VF 35 (v2) – Wiping out the Bandits

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[H-how could that be… All of them got caught, you say!?] (????)
[Yah. Seems like everyone that we sent was caught by the duke.] (?????)

My feet eventually stop as I hear such conversation unfold as I walk closer and closer to the hideout of the bandits. We’ve come across several watchmen along the way and I personally dealt with them. It’s not like I’m alone. I brought people with me from the estate as well to handle the clean up of these fugitives, but… If these crappy security would be enough to take me down then I’d rather bury myself six feet to the ground.

To be frank, I was planning to be lenient with them however… I guess if you bastards got any complaints, then go complain to the otome game’s devs. With that in mind, I step forward and introduce myself.

[A pleasure to see all of you, bandits.] (Calis)

All heads inside then look in my direction and the guy that seemed to be the bandit leader points his sword at me as he asks me suspiciously.

[Who the hell are you? Wait – how did you get here?] (Bandit leader)
[Oh, I entered just normally using your door over there. I dealt with all of those outside too so this should be all of your remaining friends.] (Calis)
[I-impossible! How many of us do you think are out there!?] (Bandit leader)
[Well, I’ve knocked out around a hundred and fifty, I guess? To be honest, I’d really love to massacre all of you but I cannot afford to touch my wife and daughter with these hands if you’d taint it with your filthy blood.] (Calis)

I don’t mind taking lives but… Imagining touching my beautiful wife and charming daughter with bloodied hands fills me with displeasure. Though, as we’re having such a conversation, a nearby bandit took the chance and slashed at me. I moved my body to avoid the incoming blade and use the back of my sword to deal with him.

[That guy!] (Bandit 1)
[Bastard!] (Bandit 2)

After seeing what happened, two more then came at me which I just casually handled the same way as they’re not on my level. For me to be able to say such things even after I retire… Absurd. Still, I really feel fortunate that I still have the power to protect myself and my family.

[W-what the hell’s the matter with you!? Why are you doing this to us!?] (Bandit #)
[Hm?] (Calis)

Why, you say? I thought that’s pretty obvious. Do I need any other reason aside from you guys attempting to lay your hands to my ever beloved wife? There’s also the fact that my head is getting heated up from fighting but there’s no need for you guys to know this stuff.

You’d think I’d let you know even my wife’s name? Never. It feels her name will get dirtied if any of you speak of it. Besides, if, by some chance, someone escaped and held a grudge after this, it could be more troublesome. Though I’ve brought people as well from the mansion, we can never be sure.

[Now then, there’s only nine of you remaining. I want to finish this as soon as possible so… would you mind surrendering yourselves? Not like it will change what’s about to happen but at least you won’t get hurt in the process?] (Calis)

Perhaps what I said got in their nerves instead as three of the remaining bandits simultaneously attacked me. I disarm each of their dominant hands using the back of my sword but… this is getting tiring. Maybe it would be better to cut off their limbs? But getting drench in these fellows’ blood feels more stupid so I better not.

[W-what’s with this guy!?] (Bandit leader)
[I’m just your typical old man with a cute daughter and wife.] (Calis)

Those were the last words of the bandit leader before he fainted and got carried away along with the other bandits. Just as I feel like taking a breather after finishing this job, my butler, Jake, which I didn’t call for, suddenly arrives.

[You’re here, Jake.] (Calis)
[I was thinking of asking Calis-sama to restrain himself but… it seems like it isn’t necessary.] (Jake)

Looking around the room after doing such a spectacle, I can’t help but sigh even knowing that I did it myself.

[Goodness… There’s no way I can let this kind of thing that eats away my time for my daughter and wife to keep happening.] (Calis)
[I was actually worried that Calis-sama might have returned to what he was like during his days as a knight in the military.] (Jake)
[Seriously?] (Calis)

I touched my face after hearing what Jake said and was surprised at how stiff it was. I can’t let Sasha and Laurel see what kind of expression I have right now so I better fix this first before I get back to the carriage. Just as I was trying to pull myself, Jake suddenly added.

[The madam and the young lady are worried and restless. Please make sure to apologize later.] (Jake)
[I’ll sure do. As expected, I’ve been causing them too much worry.] (Calis)

I guess I’ve done things too flashy so should I tell them? Or perhaps I could just tell them that something else happened and just follow it through from there.

Well, more importantly, with this campaign, we’ve wiped out the bandits and Sasha’s death flag should have already been prevented. All that’s remaining is breaking the flags set for Laurel. Yosh, let’s do this!

Regardless… All of that made me sweaty so I’m thinking of washing off first before I meet the two of them.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi, everyone! I just want to warn you ahead, but if you are the type who can’t clearly differentiate a canon from a fanfic , please don’t read further notes below so you can avoid confusion as to the difference in V1 and V2 of VF.
  2. Please click here for Ch. 35 and this for ch. 36 of V1
  3. Comparison: In V1, there’s this green haired boy that was supposed to be adopted by Calis if the original timeline in the game happened. Instead, after messing up things in v1, Calis will just teach him swordsmanship. This plot completely disappeared in chapter 34 of v2 since from there, Laurel is supposed to have a stepbrother from Calis’ 2nd wife. So long story short, as of chapter 35 of V2, the new version, green haired isn’t a thing. If you, for some reason, like him, then forget about him. For now. Pretend we didn’t hear anything about him. On to a further analysis, chapter 57 of V1 focuses on that boy. Since he is no longer in v2 as of yet, that chapter in V1 is not included in V2 too. That’s all, desu!

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