SBK 79 Part 2 – Taking on the Subjugation Quest

We arrived in the adventurer’s guild to only find the lone receptionist. It’s safe to say that the place is as good as empty.

Sybilla takes a pretty good look at the receptionist and…




Hey, you’re staring too much!

[Oh, Hi. Our we’re called <Twilight’s Oath>, an A rank party of adventurers.] (Sybilla)

Sybilla introduces ourselves to the receptionist emphasizing our party’s rank. After all, the higher the rank, the higher the respect the guild will show us. In that way, we will be able to extract more information from the guild than the lower ranks.

[To see A ranking in this place…] (Receptionist)

[We’re just actually doing an escort mission for a Church’s executive who just arrived in this place. Anyway, you got quests related to orcs, no?] (S)

[It seems like you’ve already heard something about the city. As expected of A rank adventurers. Sightings of orcs have been increasing around the city for the past few months but…] (Rcptnst)

[But there’s no dungeon nearby that would have been the likely cause of it, correct? Dungeon overflows and alike poses high risks of danger to people. I believe similar requests to locate the source of this mystery have been posted as well to different cities, no?] (S)

[Of course. However, we still haven’t heard anything from them…] (Rcptnst)

Monsters that are born inside dungeons normally don’t roam outside of it.

However, such cases happen when the dungeon cannot contain the number of the monsters inside resulting to an overflow – monsters are then released outside to allow the the dungeon saturate the number of creatures inside of it.

To prevent such a thing from happening, adventurers venture and investigate dungeons. And if their abilities would allow, cull the number of the monsters.

Orcs shouldn’t pose much of a problem against adventurers.

But… Why does it seem like the other cities don’t want to help this place?

[… I see. Then for now, we will check the nearest dungeon in the city. There shouldn’t be any problems about it, correct?] (S)

[There should be no problems. I believe the nearest dungeon only has goblins and blood wolves inside of it so the local adventurers are capable enough to deal with it. There are subjugation quests for orcs as you have surmised but it covers quite a wide of a range.] (Rcptnst)

Are there more clues behind what the receptionist was saying? Sybilla seems to be thinking about something…

[Regarding the orcs, have you accounted for all the victims that have been attacked so far?] (S)

[There are a lot of subjugation quests regarding those monsters but… as for the victims, I can’t really say it but orcs particularly target women.] (Rcptnst)

[Fine.] (S)


Sybilla then slams the desk as she closes in to the face of the receptionist.

The guy swallows his saliva staring at Sybilla just inches away from his face.

[But perhaps you could tell me who are the other people who’ve taken similar missions regarding the orcs? Like their appearances and such.] (S)

[N-no… That’s a little bit confidential, I think…] (Rcptnst)

[Is that so? Then to make sure you won’t get into any trouble, perhaps I’d just take care of it myself… From now on, you don’t have to say anything. ‘Yes’, ‘no’, forget about it. You won’t even have to nod, after.] (S)

I don’t really understand what Sybilla was trying to say but she moved closer to the receptionist’s ear.

[The other people who’ve been subjugating the orcs must have been wearing white clothes, no?] (S)

*Shivers* (Rcptnst)

The receptionist wasn’t able to hide his shock and could only stare at Sybilla.

He didn’t say anything nor did he make any gesture. 

However, even I could understand his answer.

Sybilla, without the receptionist being able to do anything but shiver, already confirmed her thoughts about this matter. 

The receptionist is still breaking out in cold sweat as we leave the guild.

After we move quite a distance away, I heard Sybilla muttering ‘Yosh’ before she turned towards me.

[There isn’t any presence of people nor are we visible from any direction anymore. You can use dark magic from here on.] (S)

[Got it. <Enchant Darkness>.] (Russell)

Enchant Darkness allows the sword in my right hand to ignore any kind of defenses. 

It’s a magic that can only be called by a dusk magi.

But before we get into the subjugation part, there’s something I would like to clarify about.

[Hey Sybilla. Though I’m not really a fan of being the center of attention or something similar, wouldn’t it be alright if I cast recovery magic to the whole city of Madela? Not like they’d know it was me but… what do you think?] (R)

[I’ve thought of that as well. But… I don’t think you should.] (S)

Hm…? That was surprising. I honestly thought she’d just tell me to do it.

[Any reason in particular?] (R)

[If you wish to remain anonymous, then someone else might take credit for such a miraculous event for their own interests.] (S)

[So if I didn’t tell people it was me… it would just invite trouble…?] (R)

[Yep… That’s also the reason why I think our current mission is a bit tricky. Perhaps I have to fight seriously myself.] (S)

I think I can now understand what Sybilla is trying to avoid.

[In other words, the reds might take advantage of the situation and claim that they’ve come to the city of Madela to cure them of their sickness.] (S)

So we have to move in a way that can’t be used as a pivot by those shady people to turn the city under their control…

…That’s why this mission invites a different kind of trouble, huh.

But I’m still confident after hearing what Sybilla said.

If this Goddess takes things seriously, then there’s no way we’d get taken advantage of by the Society of Red Salvation.

–Perhaps, those pyramid schemers and scammers might get wiped out themselves.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Have a good weekday ahead!
  2. Have you ever gave someone a gift without telling it was from you, then someone else took credit for it? xD I did. And I didn’t get mad. I was just flabbergasted back then. Like, ‘really? that’s how much you want attention for yourself?’. Why do people like that exist? Anyway, I forgot why I don’t want myself to be known back then. Probably just some teenage problem xD ahhhh youth! xD

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