SBK 076 (Part 2) – Trying to Preach the Word Right in Front of a Goddess Can Only Be Trouble

[Oh also, would you let me take a look at that child over there?] (Sybilla)

[–ah..!] (Robe people)

[Here it goes!] (S)

Taking advantage of the robed people’s momentary lapse, Sybilla sneaked upon the small figure behind them and took the hood off the child’s head.

They might have thought that they’re covering the child pretty well but that isn’t the case.

Hm, let’s see then… This child somewhat looks like a priest, I guess?

The child under the hood is a young girl with striking long red hair.

Seems like she still doesn’t understand what just happened as she can only stare at Sybilla with a dumbfounded face.

[N-not good! Priest-sama!]

A man finally reacted and immediately pulled the hood back to the girl once again in an attempt to hide her face.

Not long after, he looks at us with a stoic face like nothing had just actually happened.

[Uhm… with that, we’ll now take our leave…] (Old man)

[Is that all? Don’t you guys have something to say earlier? What’s your name again?] (S)

[No, please forget about it! There’s no need to mention our names as well!] (OM)

Oh, seems like they’re too spooked to entertain Sybilla’s question as they return to their own carriages.

–but that little girl, at the last second, turned around to look at us again.

Her gaze lingered on to Sybilla, then to Emmy, then finally, towards me.

I raised my hand in response as it felt like we’ve looked at each other for a moment. Not that I can be certain.

…Still, for a band known to be scammers and pyramid scheme people to elect a young girl as priest…

I wonder what’s going on in their heads.

Their carriage started to move and Sybilla started to wave in farewell to them.

When the carriage traveled far enough that our eyes couldn’t see them anymore, Sybilla turned to us and her face… seemed like she ate sh*t as her face crumples thoroughly in distaste.

[Uwaaah… that was horrible.] (S)

[Didn’t seem that way to me watching from the side… well, they’re up against you after all.] (Russell)

[Oh, you can leave trivial stuff like this to me!] (S)

*Fist bump* (Sybilla and Russell)

[Aaah! Ahhh!!!! You were amazing, Sybilla-san! You’ve completely wiped the floor together with those guys!] (Emmy)

Seems like Emmy’s finally gotten a grip of herself now. She’s been frozen stiff watching all this fiasco after all.

[Oh gosh, Emmy-chan, you’re so cute I feel a little bit better now!] (S)

*head pat, head pat* (Sybilla to Emmy)

Sybilla then heads over to the driver and tells him that now we can resume our journey.

We are now inside the carriage once again as our trip continues when I notice Fredrica looking a bit troubled.

I asked her what’s bothering her and she said –

[You see, I’m not really sure if monsters do really appear around this area.] (Fredrica)

[Oh that’s true. I’ve been wondering about that too.] (S)

Even Sybilla finds the issue quite unusual huh. Well, considering that we’re in a road that should be regularly maintained, it is indeed weird for monsters to roam free in this place.

[I can think of some plausible causes but… let’s think more about it as we go.] (S)

[Sure.] (R)

Around 10 minutes as we swayed around inside the carriage, the city finally came into view.

As we entered the city, I noticed that the whole place seemed to be surrounded by fences and there weren’t actually any people on the road where the carriage stopped to drop us.

Sybilla gives the coach man a silver coin with a smile but… it was immediately gone when she turned around and gave the city a brief scan.

I observe the situation as well and… for a main road of a city to be devoid of people in the middle of the day like this… it’s really giving off that depressing atmosphere.

[Will it be a snake? Or the reds? I wonder which one will appear.]

Sybilla, you really think the red society’s involved in this? 

As I keep such thoughts to myself, we follow Fredrica’s lead towards the orphanage.

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  2. I just checked the novel’s status in raws but I think the Seiris arc won’t be serialized and after the dragon, things will jump towards here immediately. Volume 4, I am not sure now since I haven’t read it yet. But I think the manga will develop differently to the WN after the dragon arc.
  3. I am actually giggling while reading Sybilla trolling the red robe. It’s like the watching the scammers in youtube that have been trending recently that are being confronted by a hacker xD
  4. Here’s a little photo of Sybilla dearest from volume 4!
Pink text: ‘Does it suit me?’ -Sybilla

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