VF 34 – Raid and Resistance

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[I apologize for having you go out with me, my dear.] (Sasha)
[No, it’s alright. There are times when I’d like to meet up with my best friend as well so I understand.] (Calis)

Sasha’s condition is now getting stable. I took it up to myself to be her guard as we make our way to meet her best friend for a change of pace.

It’s not like I am not particularly busy myself but… when the people at the house didn’t allow me to go with my wife, I made sure to give them a firsthand taste of what a duke’s tantrums felt like until they comply. Well, if I have to say, it sure feels over the top for a duke to serve as a guard but… I really feel something fishy this time.

[Besides, how could I stop myself from taking the opportunity to spend more time with my beautiful wife.] (Calis)
[Muuuuu……] (Sasha)

Just as I was about to go lovey dovey with my cutely embarrassed wife, the carriage suddenly stops and a buzz reaches our ears from the outside. I can’t stop myself from having a deep sigh of regret but to help the worried look of my beloved wife, let’s use this handsome face of Calis and put her at ease with a smile.

[Fret not, Sasha. I’m here to protect you. Just let me check things for a bit.] (Calis)
[Dear… Even if you say that, I don’t want you to put yourself into danger…] (Sasha)

I am rolling in happiness deep inside hearing such a cheesy line from Sasha but still. To give her comfort, I gently give her a hug and a little whisper.

[It will be fine. But since you’re that worried, I’d really love to receive some kind of reward. A kiss from my Sasha, perhaps? If so, I’d definitely get back without even a scratch.] (Calis)

Sasha blushed so hard but she eventually gave me the nod. Seeing that, I asked the maid to look after her before going out of the carriage and there were the guards already suppressing the bandits to the ground.

Sigh… It really went as I expected. I turn towards the guy who looks like the leader and grabs his hair to lift his head.

[Who sent you here?] (Calis)
[You think I’d tell you?] (Bandit leader)
[Well, each and every single one of you will be eventually disposed of later but… my blood is boiling so bad that I’d have to personally beat you up to quell it out.] (Calis)

After saying so, I smash the man’s face to the ground. One, two, and several more times. The ground isn’t flat and littered by stones all around and I really made sure that it will hurt a lot. I have a lot of pent up stress too. I need to let them all out so you better suck it up.

But, why would Sasha’s carriage of all things be assaulted… I already have a hunch about it but it’s probably related to the otome game’s setting.

There are a total of five characters that can be conquered in the game. Of which, Laurel will be involved amongst the routes for the prince and her stepbrother, but… Here I was thinking that the step son I was supposed to get will just appear right in front of me then the conversation I had with the princess struck my head.

In the original story, it’s around this time that the carriage Sasha is riding will be attacked by thieves and will be the eventual cause of her death. Then, I will marry another woman which would let us bear the stepbrother that was supposed to be the target… Long story short, If I messed up, I might have lost my ever beloved wife.

What a devastating thought… If not for that princess, I won’t be able to figure this out, so I ought to thank her. Still, even without that, I make sure to thoroughly put measures whenever Sasha and Laurel go out so I’d still be able to prevent it… However, I won’t put my guard down regardless.

[How would you like to deal with them, Calis-sama?] (Guard)
[Torture each and every single one of them until they spill where is their hideout.] (Calis)
[Understood.] (Guard)

Now then, I was able to release some pent up stress so I feel somewhat refreshed. To think they’ll aim for Sasha… I’d thoroughly erase their traces in this world later. For now, I should have been able to avoid Sasha’s death and me having a second marriage. I’d keep my walls high but since we’ve got eyes on everyone who’s likely to instigate this attack, it should be fine.

[I’ll follow you right immediately after I have Sasha arrive to our destination.] (Calis)

After saying so, I took care of my expression and went back to my gentle demeanor before heading back to the carriage.

[I’m sorry for having you wait. We can go now.] (Calis)

[D-dear husband, thank heavens you’re not hurt.] (Sasha)

Sasha’s been so worried about me but… Goodness. I know that letting others worry about one’s self isn’t a commendable thing to do but — goodness, Sasha is just so damn cute.

This girl, the woman that I love… I was just about to lose her just now… this fear… I feel so glad I was able to protect her and be by her side. With such thoughts in mind, I show her a smile and lift my hand up and softly wipe the tears that dropped from Sasha’s eyes.

[I deeply apologize for having you worry. But its fine now.] (Calis)

[Then that’s good… As long as you’re safe then, for me, that’s more than enough.] (Sasha)

…Ah, this is bad… I WANT TO TAKE TO HER TO A BED THIS INSTANT! Ahhhhh, how can someone be this charming!? She’s my wife so there shouldn’t be any problems, right!? Ahgggggg.

With such turbulent thoughts inside, I was able to safely escort Sasha until we arrived.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Here is chapter 34 of V1!
  2. Uhm, I think the chapter 34 in v2 is more intense. Actually, I just thought that ‘hey, there are 2 chapters difference in v1 and v2, what can it do?’ until I read again and thought, ‘Simply you retard, if the otome game world correction gets implemented, things can be a lot different!’. Yes, ofcourse. What’s the best way to fix your previous loopholes? World setting.

    I didn’t notice this first but V1 didn’t have this sort of factor before. And since the second wife will not be wedded (for now), and there probably won’t be a stepbro, how will the world setting fix that? Also, if Sasha’s meant to die in the original story (which was not mentioned in v1), it could affect developments in V2! See!? We might miss a lot if I got too lazy! Huhu!
  3. Uhm, chapter 35 coming this week! Hehe, Let me first get back with the other 2 series!

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