MK 010 – Father’s Summons Part 1

[—Kunon-sama, the master is asking for your presence.] (Iko)

The handmaiden calls out to Kunon as he is having dinner.

[Hm? As in right now?] (Kunon)

Kunon asks back as he’s munching his sandwich while reading an article regarding magic. 

[I was told that it would be fine even after you finish your dinner.] (Iko)

By master, it must be the head of the Gurion’s household. In other words, Kunon’s father. It seems like he wants to talk to him.

Kunon still lives separately from his family.

They do visit him once a while but it’s pretty rare for him to be called out to go to the main mansion of the family.

[Did I do something wrong…?] (K)

The last time he was summoned by his father was back in summer.

For the sake of his experimentation, he splashed a large amount of colored water over the wide landscape of their garden.

As a result, the garden was dyed red as if it’s bathed in a sea of blood resulting in screams and panic from the servants to the very members of Kunon’s family.

‘I can now maintain the color of the water without infusing anymore mana to it. I wonder for how long and how much water can I do it?’

Such thoughts were running in Kunon’s mind before he struck it.

He asked the gardener for permission of which he agreed.

But after seeing the bloodbath brought upon by their young master—

[H-how could this be…] (Gardener)

He can only cry seeing what happened to his handiwork.

It must have been something that went beyond the word crazy.

And when his father got home, he was so flabbergasted and so mad at the sight of their garden sparkling in red even under the veil of the night and called for Kunon right that instant.

He was scolded. Quite terribly.

He explained that it was just an experiment and it wouldn’t cause any harm but he was ordered to fix the bloodbath of a garden immediately.

[I don’t think you’ve done anything that’s worth scolding as of late, though? You’ve learned your lesson after that bloodbath after all. I was scolded as well even though I haven’t done anything.] (I)

[‘Let’s do it!’, you said. You’re not as innocent as you think.] (K)

[I mean, no one told you to be so earnest about it.] (I)

[‘If you’re gonna do it, then do it like you mean it’, is what you said, no?] (K)

[You were too earnest about it.] (I)

And as they try to shift the blame from one another right in front of Kunon’s father just like that earlier, little do they know that they’re just adding more fuel to the fire.

[But personally speaking, I don’t hate such things, you know?] (I)

[Me too. Everyone’s surprised about it, right? Everyone’s been living peacefully for too long so it isn’t that bad to throw some surprise at them even once in a while.] (K)

But more importantly, Kunon was able to gather data from this experiment.

‘So people are surprised when they’re suddenly shown a sea of blood, huh.’

Even if Kunon was terribly scolded, he’s more than satisfied after learning of this information.

—But yes, Kunon perhaps became too cheerful and perhaps naughty.

Kunon makes his way to the main mansion after he finishes his dinner together with Iko.

[It’s getting cold.] (I)

The main mansion is a bit far so they need to walk some distance.

On the way to the main mansion, there’s a flat pavement wide enough for one person to walk through it. It was made specifically for Kunon so he can walk on it normally with the help of his cane.

It is currently in the middle of winter.

And during the nights, the winds blow colder.

Kunon’s lifestyle remains the same regardless of the season. But at times like this, he gets reminded that time actually flows.

[Hey, can you pull that out? You know, that.] (I)

[Hm? Oh.] (K)


With a snap of Kunon’s fingers, water balls as big as a person’s head suddenly appeared.

There are two of them.

One of them floats in front of Kunon blocking the wind that’s coming to his face.

The other one is floating behind him in front of his handmaiden.

[So waarmmmm~~ *fluff* *fluff*] (I)

[It’s a water ball I arranged to have a little more warmth than body temperature and a really soft and flexible texture. In other words, an improvised heat pack.] (K)

The handmaiden loves it.

The fluffy water which transforms its shape with just a slight touch gives her satisfaction every time she plays with it.

‘Milika likes it as well. Perhaps girls just generally like fluffy things.’

In the summer, Kunon lowers its temperature. 

And to note, it is something that isn’t just famous among the women… it’s just way too comfortable and convenient.

[We’ve been waiting for you, Kunon-sama.] (Baren)

[Un.] (K)

Baren, the house’s butler, was waiting for him by the door when Kunon arrived.

