CCM 99 – Yo, Don’t Just Go Switching Topics

[Haaaa…. Haaa….] (Arios)

The training is finally reaching its climax.

My breaths are getting rougher and the sword in my hand already feels several times more heavier. Though, looking at Faruas, I can tell that he’s also experiencing the same.

[Fufufu… Hahahaha…] (Faruas)

Faruas’ body is now swaying left and right but then he just suddenly laughs.

[Arios, there’s not a lot of people who could actually compete with me at this level back in my days… You can be proud.] (Faruas)

[I don’t think I’m quite there yet though, to be honest.] (Arios)

[Hahaha… You don’t have to be so humble.] (Faruas)

Faruas spoke with a bitter smile on his face but at that moment —

His astral body started to slowly fade.

[F-Faruas-san… you…] (Arios)

[Don’t mind me. This is within our expectations.] (Faruas)

Faruas then stabilizes his posture as he returns his sword to his sheathe.

[Let’s settle this. At the rate we were going, you must have learnt at least a thing or two right?] (Faruas)

[Yeah… ofcourse.] (Arios)

As we swing our swords full heartedly in what you hardly so call ‘training’, my skill Cheat Code Manipulation actually went into an evolution.

My ability Attack Powers Up (Low) has now evolved to Attack Powers Up (Medium).

But even if it is now changed to medium, I can still use the low version according to my wishes. 

What’s more, I also learned the ability Water Attribute Magic – All Use which allows me to use all water attribute magic.

–But the fruit of my labor from this rigorous training doesn’t end there.

I also gained other things such as getting better proficiency in wielding Sword of Origin, the experience of keeping a strong mentality in the middle of an intense battle, and many more… Seriously, I gained so much things that can’t be just expressed in skill-like terms.

I can even feel it myself that my understanding of Sword of Origin has furtherly deepened.

[Ha… You learn things well, huh, Arios. I can feel you getting stronger and stronger as the battle goes on.] (Faruas)

[Haha… I appreciate the ancestor’s compliment.] (Arios)

[Chances are high that you’ll only get stronger from now. To the point that even I will not be able to keep up.] (Faruas)

Iya ya ya ya, ancestor-sama.

You’re expecting too much from me, y’know.

Oops, perhaps Faruas-san saw through my thoughts as he gave me a bitter smile.

[You’re still downplaying things, huh. But what I said is the truth. You are after all, a descendant of me, as well as the Goddess.] (Faruas)

[Huh?] (Arios)

[Hehehehe…] (Faruas)

Faruas sheepishly smiles at me as he brings out a crimson jewel. 

It’s exactly the same jewel that I’ve found from the corpses of the orc and bear that I fought before.

The stone gleams for a second before immediately losing its luster.

And then —-


[…W-where…] (Arios)

Before I knew it, we’re already in a different place. It’s just Faruas, and me.

The place is pretty desolate and not a single thing can be seen at all.

The scenery remains the same even at the ends of the horizon.

Out of all the spectators that have been watching us train earlier, there’s not a trace of any single villager that has reached my senses.

I guess we’re really just alone in this place.

[…..] (Arios)

I take a deep breath after getting a sense of what’s happening before putting back my sword.

[I guess the talks about the future is something that not anyone else can hear.] (Arios)

[Oh, you sure catch up fast. Correct.] (Faruas)

Faruas toys around with the jewel that’s still on his hand as he resumes speaking.

[You’ve already noticed, didn’t you? The shadow stone and the crimson jewel holds some kind of unfathomable powers.] (Faruas)

[Yeah… I’ve experienced them myself in more ways than I’d like.] (Arios)

Even Remira, the one who’s dubbed as the best magic enhancer, wasn’t able to identify the shadow stone’s real nature. 

According to her, that stone is something that is way beyond our current knowledge and technology. That maybe… it was a work of god itself.

[Let me get this straight. Shadow stones are creation of our one true nemesis — $%&&.] (Faruas)

[…huh?] (Arios)


Did I mishear him, perhaps?

[Tsk, as expected, there’s restrictions in place… that one’s really damn prepared.] (Faruas)

[By restriction, you mean… we can’t talk or mention even just its name?] (Arios)

[Yeah. It’s some kind of restriction where it messes up people’s perception so they will not be able to grasp even its name.] (Faruas)

What the?

It puts up a restriction that can even reach someone up to his perception? Hey, that alone is scary already.

[Don’t tell me… that’s the kind of enemy that Faruas-san and the others had fought before?] (Arios)

[Yeah. We were able to repel it in our last battle a thousand years ago, but we were not able to completely destroy it.] (Faruas)

[That’s…] (Arios)

It was able to escape even on its dying breath from Faruas’ clutches?

