VF 125 – Distance and Compassion

[Uhm, D-du— Father, am I perhaps heavy?]

Seryu-sama’s excitement finally cools down as he asks embarrassingly.

[No need to worry. How do you like the scenery over there?] (Calis)

[Uhm… It’s so high I can see a lot.] (Seryu)

I can’t really force myself to talk to him in a more father-like way but at least we’re able to exchange simple questions and answers. That should be good enough.

If I must say so, I am indeed quite tall. It’s to no one’s wonder that a person would be able to see a lot of things if they sit on top of my shoulder. It’s just that I never thought that a day would come that it’s the crown prince, Seryu-sama, who’ll be the one to do so.

I’ve done it together with Laurel quite a few times before but she prefers being carried around in my arms better. She’s even hanging tightly to me right now as I’m talking with Seryu.

Oh dear, my daughter sure is clingy but that’s part of her charms too!

[Father…] (Laurel)

[Is something the matter?] (C)

[Father… father’s favorite should only be me…] (L)

[Oh… of course, dear.] (C)

…I really want to pat and pamper Laurel right now but I held myself back and gave her a smile.

Laurel probably has some thoughts regarding this setting where Serena-sama and Seryu-sama are to pretend to be my children.

But she bears with it and went along with the circumstances. But I guess her frustrations are now building up that she can’t just keep it all to herself any longer.

Oh dear, what am I supposed to do with my cute daughter?

I believe that even if people don’t talk to each other, if they have great understanding with one another, their thoughts can be transmitted without the need of words.

That’s what I believed in when I smiled at Laurel. And it seems like she was able to understand my thoughts as she smiled back at me in relief while cuddling into my arms a little bit closer than before.

[Fufufu, you sure are popular, Father~.] (Serena)

The princess sure didn’t miss the chance to give me a tease though.

[Father’s just too busy so we can’t usually have the time to spend with each other so I’m really glad that you took the three of us out today on this outing.] (Serena)

It might seem that these words are directed at me from a third person’s point of view, but in truth, I think she’s trying to tell me the reality of Seryu and the princess’ situation as a family.

Having your father as the king, who’s probably the busiest man in this kingdom, I guess it is to be expected for the siblings to rarely get a chance to speak with him. Let alone bond and go to an outing.

That’s probably the reason why the prince was overjoyed when I lifted him on top of my shoulders… and that might be the reason as well why he was hesitant to ask in the first place.

But the prince aside… The thought of spoiling this princess who has the soul of a fully grown woman living in the body of a young child just gives me the chills! As much as I want to stay away from her… it seems she finds me somehow interesting so I get this feeling that it would be very difficult for me to avoid meeting her in the future…

I can only imagine her bringing nothing but trouble. But, since there are times that I find her knowledge necessary, and her actually being a friend of Laurel, I just have to capitalize and make the most out of it if I’d have no way of avoiding her.

[I’m sorry for letting you down. Come, I’ll take this chance to make up with you and play a lot.] (C)

There’s also the fact that our interests coincide in some aspects of our lives… the thought that it’s inevitable for me to interact with this princess just saddens me further.

That being the case, there’s really no helping it. Anyway, the princess seems to be in a good mood knowing that I’d still play with Seryu even though she knows I plan in prioritizing Laurel.

And while having that exchange and thoughts inside my mind, Laurel cuddles happily in my embrace as Seryu excitedly looks at things on top of my head.

Hmmm, children really are the cutest when they’re acting their age, aren’t they?

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi! I’m back! To make up for the breaks I had for the past week, I’ll release two additional chapters this week!
  2. I had this conversation with a friend before (whose child is a godson of mine).

    Friend: How about you? No plans of children, yet?
    Simply: Girl, I don’t even have a lover. What u saying?
    Friend: Not like you need one.
    Simply: Yeah, sure, but the kid would probably love to have both parents, and a normal family, no?
    Friend: Well, yeah, you win. So about xxxx

    I’m not saying that people who didn’t have a normal setting of a family couldn’t be happy, nor children who have both of their parents around are guaranteed of happiness, but, if I’d have a child, I want the child to receive affection, things, and the warmth that I wished I had. Probably the reason why I’m so stingy as well is because I wasn’t able to ask anything of my parents when I was still a kid. To be fair, we aren’t that doing well financially. xD
  3. Also, when I listen to Eminem and how he speaks with Hailie, I had this image that even the most bad*ss rapper would cry and weep to give the best they could offer for their children. Anyway, What I’m saying is, if we didn’t have any good childhood ourselves, and, if we ever had children, I hope the curse ends with us as parents and not continue with them. 🙂
  4. Happy 33 days before Christmas, everyone!

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