SBK 075 (Part 2) – Not all Fateful Encounters are Beautiful

Sybilla claps her hand as we wrap up our previous conversation.

[Well, that’s it. More importantly…] (Sybilla)

What’s supposed to be more important than the topic related to demon kings? Sybilla, who cut off her sentence midway, begins to stare at Fredrica who was just listening quietly.

Fredrica on the other hand only tilts her head in wonder upon seeing Sybilla’s inquisitive gaze though.

Our main objective right now is to serve as an escort to Fredrica, a sister that took care of us since when we were young.

I just learned of it yesterday, but apparently, she’s more than just that. She’s actually an executive of the church serving as its representative to manage several orphanages.

I guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover.

[Oh. Uhm, the city that’s been requesting for my immediate aid is called Madela.] (Fredrica)

[Uwaa. Madela, is it? That’s one troublesome place, no?] (Sybilla)

[Oh, you know about it?] (Russell)

[I’ve heard rumors about it. It’s said that there’s an increasing number of suspicious people appearing there. There’s also rumors that parts of the city are almost dying.] (Sybilla)

[There isn’t much of it that we can use as information, huh…] (Russell)

I’ve noticed it earlier but since Sybilla heard the name Madela, her expression suddenly went from being troubled to a clear expression of disgust the further we talked about the city… I don’t think it’s just about the number of people increasing and her tendency to avoid the crowds, though.

[Unlike monsters, we can’t just forcibly interrogate or beat up a person no matter how suspiciois they are. Because of that, trouble might come rolling one after the other so we have to be wary about those people. Something similar to what happened in our recent fight with the Demon King might happen again, don’t you think?]

Oh, now I understand.

Based on what we just experienced before, finding the traces of the demon king were clearly more troublesome than the actual fight. No matter how strong we are, it’s all useless if the enemy can’t be tracked down.  That’s why we have to be careful before doing anything.

After that, Fredrica asks us as well about the matters related to the demon king and what happened in Seiris.

She was so engrossed listening to the story and cheered happily after hearing how Eve made her entry. 

Not just me, but also Emmy and Sybilla, can’t help but recall how amazed and thankful we were to Eve back then. She’s literally like a blessing that fell to us from the heavens.

Considering how much we’re talking about her, that kid’s probably sneezing a lot now back in Seiris.

The carriage moved and swayed for quite some time until it suddenly stopped.

[Gear up, Emmy-chan! Russell, look after Frecchi, we’re moving out!] (Sybilla)

[ah, okay!] (Emmy)

[Got it.] (Russell)

Sybilla’s scream immediately came the moment the carriage halted. She probably used her detection magic and instantly decided that we need to check what happened

She must have noticed something. The two girls jumped out of the carriage before me and I followed after them.

[I-i-is everything alright?] (Fredrica)

[Don’t worry. We’re used to these kinds of things. <Wind Barrier>.] (Russell)

Fredrica’s voice as she asked me was filled with worry so I tried to assure her. I immediately casted a defensive magic while carefully looking around our surroundings.

[Emmy-chan, no skills allowed, okay?]


Emmy swings her sword to the incoming monster that’s running in front of her – a large creature that looks both like a pig and a humanoid – and cuts through it like butter.

There’s no sign of any monster approaching our side here in the carriage though so it feels like my job will end without any kind of action.

[<Stone Javelin>! Hey, you over there! Are you hurt!?]

Hm? Who’s Sybilla talking to? I don’t think something at this level could threaten Emmy. And I doubt Sybilla would use the words ‘you over there’ in reference to Emmy.

I looked in the same direction Sybilla shouted to and found a group of people covered in white robes.

A man who’s holding a cane is standing in front of the group but it seems he’s shielding something desperately on his back.

But really, even against unfamiliar monsters that we just encountered for the first time ever, I guess there won’t be any problems since it’s Sybilla and Emmy.

They dealt with all the incoming enemies immediately and made their way to the white robed group right after.

[They appear to be safe. Thank goodness.] (Emmy)

Emmy sighs in relief while the man who’s holding a cane moved forward and removed the hood from his head. 

He is an old man with blond hair that already has tinges of gray.

[We offer our gratitude for using your overwhelming powers to protect our priestess!] (Old man)

Immediately after hearing the words that came out from the old man, Sybilla’s eyes immediately moved and met mine.

…That glance… I’m somehow getting the bad vibes.

[Oh by the way, perhaps—]

The old man then unties his robe and shows us what lies behind that cloth.

At that moment, it felt like the things we just talked about in the carriage suddenly got connected.

The immediate request for aid that Fredrica talked about and the rumors that Sybilla heard surrounding Madela. 

The reason for the sudden increase of strangers and unfamiliar faces in the city.

All because of this old man in front of us — who’s actually wearing distinctive red clothes underneath that robe.

[–Do you believe in the Goddess?}

Wowww. That question sure brings back memories, huh. Except this one doesn’t feel like a fateful encounter at all.

Who’d have thought we’d already be meeting trouble just when we set off…

This bunch are probably from that cult called the Society of Red Salvation. It’s actually my second time meeting people from that group but… I guess there’s nothing to worry about. We now have Sybilla so let’s have her take care of it.

No matter how crafty these scammers are, I don’t think they’re on a level that can outwit Sybilla.
Well then, let’s just stay here in the corner and watch how will this battle of schemers unfold.

Translator’s Notes:

  1. In case you guys don’t remember, the line ‘Do you believe in the Goddess’ is the same question Sybilla asked to Russell. And so he thought of her as a scammer. Oh, it sure takes me back.
  2. Speaking of previous chapters, do you guys know? The Seiris arc won’t be part of the serialization (LN/Manga), I guess. I will check once again the source that I read later. But if that’s true, then I understand the decision. 😛 I’ll confirm it to you guys with the source next chapters!
  3. Enjoy the weekend, y’all!

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  1. I just shotgun through these and just wanna thank you for your work! Your own touch really came through!

    I have feelings lol! This was really strong and I felt like early on Sybilla and Russell had a really good partner dynamic going on. Like they really worked through issues together. It really felt to me that things devolved. Once the Seiris arc started, it felt like it was Sybilla and her thoughtless goons of darkness. Eve was implemented poorly too. I think she woulda been cool if she was more involved throughout the arc. I am kinda glad they aren’t adapting this arc. It was not very good imo. Though I wanna see me Jannet!

    Finally I almost didn’t read because people didn’t like how Emmy was redeemed. I thought her redemption was perfect. It wasn’t an asspull…except for the revival part was oddly implemented imo lol. It was indicated from the beginning why she wanted Russell out (She’s too protective but that’s her personality). She regretted and Russell recognized that guilt. I think too many people want to be angsty and hateful. This series was about forgiveness from the very beginning!

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    1. If I have to express my feelings as well to the novel, I am with you about the Seiris arc. There’s also the fact that the dynamic between Sybilla and Russell (which I liked from the start) didn’t develop and diminish even with Emmy joining the team. Sigh.

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