VF 93 – The Engagement and Fiancé Candidate

[I have to admit, I did not expect to receive such an audience quite this early. It seems like you’ve made up your mind.]
[Well, somehow.]

I’m now currently in the palace having a direct conversation with the king. It’s just that I have something that I definitely have to tell this guy. However, someone’s looking at me full of intrigue despite not being really invited. It’s the Queen.

[I assume that we can now move on to do the discussions of Seryu’s engagement, no?] (King)

[Oh majesty, of course not.] (Calis)

[What did you say?] (K)

Raise your brows however you want, I don’t care.

[As I have said before, there is nothing else that is more important than the happiness of my daughter.] (C)

[Indeed. And her engagement with Seryu should allow her to be happy.] (K)

[You are entitled to your opinion, your majesty. For I have slightly different thoughts about it.] (C)

[Different, you say?] (Queen)

I didn’t expect her to intervene too much but It seems the queen has her own opinion as well. Why don’t we ask her then?

[Can you confidently say you’re living happily right now, your majesty?] (C)

[That’s… Well, it is as you see.] (Q)

[I have to say that you are happy just by looking at both of your majesties. However, bearing the title and responsibilities of a queen isn’t for everyone.] (C)

[…That’s true. But I believe Laurel has what it takes. She is your and Sasha’s daughter after all.] (Q)

[Of course. Considering how mature and bright that child is, I believe she’ll be able to fulfill her tasks.] (C)

Laurel might actually be a genius, you know. And that is more the reason why I should stand up for her.

[And because I believe in her potential, I want her to be the one who will carve and decide the path she should take in her life.] (C)

[…In other words, you are refusing our proposal?] (K)

[I couldn’t wish for more, but there certainly are benefits in accepting the royal family’s offer.] (C)

When you consider the future, the engagement will be useful in keeping away the dolts and idiots who’ll be after my daughter and I find it very appealing. Still, that isn’t enough to offset the disadvantages that will come along with it. For starters, Laurel will be forced to undergo ruthless training to be the queen. What’s more, the engagement will definitely push future developments close to the otome game’s setting. It’s the last thing I should allow to happen. That’s why I am now standing in front of the kingdom’s king and queen.

[That being the case, I am here to present you with a different offer.] (C)

[An offer, you say?] (K)

[You heard it right, your majesty. Until the day Laurel finds herself interested in being Seryu-sama’s fiance, then she shall remain just a “candidate” until the day they graduate the academy. Ofcourse, my daughter will work on the lessons and training to be a queen. However, if both Laurel and Seryu-sama preemptively decided to not go through the engagement, then I shall immediately put a stop to it.] (C)

[…Do you actually believe that we’ll just say yes to such a one-sided ‘offer’ you are suggesting?] (K)

[Don’t take me wrong, your majesty. You can decline as much as you like. But considering your majesty’s circumstance, if we remove Laurel to your list of candidates, do you still believe you have the luxury to choose your son’s fiancée?] (C)

Considering the political climate, the king currently has a lot of enemies, both inside and outside the kingdom. That’s why he will definitely can’t afford to decline my offer. If he chooses to brute force the engagement, then I just have to create new openings and find the right opportunity to annul it. There’s also the option to start a coup, and I honestly don’t mind it.

Perhaps bewildered from the things I’ve just said, the king remains speechless and the queen laughs as she joins in once again.

[You are really getting more interesting quite recently, Duke Fall. How bold of you to even threaten this kingdom’s ruler.] (Q)

[I am almost ashamed. However, my daughter’s future is at stake.] (C)

[Fufufu, what do you think, dear? If we choose to oppose Duke Fall considering the current situation, we might really have rebellions and coups in just a few days and have our heads separated to our necks, you know?] (Q)

I didn’t expect the queen’s reaction. She seems like she’s actually enjoying it while the king responds obviously exhausted.

[It’s not a laughing matter, though… Seriously, Duke Fall… could I at least ask you one thing?] (K)

[What would it be, your majesty.] (C)

[Which do you value more importantly, your family or your country?] (K)

[I thought it’s obvious, but well, ofcourse, my family.] (C)

[Hahahaha I see. Now I finally understand. It seems like I read you wrongly and made the wrong move.] (K)

Silence lingers for a moment before the king starts to speak again.

[I shall accept your offer. In exchange, I shall demand your allegiance.] (K)

[Fret not, your majesty. As long as you don’t make any blunder, then I shall be your supporter… for now, at least.] (C)

[Yes, yes, I shall not do so. And you shall hold on to your words.] (K)

With that, the issue about Laurel’s engagement should come to a close. I have now bought more time. All that’s left is for Laurel to work hard and decide. I feel miserable as a father allowing such a burden to fall to my daughter but I won’t give up. I’ll put everything I have to protect her.

Translator’s Notes:
1. Rumor has it that Calis woke up this day and chose violence. xd

2. Perhaps I slept so late last night (to my standards, 10:30PM is already late), I feel super sleepy now. The best part of it though is I can now deeply fall asleep without fear of gastric acid overflowing inside my body. Damn, that sounds like a light novel stuff when it’s just physical problems caused by unbalanced diet. xd

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