That’s why, he–

[Technical time-out.] (E)

[Douzo.] (M)


[Oh my, your majesty. You’ve been living it up in there, huh.] (PM)

The prime minister is currently snuggling inside a kotatsu set up right in from of the Matchmaking room while eating a hot pot all by himself.

The emperor then slides in as well and got seated in front of the prime minister.

[How are you liking your partner so far?] (PM)

[I’ve already decided to marry her.] (E)

[Well, well… That’s really impressive even for me, your majesty.] (PM)

[That said, there’s something I’d like to ask you about.] (E)

The emperor then picks the bottle of sake and pour it all to the glass that was in front of the prime minister. Then –

[*Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp*] (E)

[Hey, hey, hey… You’re always like that.] (PM)

The prime minister can only smile wryly as the emperor chug down the sake right immediately.

[Do you have some love potion with you?] (E)

[Based on what you’re asking, are you thereby confessing to me right now that you find it difficult to feel romantical feelings to a fish so you’d want a wonder medicine that could resolve it?] (PM)

[That’s the case.] (E)

[Well, I do. *Rustle* *rustle*] (PM)

The prime minister’s hand reached out under the kotatsu before he pulled out two bottles.

[You… are you sure those things would still work well even if they’re kept at room temperature?] (E)

[Well, if they’re already expired, then I’d just have to create a new set. So, this pink one contains the love potion that you’re looking for. Let’s say it’s something that will change your software.] (PM)

[Got it… How about the blue one?] (E)

[It will make you a fish.] (PM)

[It will turn me into a fish..?] (E)

[*Looks straight into his eyes* It will turn you into a fish.] (PM)

The emperor wasn’t able to process everything right away and repeatedly muttered words ‘me, turn to a fish… me, a fish…’

[This potion won’t just allow you to modify your software, but even your hardware. It’s a massive upgrade from the previous concept.] (PM)

[…I see… If I become a fish, then it would be possible for me to actually fall in love with a mackerel.] (E)

[As expected of his majesty, you get it. Of course you’d still be able to change back to your human form. But, in any case that you think I am actually lying…] (PM)

The prime minister then pulls out a third bottle.

[Here’s the medicine that would allow you to return as a human being.] (PM)

[But that’s the medicine you regularly drink.] (E)

[Surely, you jest. I have no need for such medicine.] (PM)

[Hahahaha! Sure, if you say so! Hahaha!]  (E)

[Hahahah! Come, drink some more, your majesty. Hahaha!] (PM)

[Yeah, no.] (E)

The emperor declined the sake offered by the prime minister.

‘Those words won’t mean anything unless I’m actually sober.’

[Prime minister.] (E)

[Your majesty.] (PM)

[I’ve never been so thankful until today that I have you as my retainer.] (E)

[It’s an honor.] (PM)

[Accurately speaking, I can’t think of any other day when I’m actually thankful.] (PE)

[Aren’t you being too heartless?] (PM)

The emperor then resolved himself as he pulls out his leg from the kotatsu and made his way.


[I’m sorry for the wait.] (E)

[Is it over? You won’t be able to call any other technical timeouts unless the set changes though.] (M) (TL: Ref to Volleyball timeouts)

[No, I don’t need any timeouts from hereon.] (E)


Then, the emperor stares deeply at the princess.

Gathering his resolve, he finally says it–

[—I will dedicate my love to you. Please marry me.]






The silence lasted for a few moments.




In such an atmosphere, only the oxygen being pumped into the aquarium can be heard inside the matchmaking room.

[….Will you go camping with me as well…?] (M)

[Yes, ofcourse. We could even look for trenches and attack them together.] (E)

[Eh? No, but you are…?] (M)

[I have a medicine that could turn me into a fish.] (E)

[*Wink*] (E)




[Since we’ll be dealing with trenches, I guess it would be a fish from the deep sea. Or perhaps becoming a mackerel like the princess would be a better fit… I am not really well versed with the geography of the ocean, but do you have any ancient specie that you could recommend, princess?] (M)

‘I shall become what you wish.’

The emperor followed through with such a line before he bows and knelt in front of the fish tank.

Well, and so, as to the princess that’s been left speechless all this time…

[But – surely there would be some kind of protests if you’d transform into a fish…] (M)

[Let it be, time will teach them to accept it. People will eventually get used to it.] (E)


The gears inside the emperor’s head suddenly moved.

But the flow of the conversation didn’t wait for it and so his thoughts inevitably halted.

[…It is as your reputation suggests, you really are quite the open minded person.] (M)

[If you appreciate this side of me, then I guess it’s been worth all the trouble keeping such a mindset all these years.] (E)

[Not to mention… I thought it’s impossible for the people of the land to possess the technology to turn into a fish.] (M)

[Hahaha. I owe it to my retainer who I have no idea whether he came in whichever mountains or seas.] (E)

Hm? Hmm…?