Baren led him to the main house towards the reception room where guests are normally welcomed.

The butler knocks on the door and said–

[Kunon-sama has arrived.] (B)

[Come in.]

From here onward, it will just be Kunon and his lonesome.

Leaving his handmaiden and the butler behind him, he opened the door and entered the reception room.

[Have you called for me, Father — oh, there’s also Mother and Brother?]

Once he enters, he’s welcomed by everyone in the Gurion family.

His father, Arson.

His mother, Tinaliza.

And his older brother, Ixio.

His parents visit him once a week but it’s really been a long time since he met his brother.

But Kunon knows.

Even though his brother doesn’t meet up with him, Ixio often comes around his place to check and look at him from a distance.

–Based on what Kunon heard from his handmaiden, Ixio frequently played with Kunon outside when they were still small until one day, Ixio took him out and Kunon fell, resulting in him getting hurt. From that day onwards, Ixio became worried on how he should approach his brother.

‘How is it to be blind?’

It was at that moment that Ixio’s young heart somehow understood how difficult it was.

Kunon, however, doesn’t remember such times.

He already lost count of how many times he fell he can’t bother himself to remember any of them.

[Take a seat, Kunon.] (Arson)

[Thank you.] (K)

Kunon then moves toward the seat beside his brother without a hinder. 

It was as if he could actually see.

But the truth is Kunon, after rigorously training himself everyday, can distinguish each and every color within this enclosed space.

‘My parents are across the table that’s in front of me and brother’s beside here.’

[Have you learned all the lessons from the Aristocratic School?] (A)

[Yes. That’s what Ms. Flara had said.] (K)

Baroness Flara Garden is Kunon’s academical teacher. 

Once Kunon learned to ‘read’ characters, his learning curve immediately went higher.

The person himself, however, only thinks of finishing those lectures immediately so he can focus and train his magic faster.

[I’ve asked this before but do you have any intention of attending school?] (A)

[None. I think I’d only cause trouble and gather unnecessary attention if I go there.] (K)

‘If that’s the case here in our house, how much more outside? I’d probably be a bother to more people than now.’

Or so what Kunon might have thought before.

Kunon, however, currently believes he can now attend the school as much as any other boy.

His goals lie elsewhere though and going to school is by no means relevant to it so he isn’t interested.

[I wonder if I told you before… for the record, you’re technically an enrolled student in the aristocratic school, Kunon.] (A)

[Oh, I heard of it. But not from you, Father. Flara-sensei told me before.] (K)

They talked about it in one of their lectures before.

She asked Kunon why don’t he try going to school when he could do so anytime. She must have believed that Kunon’s now capable of attending school too.

Ofcourse, Kunon clapped back with a ‘I don’t feel like going.’.

[If I’m not mistaken, children of nobles are obligated to attend school or something like that.] (K)

[Correct. But considering your circumstances, the King himself exempted you from that obligation so you should be fine without attending their lectures. I personally believe that the current you don’t have the need to do so as well. I just want you to keep on pursuing what you’re doing.] (A)

That is how supportive Kunon’s father is.

It is certain that he’s also doing other things that help Kunon without the boy knowing.

[So, I want you to think about it.] (A)

[About how I use my allowance?] (K)

[No, not your allowance.] (A)

[But Father, you’re always complaining about it. It might look like I’m splurging but I’m actually spending it wisely.] (K)

[Like I said, it’s not about your allowance.] (A)

[Father, you know, I do appreciate how much you work hard for this family. Thank you very much.] (K)

[Just stop already! I already said it’s not about the money!] (A)

[I’m sorry for that bloody sea.] (K)

[That! I already let it slide but the next time you do something like that, you better say goodbye to your allowance for two months!]


Kunon trembled after hearing the words that terrifies him the most.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. This line ‘Everyone’s been living peacefully for too long so it isn’t that bad to throw some surprise at them even once in a while.’, I really want to insert the clip here from AoT when Armin was narrating!
  2. Spoiler alert – There’s a line here, a subtle one, that must have been a foreshadowing of what Kunon becomes… I just realized I overlooked it before! OMG! xD Now re-reading this WN made my heart once again flutter. Ahihi

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