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‘Originality, was it? Really interesting…’

‘In every change I do, There are unique variations happening.’

After Kunon tried doing this, that, and everything else that came to mind, the repetitive casting of the same magic with slightly different changes in every sequence became a new form of magic training.

‘It’s far more interesting when I was just trying to train using the normal water ball.’

[Iko, could you drink this for me.] (Kunon)

[Yes?] (Iko)

Kunon’s been training his magic inside his room for the past few days.

Chances are that the room could be drenched in water, or get flooded at worst, if Kunon made some kind of mistake. But after getting a better handle in controlling and manipulating his mana, such cases could only happen in rare occurrences.

He keeps on practicing his magic inside his room and when his mana gets all exhausted, he goes out and trains his body by doing practice swings.

The increase in his body’s strength has already become so apparent he can notice it himself.

Well, it is to say that such results are to be expected after Kunon’s been repeatedly doing his physical training for two months straight.

–Well, enough of that.

Back to the present, Kunon calls upon his handmaiden who is quietly stitching on the corner of the room and pushes a cup in front of her.

Needless to say, there’s water inside of it.

[Would you like me to water-taste again?] (Iko)

[Yup.] (Kunon)

It is another variation of water from the spell <A Ori> (TL: Waterball’s chant). Kunon’s been asking Iko to help him confirm every variation he could think of, except colors which he isn’t yet aware. 

For today, he’s trying to change the taste of water.

[Well then, I shall help myself… — *Sips* Hm, this tastes like apples. The flavor is quite faint though.] (I)

[I think that amount of flavor would be better if it’s for drinking.] (K)

[Oh, that’s true. A mild taste would be much more suitable for drinking a larger volume… I have to say, this actually tastes pretty good.] (I)

[But once I cut off my mana, it will revert to a normal one. – Give it a try once more.] (K)

[*sips* Ah, gosh… How disgusting. This one’s horrible. It’s actually quite bitter compared to normal water – really, this one isn’t drinkable at all.] (I)

‘I know.’

Kunon mumbled to himself.

‘Looks like the normal <A Ori> won’t really pass as a drinkable water, huh.’

Due to such feature of <A Ori>, Kunon is trying to change the taste of the water. 

He wants to open the possibility of using the spell <A Ori> as a card, a tasty one on top of that, if he ever finds himself in a position where he doesn’t have any other source of drinkable water.

[Magic’s really mysterious, isn’t it? For someone like me who knows nothing of it, it actually seems like some form of miracle performed by a deity.] (I)

[Well, that’s true. I actually agree.] (K)

‘If miracles do actually happen, it wouldn’t be too much for a deity to give me vision, no?’

Kunon thinks so.

Though Kunon’s desire to pursue his dreams hasn’t diminished one bit, at least now, he isn’t finding himself that distressed about it.

He knows that his wish can’t materialize for the current him.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. He is sure that somewhere far ahead of his road towards magic, lies the answer for him to gain his vision.

Inside his heart, Kunon knows that working on his wish slowly but surely would be the best approach to solve his worries.

Because similar to casting magic, rushing would only lead to failure.

‘I’m now sure that magic isn’t something that should be done in a hurry.’

[But it’s pretty convenient that you’re able to summon warm water. Now, there’s no need for me to heat it up while we save our water supply at the same time.] (I)

Kunon’s been helping in providing an additional supply of water when he learned how to summon a water ball. But now that he knows how to arrange and modify his spells further, Kunon is now able to use his original warm water ball to help with the bathing preparations of their home.

Before, Kunon could only take a warm bath once every three days. But now, he has the luxury to do so in each and everyday.

Iko, after being relieved of the duty of preparing the warm bathing water once Kunon took over, is pretty delighted of how things turned out as she is also able to use the bath as often as Kunon does.

[If you become more accustomed to using that magic, why don’t you try lending your hand to the main mansion?] (I)

[Oh, yeah, that works.] (K)

‘I didn’t think of that. That’s actually a good idea.’,

Kunon and Iko are currently living separately from the Gurion family in accordance with Kunon’s wishes.

And the main mansion Iko was talking about is the place where the rest of Kunon’s family stays.

Preparing warm water shouldn’t be too troublesome in the main mansion as there are a lot more servants working there. However, for Kunon, if he can do something as he is right now to help his family, he will happily do it.

–The previous Kunon who’d been drowning in his sorrows wouldn’t have thought of such things before. However, the young boy right now has a better and positive outlook in his life.