But the conversation stops his thoughts once again.

[About the marriage… I accept. I can see myself falling crazily in love with you from here onwards, but… you better take all of it, okay?] (M)

[Yeah, give me all you got.] (E)

And so the marriage is finally decided.


The princess then giggles.

The emperor feels gratified and thankful that he’s able to make the princess laugh.

Then, as if all the tension has finally left her system, she happily talks to the emperor–

[As to what fish you would be, I’d say it would be the best to become the fish that you actually like. But even if I say that, I doubt you have adequate knowledge about the seas. Fufufufufu~. For starters, why don’t we take a boat and visit my home town? I’d let you meet everyone.] (M)

[Sure, it would be my pleasure… Oh, yeah. Just as I am not really familiar with the seas, isn’t the princess unfamiliar with the land as well?] (E)

The emperor then didn’t wait for the princess to answer.

[There’s a natural park in this country. It’s a pleasant place to live in and a lot of different animals reside there. We can take a look at it together if you’d like.] (E)

[Wow! Are there elephants too?] (M)

[Yeah. Not just elephants.] (E)

[Then, let’s!] (M)

[Nice. Now then…] (E)

The emperor checks the aquarium once again before he continues speaking.

[Let me arrange first how should the aquarium be carried. We have personnel that are good at this kind of thing so let me call for them.] (E)

[Oh, please don’t mind me. I am fine on my own.] (M)


The princess then suddenly transforms into a human being and leaves the aquarium casually.

[……….] (E)

[Ah, I’m sorry. I actually left my shoes elsewhere as I was afraid of dirtying the place… or rather, I left them to the guy with a monocle.] (M)

Just to make sure that he isn’t dreaming, the emperor recalls what happened once again.


The princess then suddenly transforms into a human being and leaves the aquarium casually.

[……..] (E)

[Hm…? Uhm, you see, if I don’t have my shoes… my feet are a little…] (M)


The emperor then sweeps the princess of her feet and carried her in his arms.

[Kyaa!] (M)

[You don’t like it?] (E)

[I-it’s not that I don’t like it! I was just surprised…] (M)

[I see. So you were surprised, huh.] (E)



The emperor then gaze deeply behind until the darkest depths of the princess and then–



[I was actually surprised as well. Very, very, well.] (M)




She has bright hair that’s a mix of silver, white and blue together and clothes decorated with linings in silver. Perhaps due to the hardcore camping she frequently do, her limbs are quite firm contrary to her majestic hue.

[…..] (E)

[…uhm… is there something…?] (M)

‘Seems like I’ve been staring too long, huh.’

And the princess seems to realize something.

[…Have I forgotten to mention that I can transform…?] (M)

[Yeah… Seriously….] (E)

[…Oh, so I forgot to mention it….] (M)

[Yeah… Seriously….] (E)

[I see…] (M)

The princess then can only awkwardly nod her head in agreement.




After which, she looks at him as she lay on his arms and said –

[Then, once again, I am the MERMAID princess of the Empire of the United Oceans, ******. Uhm, I’m sorry I got so carried away from our conversation and so…] (M)

But then, as she looks at him once more, with a grin that looks so happy, confused, and teasing, she said–

[But… I’m actually impressed. I didn’t expect for a land person, much more the emperor, to marry a mackerel as it is.] (M)

[…Yeah…] (E)




The princess was so right the emperor was left completely speechless.

But aside from that – he wasn’t able to keep his expressions hidden. It’s a complex mix of joy, relief, surprise, bewilderment, surrender, and embarrassment.

In other words, he feels very complicated.

But as he looks at his fiancé once again, he could only laugh and say–

[It’s all because of you. That’s how fascinated I am to you.]


Translator’s Notes:


This is a short story about a matchmaking of an emperor. Japan, even as today, has it’s Emperor on top of its leadership followed by a minister. So this context doesn’t really mean it’s the ancient/old era. Below are some Japanese things that are implied and not expressly stated so it would be nice if you can keep them in mind as you read. I enjoyed the read of this so I hope I can share the same. Have fun!

  1. Please understand that being late, even by normal Japanese standards, are shameful in itself. What’s more, matchmaking between monarchs have extremely strict etiquettes, so being late, well you get it.
  2. Monarchy matchmakings include checking of heritage, bloodlines, well net assets too. And other stuff as well depending on their levels.
  3. Kabedon is the act of putting someone’s back against the wall as you slam it and lean towards them. (Kabe = wall, Don = Sound you make when you slam the wall)

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