VF 078 – Sasha’s Panic

[A banquet, is it?] (Sasha)

Sasha is currently having her tea as she asks in wonder. I can’t help but smile seeing her innocent appearance as I explain further.

[Correct. It’s a party being hosted by the King himself and… he wants everyone to attend with a partner. If you’d accept, I would love to have you attend the banquet with me.] (Calis)

[I don’t mind it… but, for me to wear a dress right now is a bit…] (Sasha)

[It will be fine. I’ll take care of it.] (Calis)

[You, dear? Really?] (Sasha)

I want to keep the matters a mystery until the last minute so I keep my face expressionless as I confirm Sasha’s inquiry.

[There’s someone I know that actually does a pretty good job with this sort of stuff.] (Calis)

[Then, there should be no problem, I guess…] (Sasha)

Sasha still appears to be doubtful so even if I don’t want to reveal anything, I can’t help but be a little mushy and gently assure her.

[Is there anything else that bothers you?] (Calis)

[…No, I don’t…really…] (Sasha)

But even if she said that, I decided to just patiently wait for her to express what’s in her mind as I look into her eyes.

[It’s just… it’s really been a long time since I went to a banquet so… I’m not sure if I’d be able to really fit in…]

[Do you really think that you won’t be able to fit in the banquet? Or perhaps you personally don’t believe you’ll fit in yourself?]

[…It’s probably both… To be honest, I’m actually a little bit excited about it, but… uhm… my figure isn’t really the same anymore after giving birth… I’m… I’m afraid I can only show my dear husband an unsightly appearance…]

S-Sasha!!! For my wife too still be conscious of me after all this time, how cuter could you get! I can’t help but get thrilled by her more but I calm myself remembering that I first need to reassure her so I walk closer to her, give her a warm embrace, and gently stroke her hair.

[Everything will be fine. Sasha, you will always shine more brilliantly in my eyes than any jewel in these lands. Besides, if someone actually dares to say something about my beautiful wife, they’d better prepare themselves cause I’ll protect you with everything I have.]

[My dear…]

[My apologies as well, Sasha. As much as I want to be able to understand your feelings the best… it seems like I still have a long way to go myself.]

[P-please don’t apologize! I – I feel the same way too… I… I… want to know a lot more about you as well, dear husband…]

Sasha’s actually panicking! So damn cute! Ah, spending time with Sasha is really the best! 

Time pass as we enjoyed our sweet moment with such thoughts swirling in my head.

[I see… So that’s why you actually came looking for me.] Serina)

We’re now currently in a different room and I’ve just finished explaining the situation to Serina-sama who came into the house to visit and play with Laurel.

[I can’t believe you’d dare to ask me to make your wife’s dress on top of your daughter’s… But, Laurel’s mom is actually cute too, so fine, I won’t mind.]

[I really appreciate that you’d take on this job, but you better remember that I won’t just watch if you actually dare to lay your hands on my wife.]

[Fufufufufu, you don’t need to glare at me like that. Even someone like me won’t lay a finger on someone else’s wife. I also have a lovable fiancé to boot too.]

Macbeth-san, my condolences.

[Do whatever you want with your fiancé but make sure to do the job properly.]

[Well, of course. But for you to order jobs to such a little girl like me, this could be called child abuse, you know?]

[Hahahaha, I wonder if there really is a little girl that has cheat-like sewing skills that can topple the whole clothing industry.]2

[Fufufufu, who knows–]

The room is now filled with laughter that doesn’t reach our eyes. Our conversation is actually pretty rotten but I’m pretty conscious of myself so I won’t deny I have some schemer tendencies as well. You know, for someone like me who doesn’t really have that sharpest head, the best thing I can only do is to scheme and plot ahead. 

Anyway, with that awkward atmosphere around the air, I was able to secure Sasha’s dress for the banquet. All that’s left is the delivery of the jewel I prepared and everything will be perfect.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Sometimes, when I read this novel, I feel like I’m actually watching a couple in PDA and it feels illegal to look at them. 😡
  2. Calis is implying for Serina not to pretend a little girl as her craftsmanship show’s how expert she is (veteran/old) when it comes to sewing/clothing.
  3. I hope anyone who feels insecurities themselves reading this someday find someone that will accept them as much as Calis accepts Sasha. <3

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  1. I can’t remember who Serina is. Can anyone point me to which chapter she first shows up in?

    1. Serina/Selena is the princess of the country. Laurier/Laurel’s friend and fellow reincarnator/transmigrator with Callis. I don’t recall the circumstances behind her owing a debt to him though

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