Unbeknownst to him, he has gained enough confidence to not just be a bother and help his family thanks to his physical and magical training.


After Kunon exhausted all of his mana, he went out to train his physical body by swinging his cane in accordance with the training taught to him by the sword teacher Ouro.

He is drenched in sweat all over his body and Iko, noticing that he’s about to collapse from the toll of his physical training, called out to him which broke his concentration.


‘The air’s getting colder. I guess the night’s already here’

[Is dinner ready?] (K)

[It is. Let’s head back inside.] (I)

Kunon ends his practice swings and lets Iko drag him back to their place.

‘The sweat is kinda off putting so let’s wash and bathe first.’

Or so Kunon had thought. But–

[Kunon-sama, a letter has arrived from princess Milika.] (I)

[eh…] (K)

It seems that his exhilarating daily life is about to end with such a surprising visit.

‘What a way to ruin things.’

It appears the cold air isn’t just what brought Kunon the chills.

[I’ll tell you the more detailed contents of it later but the gist of it was to confirm when’s a good time for her to visit.] (I)

As Kunon can’t read letters, he allows Iko to read it on his behalf.

Well, in the first place, it is Kunon’s father who reads the letters first and would decide whether he’ll allow Kunon to receive it or not.

It’s from Milika Yuguria. The ninth princess of the kingdom and a girl from the royal family.

It’s not like it’s a letter that contains secrets of the royal family or something that can’t be known by anybody else. Regardless, Kunon’s father is putting up safeguards just in case.

Because if such a letter was sent to Kunon with dangerous contents in it, it might put Kunon into an unfavorable position without his knowledge.

[Let me see… Isn’t it too cold earlier? I think I’m about to get a fever.] (K)

[That’s the same thing you said a month ago.] (I)

[Then say I’m having a stomach ache.] (K)

[That’s already in the books as well.] (I)

[…Then let’s say that I fell so bad I had my knees wounded.] (K)

[Wouldn’t it be a problem if she said that she’ll use it as an opportunity to check on you and give you a visit?] (I)

[…] (K)

Kunon’s feeling troubled. Even without Milika telling him, he knows he’s already cornered.

‘I guess that’s what I get for trying to avoid meeting her for the past two months.’

Kunon was thoroughly focused on learning magic and did not want to bother meeting Milika even if she’s a princess.

But within the course of their engagement, a rule had been set where they had to meet each other once every two weeks. 

‘As if I have the time to deal with that.’

And thus the reason why Kunon’s making up excuses and trying to avoid meeting Milika.

‘—Besides, Milika doesn’t want to meet me as well in the first place.’

But she’s being forced to by the royal decree of her father, the king.

So, if Kunon perhaps feigned to be sick, Milika should have gained a valid excuse not to meet him as well. Then, everybody should be happy.

Or so he thought but…

[…Am I already overstepping my limits..?] (K)

[I think so. In the first place, this engagement was agreed upon by Master Gurion and the King. If you insist on such a behavior any longer, then we will be in deep trouble. For instance, the King might tag along with Princess Milika to check upon you on your so-called ‘sickness’.]

‘No way.’

Just the thought of the king personally visiting Kunon himself just because of his charade burdens him already with such indescribable stress.

[….Haaaa…. Then be it. Say that I’ll meet her soon.] (K)

Not that Kunon feels comfortable, but he knows that he just has to bear with it.

—And so, in a few days, Milika arrived at the Gurion’s estate.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Hi hi! This one’s a bit late so there will be another one coming for the next 24 hours. Hihi
  2. When I read the manga and the comments about it online, I guess the reader’s can’t be blamed when they hated Milika for trying to fool Kunon and left him in the garden. I guess they aren’t aware that Kunon was just entertaining Milika then. And in this chapter, he clearly expresses that he isn’t into MIlika as well. So the feeling is mutual. They just don’t like each other. But in the manga, it felt like it was only Milika who isn’t interested in Kunon. Hm. I hope this clarifies that Kunon ain’t just your sweet little boy.
  3. Though to be honest, I believe more young adults feel the same way in our generation. They chose not to bother looking for romance and instead trying to explore more of the endless opportunities and possibilities brought upon by the modern age. Adventures, trips, or careers. Though romance isn’t always the answer, there’s no denying that the fortunate ones found someone whose goals aligned with theirs. And when two people work on the same page for the same purpose, then obviously, good things will happen. Easy to say though. For people who had experience investing time and emotions that were just wasted, I believe they’d rather do things by themselves.

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