MK 12 – First Day of School

[—Oh my!! Who’s this handsome guy!? You look like the spitting image of a prince on a white horse from fairy tales and alike! Hm? Oh my goodness, isn’t it just Kunon-sama!?]

In response to his handmaiden fangirling to his side, Kunon–


Handsomely pulls and tightens his loose bow tie before saying–

[It appears I cannot hide my true identity any longer. I apologize for keeping it a secret until now.]








Ixio, who’s watching his younger brother and handmaiden laugh at each other, could only awkwardly look at the pair as he tries to understand what they’re talking about.

‘—…has my younger brother always been like this..?’

Ixio, however, could only keep such doubts in his mind.

[Greetings, older brother. It’s me, the one who just became the spitting image of all the princes on the white horse that all the books talk about, Kunon, has arrived.]


‘…how am I supposed to reply to that…?’

Ixio, who’s now on the receiving end, can only feel confused and mutter a nonsensical reply.

Today is the day that Kunon will go to school.

It’s been several days since he talked with his family.

And a few days after which he talked with Milika as well.

The morning of the fateful day is finally here.

His father went and discussed the matters with the school and finalized his examinations’ schedule while his mother, who seemed to have lost control of her worries and affection for her youngest son, went all out in taking care of Kunon’s outfit and clothes.

In all honesty, Kunon looked like he’s going to some kind of an extravagant party.

Well, to be fair, such appearance shouldn’t be unusual considering they are actual aristocrats. 

And for Kunon, even if he’s told he’d be attending a formal entrance ceremony of their school, it won’t matter for him whatever he’s actually dressed with.

It’s very early in the morning when Kunon arrived at the main mansion where Tinaliza personally arranged his hair and clothes.

Standing by at the entrance is Kunon’s handmaiden, Iko, and his older brother, Ixio.

‘…Maa, maa, as I expected, fufufu.’

Ixio felt like he’s hearing things like that but he decided it’s better to ignore it and pretend there’s actually nothing standing with him on the side. 

That’s how it went before Ixio was baffled by that weird exchange.

To be fair, it’s been a while since Ixio was able to actually talk with Kunon and he feels a little bit tense.

[Be safe!]

–Tinaliza, the mother who thought that there would never come a day where she’ll witness both of her sons walking together side by side, couldn’t help but cry as she bid them goodbye.

[Oh, wait.]

And before they boarded the carriage, Kunon went back down.

[—*[A ・Ori]*. Now that’s better. Yep. We’ll be back, mother.]

He casted water balls on the wheels of the carriage and changed its properties to a hard elastic water like jelly to serve as cushion before he gets back inside.

There was a day when Kunon’s father went back home with his back injured because of the intense shaking of the carriage. From there on, Kunon made an arrangement to modify his water ball and made it to serve as a cushion.

[Magic’s really convenient, isn’t it?] (I)

[Yeah. It’s so convenient that even someone like me would be able to get job opportunities.] (K)

‘–Rather than job opportunities, I’m sure those jobs will be begging for you.’ (Ixio)

The carriage moved smoothly as Ixio kept his thoughts inside his mind.

[Hey… are you really okay with this?] (I)

Ixio called out to Kunon who’s currently looking at the window even though he supposedly doesn’t have vision.

[Hm?] (K)

Kunon is currently wearing a stylish eye patch that covers both of his eyes. Being called out, he turns at his brother.

As for why Kunon’s wearing an eye patch–

‘I can’t use my eyes anyway, so whatever.’

‘Besides, the air’s just making it dry. And it even hurts when dust and bugs go into my eyes.’

[I’ve gotten a bit stronger so I think I’ll be fine.] (K)

–Kunon’s words we’re short but they’re clearly precise.

Indeed. Strength boosts one’s confidence. And it’s confidence that gives people the drive to move forward with their heads raised. 

It’s only Ixio, who’s known what Kunon actually was before, still can’t adapt to the growth of his younger brother.

[I’ve caused you a lot of worries too, didn’t I? Big brother, you actually blame yourself whenever I fall down when we’re little, right? I’m alright now, you know. It’s true that I wanted to die before but now, no matter what happens, I want to continue and live on.] (K)

[…I see. That’s great.] (I)

He’s really gotten stronger.

Not just physically, but even stronger is his mental fortitude.

[Big brother, I’m talking about something like a worldwide destruction you know. If everyone dies, then even if it’s just me, I’d see to it that I’ll have the strength to survive. I’m sorry, brother. But I’ll continue to live on. You will always have a place in my heart though.]

[…I see. That’s great.]

And so, once again, Ixio’s getting bothered by doubts and thoughts whether his brother is originally someone who talks like this and that.

‘For better or for worse, magic did really change him.’


‘But this side of him… It’s probably all that handmaiden’s fault… Oh, no, she must have been really crucial and important for Kunon to grow. Yeah, surely. Must be… right?’

Moments passed and the unusually stable carriage had smoothly arrived in front of the school.

[Do you need a hand?]

They talked with each other to pass the time but that period was enough to bridge the gap between the brother’s bonds. And before they noticed, the carriage finally stopped. They have reached their destination.

Ixio went down first and asked Kunon if he needed a hand, of which the younger brother politely declined.

Kunon went off the carriage as if he could actually see the step and the ground which convinced Ixio that his brother doesn’t really need his assistance.

[—Kunon-kun! Ixio-sama!]

A girl then calls out to the siblings as the carriage went back.

It’s Milika.

She’s been waiting at the front gate of the school today knowing that it will be Kunon’s first day.

[Good morning, your highness. Goodness, how blessed am I to hear your captivating voice this early. Would you allow me to receive your grace for half a day?]

[Good morning to you too, Kunon-kun. You’re wearing quite a cute bow tie today!]

[Oh? Is it cuter than you, princess?]

[Of course not.]

[Thank goodness. Otherwise I’d tear this bowtie to pieces and throw it all away.]

Milika, who’d somehow gotten familiar with how Kunon speaks, easily brushes off his jokes like they’re actually nothing.

[Good morning, your highness.] (I)

‘These two are quite the pair, huh.’

Ixio thinks so as he looks at his younger brother and the princess in front of him.

—He then realized that even though they are related by blood, he’d lost to Milika in terms of closeness with his sibling.

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    c. I was actually looking for another series to translate. But I found no MCs more adorable than Kunon. So I just can’t let go.
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