SBK 078 (Part 1) – Understanding Others’ Feelings

We entered the meeting room and, I have to say, it is quite spacious which is kind of fitting considering the size of the building we saw earlier.

[Uhm, first and foremost, I would like to thank you, Fredrica-san, for immediately coming to help us. Not to mention, you’ve even brought upon dependable people that will also give us a hand. That being said… can I ask what happened in the orphanage in Seiris?] (Ashley)

Fredrica, as one of the church of Sun Goddess’ executives, is working on several orphanages with the assistance of someone who’d be stationed in it. After she fulfilled her work in the orphanage in Seiris, she took the opportunity to return back home to Adoria.

Then… when Fredrica’s gone, the priest who’d been stationed in the orphanage took all the funds and other valuables of the orphanage before running away.

[I’ve wanted to immediately receive some help as well but even I can’t help but be shocked after hearing what happened in Seiris. And I am aware how urgent it was so I gave up sleeping and worked harder for the orphanage.] (Ashley)

[*Giggles* You see—] (Fredrica)

In that orphanage resides a young talented kid named Eve.

However, her living environment did not allow her talents to bloom and had been really unfortunate.

But with Sybilla’s help, Eve obtained her opportunity which she seized completely which led to the defeat of the demon king.

That’s how the story went along.

…Of Course we excluded the matter about Eve attempting to steal my coins.

[An orphan from Seiris was invited by a top adventuring party!? T-that’s actually amazing…] (Ashley)

[Yeah. By the time I arrived, Eve-chan’s already properly dressed and she became so strong even for me! She became a level 21 <Assassin>, you know? It’s all thanks to Sybilla-chan right here!] (Ashley)

*Grins* (Sybilla)

[Precisely! It’s all because of me! Keep the praises coming!] (Sybilla)

[Amazing, wonderful, you’re superb, Sybilla-chan! I’m quite impressed! Be my goddess!] (Ashley)

[Oho, your sincerity has touched me! Then, I shall accept your faith! I’m a goddess after all!] (Sybilla)

Ashley must have been playing along with Sybilla not knowing that’s actually the truth.

Still, wouldn’t most people downplay things and be humble during times like this? As always, if it’s Sybilla, then that won’t be the case.

[That being said, there was hardly anything left for me to do. Eve-chan became one of the leading adventurers in Seiris. She’s now left my care and became fully independent.]

…Fredrica’s smile shows a tinge of loneliness after she talked about Eve leaving her care.

She probably thought of her as her daughter or perhaps a little sister.

Still, she accepted it and gave her blessings and respected Eve’s decision.

She must have raised a lot of children who’d eventually left over the years as she works within orphanages…

And…well, the four of us must have been included in that list as well.

Although Fredrica was traveling quite a lot, I believe she spent most of her time in Adoria.

She must have the same lonely smile when she sent us off as when we left the orphanage.

Considering the amount of time that we spent, and four of us at the same time even, it must have been really heavy.

However, in my memories, Fredrica’s smile never wavered as she sent us off with a smile and farewells.

…What a strong hearted person…

[So the orphanage won’t be depending too much on the church anymore since they got Eve to take care of it, huh. Well, considering that one of the objectives of the orphanage is to raise children that would help the orphanage earn and become independent all by themselves, I guess there really isn’t anything left for you to do there.] (Ashley)

[…Y-yeah, that’s right… I’m glad things turned out fine. Oh, you know, I was planning to get here by myself but then, when Sybilla-san heard what’s happening, she decided for the three of them to tag along with me and that’s how we got ourselves some reliable buddies!] (Fredrica)

[Sybilla-san’s quite smart for an orphan, isn’t she? Did you perhaps study somewhere? Or perhaps you’re actually a distinguished person yourself?] (Ashley)

[Well, I think of myself as a Goddess, you know. But as you can see, I’m just your typical magical cute girl with no knowledge of her mother nor father.] (Sybilla)

[I guess anyone can’t really refute anything when a girl who said it herself that she’s cute is actually CUTE…] (Ashley)

…Did Ashley miss that same self proclaimed girl who said she’s thinking of herself as goddess? Perhaps it just sounds so ridiculous she decided to ignore it. Sister… you’re actually talking to a real one though.

[Now then, Let’s talk about what’s going on in this place. I briefly scan the city and I don’t remember Madela this gloomy. Did something happen?] (Fredrica)

*sighs* (Ashley)
*slumps* (Ashley)

[Please listen to thissss~~~~… really, it’s been so hard these past few days…] (Ashley)

[Yes, yes I shall listen to you whine and cry in the evening but since everyone is currently here, take this seriously, okay?] (Fredrica)

[…Roger.] (Ashley)

Ashley then straightens her back and err becomes more stiff. Well then, let’s hear what’s going on around the city.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Happy Monday, to you all!
  2. The part 2 of this chapter will be released within this week~~ no set days though. Thank you for your understandinnggg!
  3. I’m starting to think that Aqua (Konosuba) might have been what Sybilla seem like if she’s actually smart and useful. Aqua has her own charms though. xD yey, All hail Axis Cult for the win!

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