VF Extra – Status and 2 Versions Review

Hi, everyone! This is Simply coming back! Sorry if you’ve waited for an update for so long. As you all know, I struggled these past couple of years IRL so to finally break out from it, first, I changed careers, then, changed environment. And when I say change, like a whole level of change! So the agony before taking this final step had been way too grueling and tedious!

I am now currently working on deskwork, behind a computer, away from all people, and moved out to the other side of the world, literally! From South East Asia, to the Caribbean! To the point that the time zones are completely opposite! Hihi. It was exciting at first but the preparation for visas, immigration, formalities, and preparing my own stuff had been so tedious! In fact, I wasn’t even able to read most of the translations I’ve been following too! T.T Good thing I stacked up Trash of the Count’s Family (TCF) during the long 35 hours (including waiting hours during connecting flights) of my flight so it had been bearable. Oh, oh, don’t suggest any other novels for now! I might not be able to translate if I got hooked up to another series! Bwehehehehe

That being said, it’s now been three weeks since I moved and started a new job. The island life isn’t that exciting anymore after 15 days but hey, it gives me a lot of time for myself so it isn’t that bad! I think I’m now adopting better to daily life compared to before so I checked VF since I now have some time. Now then, for the review!


The original webnovel was posted in Syosetsu but stopped in chapter 150 in July 2019. The novel is far from over by this chapter but a decisive plot had already happened in here. I won’t post what actually happened since it will be a major spoiler if things don’t change but it could be one of the reasons why the author decided to stop and release it once again to another novel hosting site, Kakuyomu.

For reference, if it’s romance novel, I prefer Kakuyomu. All else, I prefer Syosetsu. I actually found new novels to read in Syostetsu too actually!!!! But I stopped myself as I need to focus on VF. Review VF! Review VF! Still, I read quite a few chapters though. Bwehehehe.

Getting back, we will now refer to Syosetsu version as ‘V1’ and the Kakuyomu version as ‘V2’. The first difference that I noted is in chapter 33. For the link of the chapter of Syosetsu translation, please click this. It is a translation from Mistakes Were Made-san. At the end of this chapter, Calis’ father warned him about a certain noble (won’t mention to avoid spoiler). In V2, everything is the same except for the last line. The author actually removed the foreshadow from V1. Then, the major change happen in ch. 34 of V2. I thought it isn’t that big of a deal as the future chapters were the same as V1. But then realization struck me so hard! So, anyway, I am now translating first the chapter 34 of V2. I will give my impression on the TL Note of the chapter. I will put the link as well of chapter 34 of V1 in there so you can compare.

For future reference. V1’s chapter 34-36 are completely different to V2. It’s replaced by chapters 34-35 of V2. The versions got in sync again in V1’s chapter 37 and V2’s chapter 36.

As of now V2 is still rewriting the story and is now in Ch.125 which was released July 5, 2022. This chapter did not appear in V1 too. I think. I haven’t read V2 until the latest chapter as I am now planning to translate in V2 from chapter 74 onwards so I think it makes no sense to review the future chapters to v1.

Now, now. Why would I translate the previous chapters first rather than just moving forward? Well, first, I thought I’d just skip the changes to be honest and just put on TL notes if I notice anything. But I am also just a humble reader. I don’t think it would be fair for me to skip something just because I don’t feel like doing it. Also, what if there are crucial foreshadows there that suddenly pop off and we don’t all know what happened cos Simply is so dang lazy!? Right!? Like chapter 34, RIGHT!? CONTRARY TO WHAT YOU SAID FROM THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER 5 MONTHS AGO, RIGHT!?

Anyway, chapter 34 is coming in less than an hour! I can’t put this as a TL Note cos its gosh damn long. lol! If you’ve been reading my previous TL’s before, you probably have a good idea already of what kind of a person I am. Dang! And I’m really thankful you’re still here with me! Good to see yah again!

Coffee for Simply~.

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  1. Welcome back Simply! Sounds like your life has been pretty hectic, but I’m so glad you’ve now got enough breathing room that you can start translating this again!

    1. It was! But things are getting better and I am just so grateful that there’s still people reading here as well despite my long rest. Thank you!

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