MK 011 – Father’s Summons Part 2

Whether it’s the father who’s been threatening his son for his allowance, and the shivering son who’s clearly threatened of not being able to receive his allowance, neither of those hardly matters as to why all of the Gurion family meet up.

[Dear, calm down.] (Tina)

It isn’t usual for Arson to lose his calm so upon his wife’s reminder for him to tone it down, he can only control his emotions and let his frustrations get out of his system with a sigh.

*sighs* (Arson)

[Haaa… Anyway, it’s about princess Milika.] (A)

‘Why would Princess Milika’s name pop out all of a sudden?’

Kunon is confused about how his fiancée is related to the aristocratic school and the possible confiscation of his allowance.

[You might not be able to understand it for now but as her fiancé, you must fulfill your obligation as a noble. Otherwise, it will be tough for both of you in the noble circle as your positions might get jeopardize if you don’t attend the aristocratic school as the kingdom’s law dictates. Kunon, if her highness Milika’s honor and position is questioned because of you, would that sit well with you?] (A)

[…I see… so that’s what this is all about…] (Kunon)

Kunon and Milika’s relationship is actually going great.

It was awkward for the both of them during the beginning when they were first betrothed. But now, they recognize each other as the person they’ll marry in the future.

At the very least, Kunon has no reason to refuse.

[Tina and I believe that you can now fulfill that obligation as her fiancé. That’s why we would like you to think about the school.] (A)

Arson, the head of the family, consulted with his wife first before asking Kunon.

After all, this is something they weren’t able to – or perhaps they couldn’t afford to ask Kunon from what he was before.

Back then, they thought that he’d remain cooped up in his detached living space for the rest of his life without any intention of stepping out into the world. 

And if Milika gets married to him, she’ll have to accompany him for the rest of his life… or perhaps leave him alone despite them being legally intertwined.

They’ve already foreseen such depressing things happening to the children in the future.

But things have now changed.

Kunon right now isn’t the same child who’d shut himself in his own little world. He’s even trying to learn what it’s like outside their estate and kingdom by continuously buying articles and books.

Arson knows that Kunon’s allowance is getting all used up for such expenses.

He also knows that his wife spoils their youngest son by giving him a small extra when he loses all the money in his pockets.

He is certain that Kunon will spread his wings towards the great big world because of magic.

Tomorrow, or maybe next year – he isn’t sure. But his faith in his son is indubitable.

So to prepare for that day, Arson would like to use this opportunity to lay some foundation.

Perhaps this would be the trigger for Kunon to learn firsthand and explore more about the outside world.

[It’s because of that obligation we have as nobles… so that’s why you’re asking me if I would like to attend school, is it?] (Kunon)

Kunon, however, doesn’t want to attend such a place even in his wildest dreams.

His parent’s concerns don’t reach him at all. Perhaps it is still really early for a nine year old to be exposed to such problems and implications that his parents are trying to avoid and the opportunity they want to present.

But still, Kunon gives it a thought.

‘Yeah, it will be troublesome for sure. But if it’s for Milika, then I could only concede at this point.’

He is still in the middle of his journey to achieve his dreams and gain vision using magic.

He finds it regrettable that his lifestyle for the couple of years would get ruined, but if it’s for Milika, he’d at least be willing to take some detour as he pushes through his journey.

[No. Like I said earlier, I believe you don’t have any need to attend the school’s lectures anymore.] (Arson)

Kunon was already trying to accept the miserable faith that awaits him when his father suddenly interrupted.

[What I want you to do is to take the promotion exams.] (Arson)

[Promotion exams?] (Kunon)

[The Aristocratic School is open for children of nobles from ages six to fourteen. There is no timeline prescribed when a child’s education is deemed complete and already exemplary but they need to take the promotion exams to be able to graduate from the academy. The fastest ones were able to graduate just a few days after they attended the school while others take their time and learn at their leisure.] (Arson)


Kunon then sorts the things his father said inside his head.

‘I just need to pass the promotion exams then I don’t need to attend the school’s lectures.’

‘This must be related to  what Flara-sensei said earlier.’

According to Baroness Flara, Kunon already completed the curriculum of the aristocratic school.

That means, Kunon is already equipped with the right knowledge to pass the promotion exams and graduate without taking anymore lectures.

