VF 95 – Persuasion and Dedication

[A fiancée candidate?]

I am currently explaining to Laurel how my discussion with the king had ended as Milia who’s currently attending to her appears to be confused all of a sudden.

[Your relationship with Seryu-sama will remain the same. It’s just that you have to act as his fiancée in public.] (Calis)

[Uhm… So in other words, the young mistress will be treated like his highness Prince Seryu’s fiancée?] (Milia)

[You can say that.] (C)


Milia gasps in surprise when Laurel then asks.

[Father, will I be taking the queen’s training as well?] (Laurel)

[That’s the case. And the training could be difficult… Can you do it, dear?] (C)

[*Nods* Certainly. I shall carry out the training in a way that would not blemish our Fall family.] (L)

[Great, as expected of my daughter. But if you found someone you truly like, then don’t hesitate to pursue your own happiness, okay? I’ll have your back.] (C)

[Sure. Not like there’s anyone else that’s more dashing than father that I know of, though.] (L)

Oh this child, how sweet! Still, seeing how mature Laurel is acting makes me realize that she’s growing fast and will leave us sooner and later. Sigh… how regretful… But, to be able to think rationally at such a young age, my daughter’s probably really gifted. As I admire how cute and smart my child actually is, I turn my attention towards Milia.

[The truth about Laurel being just a fiancée ‘candidate’ is strictly confidential, okay? Though you might think it’s already too late for that warning, I was already planning on telling it to those whom I deeply trust in this house. Do you understand what I’m getting at?] (C)

[Y-yes!] (M)
[As her exclusive maid, you will definitely face hardships along with her. Things might get harder than what you expect but please continue to be there for Laurel.] (C)

[Of course, Duke Fall! I will protect the young mistress even in my last breath!] (M)

Uhm, yeah…I appreciate your eagerness but…

[I won’t allow you to put yourself in harm’s way as well. Your assignment is to support Laurel and make sure that BOTH of you are safe. Understood?] (M)

Her dedication is certainly admirable, however, one shouldn’t forget the feelings of the person they are dedicating their actions for. Otherwise, it would be no different than performing a selfish sacrifice which often leads to trouble for people that would be left behind. How would such a young and pure child like Laurel accept the fact that a person took their last breath for her? It would only bother her. That’s my two cents regarding the matter but Milia beams in response to my order.

[Understood! Your servant Milia will devote herself in supporting the young mistress!] (M)

[Good. I’ll leave it to you.] (C)

[Certainly!] (M)

That being said, let’s return to Laurel.

[There’s no need for you to push yourself so hard, dear. Just be yourself and do what you can. Me and Milia will always be here for you if you ever find it difficult so don’t hesitate to lean on us. Don’t worry about it and give it your best.]

[I appreciate it. Thank you so much, Father.]

It still bothers me that I let my daughter carry such a heavy responsibility but I already decided that I’d trust her as much as she trusts me. She’ll be fine. For sure. If not, then I’ll do better so I can support her.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. If you guys don’t remember Milia, she’s one of the exclusive maids hired in Chapter 73, dedicated to Laurel. Her description was a short haired lively girl.
  2. Seeing how Calis being reluctant of letting her daughter go, I remember my new colleague introducing me to the custom here in the island though it is in the opposite side of the spectrum. As per her, it isn’t uncommon for parents to kick their children from the house by the time they graduate high school or at 18. Some would love to do so, while some aren’t. I mean, being independent comes with the responsibility of taking care of your own self, bills, and other stuff. As an introvert, I just can’t help but shiver imagining myself in their shoes. 😡
  3. If you’re one of the kids who’d left your houses at such a young age, I hope you are doing well! You’re still young so don’t be afraid of trying! Do lots of jobs, explore your possibilities, and do things that you won’t regret by the time you’re ready to settle! Here goes to my respect to teens who’re actually grinding their bones! Proud of yah!

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