VF 107 – A Quick Resolution

[Welcome back, Calis-sama. An intruder infiltrated the mansion while you’re away and have been apprehended.]

A maid reported to me as she stands by in front of Sasha’s room while currently holding on to a child who’s probably a member of the same assassination squad.

[Good work. Let me take care of things from here.] (Calis)

[…Please excuse my rudeness but will the children behind you pose no problems?] (Maid)

I guess it isn’t surprising for the maid to hold some doubts. I’ve actually found two of the other kids along the way. Together with the little girl who looked like Laurel, I now have three of them.

[It will be fine. They might be kids but they’re quite understanding for their age.] (C)

[Orange-kun!] (Laurel?)

[…What are you doing here, Nanami?] (Orange-kun?)

I smile at the kid who’s being held by the maid after the girl who looked like Laurel called out to him.

[Nothing special. It’s just that you’re now changing employers so we’re here to pick you up.] (Calis)

[What is this man saying?] (Orange-kun?)

[You see, this person said that he will help us.] (Nanami?)

[And you actually believed that? He might actually be leading us to a trap.] (Orange-kun?)

[Why would he lay a trap when he can clearly kill us right this very instant. I also think that the fact that we’re still alive after we failed our task is proof enough.] (Nanami?)

[Well… that’s true… not like we can still do anything now that we’re captured. So what now, you’re saying that you’d actually help us?] (Orange-kun?)

[Let me confirm things first. You went here to this room to kill my wife but got caught before you even got the chance to sneak inside. Is that correct?] (Calis)

[*nods*] (Orange-kun?)

[*smiles* Thank goodness. Because if by any chance you’d actually hurt my wife, then I assure you’d regret being born. It’s quite fortunate you got caught earlier so I can still forgive your actions.] (Calis)

[You’d just actually believe that? I could just as well be lying for my very life right now.] (Orange-kun)

[Chances are high that our maid will eventually hold you down before you could actually strike, you know. Besides, if Sasha actually even had a scratch, the maid won’t just wait for me and surrender you intact. I’d actually have to meet you in the torture chamber while you’re shedding tears of blood.] (Calis)

The maid also gave me a signal that the boy wasn’t lying so I was confident in this part.

[Now then, since we’ll be having an employment interview, let’s go somewhere else where all of us can chat. But before that, let me take care of those ropes you got.] (Calis)



The moment the boy regains his freedom, he immediately sends me a sucker punch.

I caught his fist and grabbed his whole hand and used it to lift his feet off to the ground as I smiled at him while staring at his shivering eyes.

[I think I’d actually have to tell this but everyone might as well be dead because of you. I really want to settle this peacefully, you know? But I guess it’s actually better to give you a reminder that your rash judgment might as well become your friends’ downfall.] (Calis)

[Haha… What the hell… So it wasn’t even a fight to begin with…] (Orange-kun?)

[If you’d listen and follow me from now on, I’ll guarantee your safety as well as your friends. I will even give you jobs that wouldn’t need for you children to dirty your hands. Wouldn’t it be better to live off without committing any more murder?] (Calis)

The boy didn’t say anything else after that. And after I’ve already demonstrated the difference between us, I felt the strength on the fist that I grabbed start to decline so I let go of his hand. I urge the four of them to come with me and move to a separate room so we can discuss.

But before that, I glance at the maid and whisper to her that everything that happened must be kept a secret. Though knowing her, I believe she won’t say a word to either Sasha or Laurel regarding this matter even without me telling her.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Looking back at the previous chapter and on this one, I just thought that Calis forgave Nanami easily for being a child, however, in this chapter, Calis would punish Orange if he’d even just scratched Sasha. Should justice be based on age? Or weight of their sins? No. None of them matters. Because everyone knows, Cuteness Is Justice!
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  1. I think Calis would extend the same kindness to adult assassins, so long as they hadn’t harmed a hair on his precious family members’ heads and he judged that the assassin could be turned to his side. It’s easier to turn children to your side and make them loyal to you because they’ve been through less shit, but if you save an adult from what seems like a cursed existence, they will be completely loyal.

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