‘So that’s why Father said there’s no need for me to attend but just take the exams instead.’

[So that means I can pass the exam if I take it?] (Kunon)

[There are five promotion examinations you need to undergo. Ixio will be graduating once he passes his next one.] (Arson)

[Ohhh. So big brother’s already about to graduate, huh.] (Kunon)

‘If I remember correctly, he first attended school when he was seven years old.’

‘Now that he’s twelve, that means he’s been in school for four years.’

Ixio, who’s just been listening earlier, wasn’t able to help himself but look at his little brother after he mentioned him.

[Princess Milika will be eligible to graduate as well after she finishes her next exam. I think she’ll be graduating at the same time as me.] (Ixio)

–Ixio, deep inside, wants to be able to attend the same school with his little brother even in just a short span of time.

Because once Ixio graduates from the aristocratic school, he will be attending the advanced school for nobles after this year’s spring.

As the eldest son of the house, he has to prepare himself to succeed their father by learning more from the school of nobles and helping his father with his job as a marquis.

Kunon, meanwhile, will surely be enrolling in the magic academy. If they can’t attend school together right now, then all of this would just Ixio’s pipe dream.

[Then… would it be fine if I’d be able to graduate with you both? Not that I’m sure if I’ll pass all the exams though.] (Kunon)

‘I’ve never been in the school before and it would be the first time I’d actually take an exam, after all.’

But since her teacher Flara already told Kunon that he already learned everything in the aristocratic school curriculum, then he should have a fair chance in overcoming this hurdle.

 ‘Well, if I won’t be able to pass by then, I’ll just cross that bridge when I get there.’

Kunon thought so as he didn’t even bother stressing himself out about this so called examinations.

But looking back, if it was the previous young child he was, the whole world may crash but he will not even try.

[Ehhh!? You’re going to school!?] (Milika)

It’s been a few days since the family met.

Milika Yuguria, who has an obligation to meet her fiance’ once every two weeks, was told that Kunon will be attending the school for the next few days. 

[Yeah. I’m just going there to take the promotional exams though.] (Kunon)

[Well, well, well! Isn’t that nice, Kunon-kun!? We’d be able to go to school together!] (Milika)

[Really? To be honest I don’t really understand anything about school you know.] (Kunon)

Kunon knows that Milika is excited about the news even though he can’t see her.

The way she’s been stroking the cat-shaped water ball in her arms seems more energetic than normal after all. Still, Kunon doesn’t really have any clue about what he should do in this so-called ‘aristocratic school’.

[You will be fine! Your onee-san here will take care of you!]

Milika is two years older than Kunon. For the two years that have passed, she’d greatly embraced this onee-san identity with Kunon as they grew.

[Oh, then I’ll be under your care.] (Kunon)

[Yeah! Leave everything to me!] (Milika)

[I’m a bit concerned  though.] (Kunon)

[Eh…? Is there anything you’re worrying about?] (Milika)

[–I mean, if people saw you Princess Milika going to school together with me, won’t the boys who like you get furious?] (Kunon)

[e..? Ah…  Y-yeah, Uhm, uhh… I don’t think that’s something we need to be worried about…]

Milika doesn’t know how to react after such a curveball by Kunon.

‘W-what should I tell him…?’

She’s lost, confused, and too embarrassed to answer.

[Hm? Don’t tell me, y-you don’t have any admirers…? How could…] (Kunon)

[Of course I do! What are you saying!? I’m popular, you know!? I’m still a princess after all! There’s as many boys who like me as the fingers in my right hand!] (Milika)

‘So there’s about five of them, I guess.’

Kunon wasn’t sure if that number is quite a lot or too few for someone who claimed herself to be popular but —

‘I’ll definitely bring my cane.’

Kunon already decided to bring his weapon.
He was just trying to joke earlier but it seems that he might really receive resentment from some people so he’d make sure to bring his cane and be prepared for an actual battle.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Ahihihihi. I just read the manga and I think it’s doing the novel justice! I hope that pace continues!
  2. To be honest, I think it’s weird to be on the receiving end of affection when you aren’t doing exactly anything but existing. I guess that’s because I’m just not too beautiful. *sobs* JK! Anyway, good for Milika to still receive admirers even though she’s already engaged and betrothed! Kunon’s threatened in a different sense though. xD

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