VF 124 – A Child’s Longing for a Father

[Dad!! Lift me! Lift me!]

[Yosh, then come here, son! Witness the world from the top of my shoulders!]


 I happen to hear such father and son moments nearby as we walk.

His paternal ways of bonding with his child differs with mine but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that as long as they’re close with their daughter or son.

There’s also the fact that I am a noble. I can’t afford to break my cool and sophisticated image now, especially in front of Laurel. Well, perhaps I can, provided I put more elegance and style into it. Hm? Seryu-sama? What are you looking at me for?

[Is something the matter, Seryu?] (Calis)

[N-no, nothing.] (Seryu)

Serena-sama was just happily talking with Laurel moments ago but she must have noticed something as well after what Seryu-sama said.

The little prince is still stealing glances at me and that didn’t escape the princess’ notice. As such, perhaps finally collecting the pieces together–

[It’s not everyday that we’re able to play around like this, so why don’t you ask father to give you a lift as well? I’m sure the scenery would be amazing if you sit on his shoulders, you know.] (Serena)

[B-but…] (Sry)

[You haven’t tried it before, right? The more reason we have to ask for it now. Soooo~~~, Father~, would you mind?~] (Srn)

…It irks me that I have to dance according to the princess’ tune but… after seeing Prince Seryu like the young child he is, who can only stare enviously as he probably had no chance to be close and play like that with his own father, I can’t help but feel sympathetic about the boy.

[No, I won’t. Come here, Seryu.] (C)

[I – is it really okay?] (Sry)

[Ofcourse. We’re father and son, after all.] (C)

*Beams* (Sry)

Seryu-sama then happily comes to me.

I picked him up and seated him on my shoulders before I stood up.

[Waaaa…!!! So high!!!!!!] (Sry)

Seems like he is enjoying it more than I expected.

He’s still just a child after all.


I look beside me to see Laurel pulling my clothes.

Oh goodness. Look at you cutely puffing your cheeks, my dear.

Even I can figure out that my daughter feels jealous about the prince on my shoulders. 

As such, I pick her up and carry her in my arms.

[How about now, dear?] (Calis)

[…Un. This soothes me the best.] (Laurel)

I can’t help but smile a little at my daughter trying to retain her onee-san mode filled with nobleness and grace as she snuggles in my embrace while the prince enjoys the scenery from the top of my head.

Oho, is this how it feels to be popular? I’ll probably be put in similar situations when I’d be on a trip with Mint and Basil someday so this might be a good practice until such day arrives.

[Fufufu, you sure are popular, father. After their turns, I’d be fine whether on top of your shoulders or within your arms.] (Srn)

This princess sure is having her own fun as well, huh.

Based on her smile, I more or less assume that half the reason for it is because she’s messing with me. The other half perhaps is her feeling happy about Seryu-sama?


Oops. Seems like I don’t have to return the princess’ words immediately.

After all, Laurel, hearing what the princess said, hugs me tighter and seemingly doesn’t want to forfeit her place.

Oh goodness, daughters are just pretty cute and sweet, aren’t they?

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi, hi! Supposedly, I plan to release VF once a week and this one should have been on the weekend. It’s just that I had a rough day today and I need something to soothe my soul. So I read/translated VF. I don’t know. It just feels comfortable for me. I don’t have to think, I don’t need to anticipate and feel anything but cherish the moment in this chapter. So reading it is kind of peaceful for me.
  2. I hope you all have something that can soothe you all when you feel burned! Like how Laurel has Calis’ embrace!
  3. Afterall, I do have one! My bed! Also, scented candles and fragrance warmer. Ah, my room is such a haven. Reading a warm hearting novel on top of a bed together with a lovely warm scent. I feel bliss after all the tiredness I got from work today. xD
  4. Personally, I think I am blessed to be able to enjoy such a luxury. If you are having a hard time right now, I’m sorry. I just want to enjoy and share this warmth I am feeling right now. If I can share it with you, I will. Anyways, goodnight!

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  1. Hi there! I’ve just binge-read this WN forgoing any kind of sleep. I just absolutely love this story full of fluff. I hope you keep translating it at your own pace. Oh! Really nice translation by the way, and while it could benefit from some more editing, the mistakes are very minor in mi opinion. I can clearly understand what the characters feel so I have no big complaints. Thank you for your efforts and I’m sure to check other tls of yours.

    1. Oh, Hi! I appreciate your feedback! I don’t to be a spoilsport or anything but I am only confident with my translations of this one and Kunon. XD I was still a little fledgeling for all else! Haha! Anyways, thank you!

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