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That’s the only word currently resounding inside Genie’s head.

Genie was able to immediately find a job as a tutor after she graduated from the magic academy.

It’s a lucrative job which offers a premium pay despite the short working hours by teaching a child who’s almost like a blank sheet when it comes to magic.

After all, he’s the newest among the newbies, a newly awakened water mage. 

As such, Genie was confident that she’d be able to teach him despite graduating as an average student herself.

–That was the case until five months ago.

No, to be precise… It started two months ago.

Back to the day when she told the child something at the slip of her tongue. She feared that her words might have hurt the child, but, contrary to her expectations, it actually ignited the child’s desire.

Since then, two months have passed.

[…….] (Genie)

He’s a quiet child, always looking down to the ground, and for better or for worse, executes whatever Genie instructs, which makes it rather convenient for her as she do her job…
And that same child, who’s probably best described as someone who breathes just so he won’t die, suddenly came alive.

Genie was genuinely glad upon noticing the change of the young child. However, her happiness only lasted for a brief amount of time.

They hold their classes twice a week.

And each and every time, the child’s grasp of magic is continuously evolving.

Genie was aware that the young boy had taken quite a liking to the concept of magic but… Genie, for sure, doesn’t have any idea of how deep is her student’s actual desire towards it.

‘He’s growing tremendously. It’s just too fast.’

The young boy in front of her, her student, currently has seven water balls floating around him.

Not just for an instant nor a second. The boy can properly maintain them.

In the beginning, the child was only able to summon two water balls upon casting <A ・Ori> with all he had, but now, he’s able to outperform himself more than three times.

What’s more, the balls do not wiggle, have firm spherical shapes, and are kept at the same sizes.

The fact that the balls do not produce even a little vibration proves his mana levels are still currently stable.

While the shapes and the sizes testify towards the child’s fine mana control.

For a water magic that was the most basic amongst the basic, his mastery is almost at its peak already.

–Even for Genie, her student’s mastery is already an impossible feat. She knows that if she cast <A ・Ori> herself, she won’t be able to produce the same scenery. She might produce five or six at most. However, its form will be unstable and she will not be able to maintain the balls with the same amount of time as her student.

[…What to do…] (Genie)

Genie, inside her heart, is already panicking.

Her student — Kunon Gurion, is only seven years old.

Magic in itself is quite a convenient power.

However, it comes with its own dangers.

As useful as it is, it can always be used to harm others.

That’s the kind of power magic is in this world.

With the use of magic, even a child can kill an adult all by theirselves.

So in accordance with the request of Kunon’s parents, she will only teach Kunon the basics.

Genie was quite in favor of this policy as she believes that parents who’d allow their child to carry and hone a weapon themselves are quite the vexing and troublesome bunch.

Indeed. Genie and Kunon’s parents agreed that she’ll only teach him the basics. But Kunon right now has already advanced to the point that she’d outperform Genie in <A ・Ori> and is more than qualified to learn more about magic.

‘I’m now running out of the things that I can teach him…’

‘But I can’t just say that and stop here.’

‘Cause if I did, I won’t be able to afford my living expenses then!’

‘I have to hold on to this job until I find a new one that would offer, if not higher, the same rate!’

And that’s the reason why Genie is troubled – hence, ‘what to do…’.

[–ah!] (G)


‘Since I can’t teach him more than the basics, then, why can’t I just guide him make the most basic among the most basic water magic <A ・Ori> evolve to higher levels?’

‘He now has a good grasp and control of his mana so this should work.’

‘Since he can now summon water balls at this level, he should now be able to do some variations around it.’

[–This is it!] (G)

‘Seriously, if I’d get fired right now then I might have to live in the streets.’

‘A year, or maybe another half, please let me keep this job until that much at least!’

‘Kunon’s parents’ educational policy might change in the future as well so when that happens, I can teach him more magic instead. If so, I’d be able to prolong the job for another year!’

Genie might not have graduated as a top tier magician, but she isn’t just any bottom feeder either.

