MK 06 – The Things on the Other Side

She’s observing the city’s landscape as she sways along with the carriage.

‘Not like there’s anything new.’

As if finding there’s nothing more boring than looking at something over and over again, she felt more disappointed.

[*Sighs* Haaa….]

‘What an arduous meeting…’

‘Kunon must be thinking the same thing…’

Milika’s sigh filled with heavy and burdensome feelings resounds in the carriage as she thinks of her fiancé that she’s about to meet after two months.

Milika Yuguria.

She is the ninth princess of the kingdom of Yuguria.

The daughter of the current king, Leoloren, and for the record, Milika’s position as a princess doesn’t really hold much significance considering the king’s abundant number of children. 

Kunon Gurion, her fiance that she’s about to visit, is a child who’s born with the hero’s scar and awakened as a mage not too long ago.

Milika was betrothed to him immediately after.

In simpler terms, the royal family wants to keep close ties with the boy.

Mages, afterall, are precious individuals.

Regardless whether it’s time of war or peace, a mage’s value can be utilized in different ways depending on their specialization whether it would be for the kingdom’s defense or technological development.

As such, Milika’s role is to serve as a leash to bound Kunon to the royal family and prevent the possibility of him being used by the nobles, much more by foreign powers.

–Well, that’s that.

Afterall, Both Milika and Kunon are children of nobility and political marriages is something they are born to live with.

It’s just that…

[*Sighs* Haaa…] (Milika)

Milika finds Kunon hard to look at.

The burdensome feelings that filled her when she first met Kunon still lingers in her heart.

And the more they meet, the heavier that burdensome feeling becomes.

It’s gotten to the point like she’s physically feeling ill from stress by looking at him.

Milika has seen a lot of children from the aristocratic school and she’d never seen someone more depressed, lifeless, and dejected than Kunon in that place.

They can’t even talk about anything.

Kunon in the first place doesn’t really initiate any type of conversation with her and once Milika realized that the 90% of the topics in her head that she could talk about require someone to have vision and functional eyes, she got tongue tied.

To be frank, just meeting him is something she finds emotionally difficult and hard.

But she cannot avoid it as she is obligated to do so.

Likewise, she believes that Kunon finds this meeting hard and difficult as well.

[*Sighs* Haaa…] (M)

Just imaging the thought that they’d have to be together for the rest of their lives—

The thought of living everyday looking at Kunon like that for the rest of her life…

‘I just want to run…’

When Kunon’s handmaiden left them alone in the gardens, she wasn’t able to resist the urge and left him behind. She can’t bear to stay by his side.

After the first time, it wasn’t that difficult the next and their next meetings after that.

Despite the fact that such a thing would not bring any good for her nor Kunon, she just finds it unbearable to stay around the boy.

‘Kunon was not feeling well for the past two months but… he’s just feigning sickness for sure.’

‘And that isn’t something that he can keep on doing forever.’

And before she knew it, she could now see the Gurion’s estate.

Milika’s sighs then continue to reverberate.

[It’s been a while, Milika-sama.] (Kunon)

It’s been two months since Milika saw Kunon and she can’t help but widen her eyes in surprise. 

In her eyes, the Kunon that’s standing in front of the estate, along with his usual handmaiden, waiting for her is clearly different from the child in her memories.

[I would like to apologize for not being able to meet you as I have not been feeling well for the past two months.] (K)

[O-oh, yes… uh…? Kunon-kun…?] (M)

[Yes?] (K)

‘Is this really Kunon?’

Doubts filled Milika’s mind so she tried calling out his name, and to no one’s surprise, the boy in front of her responded.


It is. There is no mistake that boy in front of her is Kunon indeed.

‘–I haven’t seen him this bright before.’

‘And it appears his body started to develop at some point. Still, it’s his brightness that’s more remarkable. He tends to look at the ground before but I didn’t know that his expressions could be this vivid. I don’t know what exactly changed about him but his face definitely brightened.’

Milika was so surprised of Kunon’s brightness that she thought he is wearing make up himself.

‘Just what happened the last two months…?’

Milika, who always sought for help to Kunon’s handmaiden whenever she’s lost in dealing with him, looks at her in wonder and confusion.

It seems like she caught up on her signal as the handmaiden begins to speak—

[You look wonderful today as well, Princess Milika! Oh, if I’m a middle-aged bearded man somewhere then I’d rather not let you escape!] (Iko)

’–No! I’m not talking about how I look! And that’s oddly specific, it’s so creepy!’

[…Uhm, Did something happen to you for the past two months, Kunon-kun ..?] (M)

Thinking that she’ll get nowhere unless she talks to him herself, she asked Kunon directly.

There’s also the fact that the glint on Kunon’s handmaiden’s eyes as she looks at her is giving Milika the shivers.

Whatever lies behind that look, Milika decided, out of fear, not to intrude any further.

[Magic.] (K)

[Y-yes?] (M)

[I’ve fallen in love with magic.] (K)

[…Ha, haa?] (M)

Not that she really understands but Kunon seems pretty happy about it.

‘For sure there’s something good that must have happened to him related to magic.’

‘I mean — really, he looks so dazzling…’

[I’m sorry for having you worried about me every time, princess. I would love for you to listen to me this time around.] (K)

[S-Sure…] (M)

‘It was so interesting!’

That was Milika’s thoughts after listening and watching Kunon’s magic.

Waters with all sorts of flavors.

Breaking down water itself and… changing it into mist to blend with the sunlight to create a rainbow.

Transforming the water where it became something fluffy and slushy she could play with it in her fingers.

Milika finds each and every single one of them fun and interesting.

Time passed by without her knowledge and before she knew it, the sun had begun to set.

For the first time, she found the time she spent with Kunon not heavy or burdensome.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. If you read the manga closely, you can see that the sighs are being expressed in the panels 🙂 I’m not sure if Kunon’s awareness and being conscious of those sighs were explained though.
  2. I apologize for this one as it was late released than I thought! Anyway, here’s a double release to make up for it. Happy reading!

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