SBK 77 (Part 1) – The Two Hardworking Sisters of the Orphanage

We observe the city of Madela while following Fredrica.

Seriously, it’s hard to believe that it’s still the middle of the day considering how devoid of people this place is. Not like there aren’t any residents. We can properly see some of them from their windows but… why is no one outside at this time of the day?

[We’re here.] (Fredrica)

Fredrica then points at the building in front of us and though it may seem reasonable in size, the building is by no means any pleasing to the eye.

…Still looks better than the orphanage of Eve’s though.

That girl’s living conditions are just too harsh.
Good thing we’re able to do something to help that place at least. 

Anyway, back to the present.

When Fredrica opens the door, a boy who’s been playing around the orphanage’s entrance looks at Fredrica for a moment before he suddenly shivers.

[aaaah!! Fredrica-sensei!] (Boy?)

[It’s good to see you again, Benny-kun!] (Fredrica)

Fredrica then closes in on the young boy with her arms wide open.

But as the boy Benny excitedly runs toward Fredrica, at the last moment, he took a step back.

[…huh?] (F)

[S-sorry… Uhm, welcome back, Fredrica-sensei.] (B)

The boy who’s been excited to see Fredrica just from earlier immediately became hesitant and kept his distance as he slowly approached her.

Fredrica looks a bit surprised from the boy’s reaction and it seems her excitement has died down as well. Albeit uncertain, he pats the head of the kid.

Seeing that the child did not reject Fredrica’s attempt to reconnect once again made her smile in relief.

But it was only for an instant as her face immediately hardens upon looking closer to Benny.

[Hey, Benny…] (F)

[Oh…] (B)

[If ‘something’ happened without my knowledge… you’ll tell it to me, right?] (F)

Benny, upon hearing Fredrica’s words, shuddered before looking hesitantly behind him.

…Seems like there’s something weird going on in this orphanage.

[You don’t have to force yourself if you find it hard to say. Where’s Ashley?] (F)

[Ashley-san is probably in the room–] (B)

Benny looks behind him once again and chances are that the person who just appeared is the one Fredrica is looking for.

It was girl with a short red hair wearing the same sister’s clothing as Fredrica.

At the moment her eyes landed towards Fredrica, she immediately got up to her feet and ran towards the pink haired sister unlike Benny.

[Fredrica-san! You’re finally here!] (Ashley)

[Yeah, long time no see, Ashley. I apologize for not being able to come right immediately upon receiving your request for help.] (F)

[Please, it’s fine. I’ve heard what happened about the priest in Seiris taking off all the money and possessions from the orphanage and that you’ve immediately lent your hand to them! Now that I think about it, you said that you’ll immediately come over here once your done with Seiris, so does that mean that the matters over there are already settled? Also, if I may ask about these people…] (A)

[Sure, sure, let’s do this one thing at a time, okay?] (F)

Contrary to her striking looks, it seems like Ashley’s quite the talkative girl.

She’s probably Fredrica’s junior as well considering how they talk to each other. (TL: Ashley uses formal speech to Fredrica, while Fredrica speaks casually)

Now that I think about it, Gemma-baa-san talks casually with Fredrica as well despite the latter being an administrator from the church. Does that mean she’s holding quite the position herself?

…Not that it’s really the time for me to think about my own orphanage though.

[We can use the meeting room, right? Let’s head over there. But first…] (F)

Fredrica then turns to our direction and introduces us one by one.

[Everyone, beside me is the person overlooking Madela’s orphanage, Ashley. Uhm about them, Ashley… How should I put this, uhm… yeah, they’re kids from Adoria’s orphanage who grew up strong enough to serve as my escorts on this trip!] (F)

[That’s so sweet! Oh, I’m Ashley! I’ve been under Fredrica-san’s care as well so even though you might think of yourselves as orphans and me as a priest, please don’t hesitate to talk to me casually! That would be more relaxing for me as too! Nice to meet all of you!] (A)

I don’t think you don’t have to bow your head too much, sister Ashley….

But if she’s the one who’s managing this orphanage… then she must have been a really dependable and responsible person being able to operate this place by herself.

Still, it sure is really troublesome looking after all the children. Even though she’s a lively girl, there are still traces of fatigue on her that can’t be hidden.

She probably doesn’t have the luxury of the time to take care of her clothes and hair. I think there are dark circles under her eyes as well. 

[I’m Sybilla, a mage. Next is–]

Sybilla shows her tag upon introducing herself and when I looked at it… It was so different I hardly recognized it…

[I’m Emmy, a holy knight. Nice to meet you.]

[W-woow… O – oh, nice to meet you too!]

Emmy shows her tag as well and it says ‘『Adoria』 — Emmy <Holy Knight>, Level 2’. 

Emmy’s level dropped down too after she converted into a dark knight.

Not that it’s important. Emmy was able to retain her abilities and power as a holy knight despite converting mainly because of her own powers together with Sybilla’s assistance… No, I think what made it possible wasn’t just because Emmy was strong. But because she already found her conviction and gained the mental fortitude to decide on her own. 

Besides, even though the holy knight is currently low level, it’s still a top tier class. That class alone is enough to overwhelm everyone.

After Ashley repeatedly bowed her head several times once again, she then turned towards me.

I glance at Sybilla and showed my tag to Ashley.

『Adoria』— Russell <Saint> Level 8. Even though my level didn’t rise after the conversion, the nature of my class will remain special particularly amongst the people of the church.

[S-s- Saint-sama, in flesh…? Is this really happening…?]

[Please, let us be casual as you have said as I am not really that benevolent myself. Also, it seems you’re pretty tired. You too, Fredrica. You girls are pushing yourselves too hard. <Extra Heal Link>, <Cure Link>. This should be of some help to both of you at least. But how do you feel?] (Russell)

Now that I’ve got the chance, I might as well use recovery spells on everyone in this place.

It doesn’t need to be mentioned that the recovery spells of the saint and the holy maiden aren’t your usual spells either.

It could also help with stamina, fatigue, clothes and equipment which is impossible from the normal recovery magic users.

How convenient. Once again, thank you, Sun Goddess!

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