Just how terrifying is that enemy!

[Well, that being the case, looks like I won’t be able to tell you everything. But… just the fact the administrating goddess of this world, Dies, wasn’t able to deal with that enemy by herself should already give you a rough idea of how horrifying the enemy we’re up against, right?] (Faruas)

[Yeah… I sure do…] (Arios)

[The shadow stone is a remnant that was left behind by that nemesis. That’s why it can create phenomena that can’t be explained by anyone yet in this world.] (Faruas)

[….] (Arios)

[Then, to prepare against the eventual rising of the shadow stones, the Goddess left behind these crimson jewels. For the sake of the hero that will certainly appear one day.] (Faruas)

[Hero…] (Arios)

[And that hero… is you, Arios.] (????)

Goddess Dies… It’s been a while…

[But you…] (Arios)

[Long time no see, Arios.] (Dies)

The pinnacle of all kinds of legends and myths — Dies, the goddess, smiles at me. But there’s something in her ethereal image that caught my attention.

[Please forgive me. We would really love to tell you everything about what’s going to happen but… I can only appear as an astral projection, thus my time is very limited…] (Dies)

[No, it’s fine… More importantly…] (Arios)

The other day, I was able to experience being an astral body myself.

Everything feels so hazy and uncomfortable. What’s more, it’s more tiring and draining than normal.

That’s why I appreciate her coming into this place herself knowing how heavy of a burden it is.

–but yeah, more importantly, that’s not the thing I want to talk about.

[Goddess-sama… Don’t tell me…] (Arios)

[Oh, right.] (Dies)

The Goddess slowly walks toward me before her warm hand falls to my cheeks.

[Arios Makuba… While it’s true that you are Faruas Makuba’s descendant… You’re also mine.] (Dies)

[….what the?] (Arios)

No way…

Really…? Is this really happening?…

[Then, the reason why the shadow stone’s can’t run rampant around me is because…?] (Arios)

[Yes. Divine blood is running in your veins that can negate the shadow stone’s uncontrollable rampage.] (Dies)

[….] (Arios)

Are you kidding me…

It didn’t occur to me even in my wildest dreams that I’d be hearing such things.

[And so… to prepare for what lies ahead, we decided to leave everything to our descendants. Cheat Code Manipulation… It’s the embodiment of the divine powers that I left behind. For our descendant that shall remain humbly standing even against the slimmest of odds. And that’s you, Arios.] (Dies)

[……] (Arios)

[Fufufufu… Please give my regards to Viin as well. That child is a bit mischievous but I can guarantee its capabilities.] (Dies)

[Haha… sure, I’ll do so.] (Arios)

And right after…

A soft sensation envelops my cheek. 

A warmth I can’t really explain fills my body even after the Goddess’ lips leave my skin.

[As frustrating as it is, we really can’t move as much as we want to. It pains us as well to leave everything on your hands, but…] (Dies)

[Please, don’t mention it. I’m alright.] (Arios)

I reflect on the words of the Goddess before turning to her.

[Afterall, there are also people that I want to protect by my own will. There’s Rei, Em, Mary… and other people that now had already been irreplaceable to me. For their sake, I’ll do my best to win.] (Arios)

[Nice. That’s the Sword Saint I’m talking about. Moreover, don’t you dare waste our bloodline. Don’t neglect those ladies’ affections around you, you hear me?] (Faruas)

[….hm?] (Arios)

How did our conversation suddenly go in that direction?

[Ladies, you say? Who and what are we talking about exactly?] (Arios)

[…Damn… Looks like you’ve inherited even my biggest faults…] (Faruas)

[Fufu… you were pretty terrible yourself during your days, Faruas-san.] (Dies)

[Enough. Let’s just forget about that.] (Faruas)

Faruas then sighs exhaustively after hearing the Goddess’ sudden jab.

Though… Really, what are we talking about? I can’t really follow.

[…Enough with the jokes. More importantly, make sure you take care of that kid Em. She’ll need a strong pillar to lean on.] (Faruas)

[Em, huh… Understood.] (Arios)

[Good. That’s more like it.] (Faruas)

Faruas then firmly grips my shoulder as he flashes me a really big smile.

[Now then, let’s meet again some time, Arios… This era, we’ll leave it to you.] (Faruas)

Translator’s Notes:

  1. IDK where to react first in this chapter to be honest. So Arios is a demi-god, yeah sure, but I want to applaud my boy Faruas for still being so proud even after a thousand years that he actually conquered the goddess. lol. That laugh before they vanish got me smirking y’know. lol.
  2. I’m sorry but I don’t think I can’t really reply to all the comments from the previous months! But, I’ve seen as well and noted everyone’s support and I really appreciate it! Thank you, everyone!

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