‘It’s really not my specialty but let’s try teaching him how to arrange magic.’

‘Besides – as a mage myself, I really want to see how far can Kunon go in his studies.’

‘Perhaps, this child could reach the highest attainment himself and become a Blue Mage.’

[—From today onwards, we will be changing our training.] (G)

Kunon is now currently seated on a chair in their garden that was prepared by his handmaiden after his magic training which is now currently becoming a routine.

If it’s the usual, Kunon and his teacher will talk more about magic while having a cup of tea to relax — but not this time. 

[What’s about to change precisely?] (Kunon)

Kunon honestly thinks that the training is fine as it is.

He believes that he is still greatly lacking when it comes to magic and wholeheartedly wants to work more on his current training.

‘I can now finally finish the training session without collapsing. I thought I could properly focus on the training but now we’re the training is about to change…’ (Kunon)

[Kunon-sama, <A ・Ori> is the most basic when it comes to water magic. It is no exaggeration that this is the very same magic that all water mages started to learn. Because in simpler terms, this magic is basically summoning water.] (G)

[Indeed.] (K)

[Now then, let’s try and delve further into this spell.] (G)

[…Delve further?] (K)

[Let’s try to divide how the spell <A ・Ori> is being executed. Kunon-sama, if I ask you what makes up a water ball, what would you say?] (G)

[*thinks* hmmm… It would be like first to summon water, then make it float, and shape it into spheres?] (K)

[Wonderful.] (G)

*Clap, clap clap clap* (Genie)

[Going further, if we look at water, we can also manipulate its temperature, viscosity, composition, color, luster, and aroma resulting in endless possible variations. To put it into words, first and foremost, water is essentially formless, and at the same time, limitless.] (G)

[<A ・Ori>] (G)

‘I can sense sensei’s mana.’ (K)

‘There should be two water balls now in front of me.’ (K)

[There are currently two water balls floating in front of you, Kunon-sama. Please try giving them a touch.] (G)

Kunon did as what Genie said and touched the balls from the direction where he senses the mana and—

[This one is hot and the other is cold, huh?] (K)

‘The left ball is cold while the right one is hot.’

[Correct. By putting such arrangements to spells, mages create their own versions hence called their originality. We can also say that this showcases one’s talent when it comes to magic.] (G)

[Originality… ? Then, does that mean that even if you and a royal court magician used the same spell, each one of your spells would manifest differently?] (K)

[Indeed. If a court magician and I both used <A ・Ori>, it would appear differently and they would be so different that anyone would not recognize them to be from the same mage even though they use the same magic.
Furthermore, the court magicians are the highest ranking mages in the country… Though I didn’t really flunk nor got bad grades back at the magic academy, there were a lot of people who’s graded higher than me. That’s why it’s pretty hard to enter the royal rourt. Which justifies their salar–]

Kunon didn’t listen any further than that. He is still pretending though just to accompany his teacher while she complains about salary, labor, and what not.

But the reason why Kunon can’t give her any attention right now is because there’s nothing else sitting in his mind else aside from creating his own originality to his magic.

‘In other words, we can alter a magic’s property down to the very last detail.’

This topic would surely help Kunon towards his ambition to create his vision using magic by making an eyeball around him.

‘Indeed, there’s no way it would be possible with just a simple <A ・Ori>.’

‘By altering it, or arranging the spell as sensei said, and putting my original touches, I can make an eye using magic.’

‘–I’ve got a step closer to the goal!’

Kunon contemplates so as he ignores Genie’s grumbles.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. First, I didn’t really like Genie’s approach because I thought she was holding Kunon back. But then, somewhere inside of me, I know how Genie feels trying to desperately cling on an easy but well paying job. Who else doesn’t want that? lol
  2. We’re now currently in chapter 2, around the middle of the manga! xD
  3. I can’t remember if there was actually a moment in school where I got excited upon learning something new… I’m just like Genie in school afterall. Tsk, this girl really got relatable. xD

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