VF 94 – Reporting the Engagement’s Results

[A fiancée candidate?]

Sasha seems to be in disbelief as I confirmed her doubts.

[You heard it right, dear. Laurel will become a candidate for Prince Seryu’s fiancee.] (Calis)

[I see… Does that mean she isn’t the prince’s fiancee yet?] (Sasha)

[Technically, yes. They have to present themselves as a pair for publicity but their relationship won’t change.] (C)

[I find it hard to believe that his majesty actually agreed.] (S)

To be precise, I made it in a way that he will have no other choice but to agree. Well, not like Sasha has to know it.

[The king and queen must have a lot on their plates. As I see it, there’s something more about this engagement they’re planning with Laurel.] (C)

[Fufufu, you’re too protective of Laurel, dear.] (S)

[Of course. If by chance that Laurel actually falls in love with Prince Seryu, then I’d allow it. Albeit reluctantly.] (C)

Is there actually a father who’ll willingly hand over their daughters without gnashing their teeth? It’s just that, if it’s Laurel’s decision, then I can only live with it. It’s not like I want to manipulate the children’s happiness for my own convenience. I might have been able to buy more time, but if Laurel falls for the prince in accordance with the game’s settings, then I can only do my best to protect her from reaching her death flag.

[Now that I remember, the queen was also there when I talked with the king and she’s been grinning for the most part of the audience.] (C)

[That’s just so her.] (S)

[Yeah. She found the proposal interesting even. I actually took one of her suggestions as well.] (C)

[What suggestion?] (S)

[She said that Laurel being a candidate rather than an official fiancée is complicated enough as it is and shouldn’t be publicized. Instead, rumors are to be spread that the children are officially engaged.] (C)

I was also thinking of doing the same so I didn’t make a fuss about it. Still, it shows that even though the royal family accepted my offer, they want to create a fence and keep Laurel in check as much as they can.

[The only thing that’s left is for me to talk with Laurel. But…] (C)

[Dear, it will be fine.] (S)

Sasha reassures me with her smile before she puts her hand on top of her belly.

[We are the ones who gave birth to Laurel. So, no matter what happens, I believe she’ll be able to bear it and move forward herself.] (S)

[That may be true… I’m sure she got her sweet and gentle personality from you.] (C)

[*Giggles* Yeah, and her grace and courage must have been from you, dear husband.] (S)

We laugh at each other after exchanging one liners but that subtle motion that Sasha made didn’t escape in my head. She looks so tender and gentle that’s as if… don’t tell me?

[Is something the matter, dear?]

[N-no, no worries.]

Yeah, t-that shouldn’t be the case. Well, it’s true that we’ve been getting more into each other as we ‘wrestle’ about, but I’ve always been careful… there were times where I wasn’t able to control myself but… Now that I think about it… It actually happened more than what I remember.

Looking at Sasha who appears unconsciously maternal, I resolved myself to spend more time with her and prepare for the arrival of our new family member. Laurel’s probably getting anxious as well about her own engagement so I need to check on her too.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. To be honest, I got more interested with fixed marriages between nobles after reading the previous chapters. It actually broaden my understanding. There really were people who gave birth just to hand it over to someone else in form of marriage. Intertwining lineage, merging of interests, and other stuff. It’s actually amazing. Logical, rational, and beneficial. At least if you look at it in some kind of perspective. I am not saying what they did is right, but I can’t say that it’s wrong either.
  2. Okkkkayyyyy signs of the next kid incoming! Any guess what spice will be used as a name next? Hihihihihi. I wonder how long would it take for the series to actually take off to the otome game’s timeline! Hopefully, we reach it!

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