VF 108 – A Peaceful Discussion

[Well then, how about we start off by telling me your names?]

We are now currently seated in a room as I ask the children of their identities as a starter of our discussion. The girl who looks like Laurel first introduces herself.

[My name’s Nanami.]

[I see. Then the last kid should be?] (Calis)


After snobbishly introducing himself, the two remaining kids introduce themselves accordingly as well. The lively boy is called Gerira and the calm and quiet girl introduces herself as Mefi.

[That being said, I am now officially accepting you in my estate. However, before you all get started, I am actually planning on visiting Earl Marsh’s estate and save your other friends while I bury him alive to the depths of hell but do any of you have complaints about it?] (C)

[*sigh* Do you really mean to help us?] (Orange)

[Of course.] (C)

[Then… how do you plan on actually saving them? Do you really have a way to bury that piece of sh*t?] (O)

[It will be a piece of cake to save your comrades. And there are also a lot of different ways in rescuing them. As to how to bury the Earl… Oh, why don’t we let it be taken care of by his future boss, the next king of this land, on his own?] (C)


The kids wonder in response to my words.

[Is there anyone among the four of you who’s injured or hurt prior coming to this place?] (C)

[U-uhm… I do.] (Mefi)

Mefi shows the marks of her wounds, or rather, scars, after saying so. It’s easy to tell how she’s been thoroughly abused by Earl Marsh even without her telling a word. It would be ironic but this time, these scars would be a convenient weapon.

[Mefi, we’ll be using your scars to take down the Earl.] (C)

[How can scars take him down?] (M)

[You’ll see when we arrive at the Earl’s estate. But before that, there’s somewhere else we have to drop by.] (C)

As I stood from my seat, Nanami, the girl who imitated Laurel, bowed her head to me in apology.

[I – I’m really sorry about earlier… Even though it’s an order, I still disguised myself as your daughter and attempted to kill you. I sincerely regret my actions. I’m so sorry…] (Nanami)

[Don’t mind it. As I’ve told you before, no matter how perfect your disguise is, I won’t mistake you for the actual Laurel.] (C)

[Uhm, about that… was there anything wrong with my disguise?] (N)

Let me think a bit…

[It’s the overall feel, I believe. Your posture and even the way you speak feels entirely different. Your disguise might be able to fool amateurs and ordinary people alike, but considering how much I dote to my daughter and wife, such details won’t deceive my eyes.] (C)

[*freaks out a little* I – I see… That’s great, I guess..?] (N)

[But yes, in all fairness, you really look like her. My daughter.] (C)

[I’m wearing a little bit of makeup but I was born looking like this. That’s also the reason why I was picked up by the Earl.] (N)

[Is that so. Well then, let’s go.] (C)

We went back towards the training area where I explained the details to the prince.

Just like that, we head straight to Earl Mash’s estate for a big surprise that should end this farce.

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