VF 109 – Prince Seryu’s First Job

[Oh my, look what we have here. Prince Seryu, Duke Fall, is there anything I can help you with?]

Earl Mash sneers at us as we arrive at his mansion along with Mefi. I look at Prince Seryu who’s almost burning with passion responding to the devious earl.

[Let me ask you straight, earl. Does this girl look familiar to you?] (Seryu)

[She does. She’s a servant here in our house. I shall take it that you’re here to send her back? Thank you so much.] (Earl Mash)

[No. You are mistaken. We are not here to hand over this girl to you. We’re here for her rescue.] (Sry)

[*GLARES INTENSIFIES* Just get back to work, lass.] (Msh)

[I – I…] (Mfi)

[What? You dare to say anything back?] (Msh)

Just as the timid girl is about to collapse under the intense intimidation from the earl, the prince’s hand falls down on her head before he gives her a gentle smile.

[It’ll be fine. I’ll be by your side and I’ll see to it that you’ll never once again be harmed. So, from now on, don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind.] (Sry)

…Seriously? I can only watch in awe as Seryu-sama delivers a line so smooth with such a dazzling smile. Where is this feeling of reliable-ness coming from? Has he always been that cool? Seryu-sama continues as I am still in wonder of how fast this child is starting to grow and mature.

[I might still be weak for now but I am still a prince of this kingdom. And having this kingdom’s youths’ future and freedom be stolen away from them is something I will never allow. So let me hear them. The things you really want to say from your heart. I swear that I’ll protect you no matter what.] (Sry)

[Seryu-sama…] (Mfi)




Seryu-sama, kakoii… (so cool)

As I can only leave my mouth gasp in shock of how awesome Prince Seryu was, Mefi, whose blush wasn’t able to escape from my eyes, resolves herself and takes a step forward.

[I — w-we… we’ve already had enough suffering from all the things you’ve done! We don’t want to suffer anymore… just… please… release us already!] (Mfi)



But before Mefi’s cheek received the earl’s hateful touch, I made the move to catch his wrist to protect the child.

[It would be better for you to refrain from your violent tendencies while you’re in front of the Prince, Earl.] (Calis)

[Let go! I – I!!…!!] (Msh)



Right this instant.] (C)

I wasn’t able to keep myself calm anymore and raise my already chilling voice as I warned the man. Seeing he didn’t speak anything further, seems like he’s already realized.

[You dared to assassinate not just me, but also my family. On account of you letting go of all of the children, I’d let this debt be fully paid and let you live… But the next time you try something funny, especially against my family, I’ll make sure you’d be in so much pain you’ll even beg for your own death.] (C)

I stare back at the shivering earl in front of me as I make sure the words I said are properly delivered to his head. I let go of his hand as he ran back to the estate. After a few moments, he went out together with the rest of the children. Until the end, no single word was spoken.

Prince Seryu appears to be fully satisfied with how things turned out but that passionate gaze from Mefi is lingering in my mind. If the young prince chooses a path that would break Laurel’s heart, he better prepare himself as forgiveness would be the very last thing he’s about to hear from my mouth.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Seems like Calis’ already lost his patience at the end of this chapter. Even the Prince won’t easily escape his wrath if he chooses to be wilful. lololol
  2. Jokes aside, Seryu spouting here harem protagonist lines when he’s just a captured target! Tsk! Know your place as Laurel’s already suffering the queen’s training unnecessarily! -.-

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  1. Calis’ yandere switch was flipped in this chapter.
    I suspect that by virtue of being a capture target, Seryu is going to inadvertently make a number of girls fall for him. Nothing that Laurel can’t handle easily.

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    You might need to do some proofreading on this chapter lol

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    This “next time you try…” flag, though…

  4. Just because you’re going to be a king doesnt mean you should raise harem flag dear prince. I dont think calis will just let you be if that happen lol

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